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Using Email Spotlights to Market Your All-Access Membership

How to use the “Spotlight” email template and framework to convert your free members into premium members

Let’s talk a bit more about marketing your all-access membership. One of the templates that you would find on that preference page and that you will see us using pretty much everywhere, no matter what it is we’re selling, is something we call a Spotlight, just a brand that we put on this idea of email that is primarily meant to sell.

Yankee Digital Library Spotlight

Kim Mateus:
So these are classic direct marketing sales letters, we use a mix of long form, short form frameworks, and we’re constantly testing them and top-grading them from maximum response. So what we’re looking at on the left happens to be an example of short form framework that, “Leads with the offer, become a charter member today for just $10. Here’s what you get, bullet, bullet, bullet. Yes, I want to join now.” And prior to us working with Yankee, this was the majority of what they were using, was this short form framework, because I think most of us have this assumption like, “Oh, nobody wants to read these big long things. Just get to the point, make it quick, get it done.”

Kim Mateus:
And they do have value and they do work, but what works better is to have a whole lineup of different frameworks, because part of this is just the idea of varying the message, varying look and feel of those Spotlights. And so we started encouraging the use of more long form frameworks, even within the long form, there’s a lot of slices and dices. There’s, you are invited, you’ve been gifted, etc. There’s different frameworks within the long form format. And again, the biggest takeaway here is the idea that you really do need to have variation and you do need to continuously test and top grade.

Kim Mateus:
And what we mean by that is we basically send out a certain number of these every month, we measure them for their ability to sell, how many memberships did this email sell? And the one that sold the least gets canned and we write a new version to refresh and replace that piece. And that’s been a really big key to a lot of the increases that we’ve seen in revenue was just the discipline to have a testing program in place and to just relentlessly decide what to send just based on how much it sells. So the Spotlight is a really key component in the marketing of the all-access memberships.


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