Business Plan Development

Discover format, structure, and backup documents required for success…

Business Plan Development

Experience a line-by-line look at a business plan template responsible for generating millions of dollars

Dear Colleague,

I’m happy to announce that I’ve convinced the other partners at Mequoda to release something from our vault – something never before seen in a webinar program.

This document is the crown jewel of the Mequoda Group. It is what Don Nicholas, our CEO, is best known for, and it has never been taught outside of our in-person, three-day training programs.

Like everything else associated with the digital publishing industry, the process for developing a business plan has changed drastically. It’s also a process in need of constant refinement, as business models and ways to generate traffic are always changing. This is why we all agreed on sharing the secrets to developing a great business plan.

In 90 minutes, we go line-by-line, showing you the format, structure and backup documents of a modern business plan. This is the same plan that Don has used to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for him and his clients.

We use a fictitious case study to teach this concept, allowing us to share with you copies of all documents involved, in case you want to develop your own business plan.


Would you like to see a current version of a business plan, including 22 templates and backup documents?

This program begins by showing you a business plan PowerPoint deck, including 22 templates, and the associated backup documents. This includes the technology plan, market assessment, and in particular, a deep dive on the digital strategy model, which is a proxy metric model.

In the past, massive written documents were created as business plans. Today, Excel models and a 35-page PowerPoint deck are used to pique interest of potential investors. This streamlined version provides all the information investors want to see, and you will discover how to use this template for your own business planning endeavors.


Three reasons to create a business plan: exploration, documentation, and capitalization

Exploration: Everyone who has written a business plan will tell you that the process will help explore all the options for audience development, revenue generation, staffing, technology, and partnerships. And of course there’s nothing like getting it written down and pulled together in a five-year model to help you decide which alternatives you will pursue. Flexibility is great, but it’s equally great to have a plan. We provide you with a baseline, not a straightjacket, so you have flexibility, yet know when you’re straying from the right path.

Documentation: Once you move forward with your business, have employees and contractors, it’s good to have a plan documented so you can update it. This way, you can figure out if anything is changing in terms of assumptions you made on partners, costs, and pricing. It’s great to have financial and business information so you can update assumptions and ask, “what does this mean?”

Capitalization: It doesn’t matter where the money comes from; it has to be capitalized. To start, it typically requires $300-500K that will be spent before the operation becomes self-funding. Where will this money come from; your own savings, angel investors, or venture capitalists?


Understanding proxy metric modeling

During our Business Plan Development program, you will be introduced to proxy metric modeling – a short form of modeling that allows you to find a handful of key metrics that define how the business operates. Proxy metrics are used to model a five-year plan.

We use a proxy metric as a placeholder for much more in-depth analysis. For instance, in this model we don’t show revenue based on products or prices; we model it as volume and yield instead.

The benefit of attending this 90-minute webinar on demand

You may be wondering why we’re giving away all this information, spreadsheets, and templates for such a low price.

The answer is simple: one in 10 attendees will want to hire a coach and not build their business plan all by themselves. Business plan development is one of the primary services we offer and one of Don’s favorite things to do.

Watch Business Plan Development and receive a line-by-line tutorial on the format, structure, and backup documents associated with a business plan. Then, leave the program with samples of each document.

If you are looking to start a new business or further develop your current company, spend 90-minutes to watch Business Plan Development.


Kim Mateus
Chief Content Officer, and Your Webinar Host
Mequoda Group

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