5 Tablet Publishing Trends

Discover what’s important to publishers in an evolutionary market…

5 Tablet Publishing Trends

Tablet publishing will become the most significant tool for publishers in 2013. Why? Because in the highly popular world of mobile devices, tablets are expected to surpass smartphones in website traffic by early 2013.

By this time, tablets will account for 10 percent of all web visits – a pretty amazing feat for devices that haven’t been around for more than three years.

The tablets’ ability to garner traffic isn’t the only reason why publishers need to update their strategy. By 2014, it’s predicted that tablets will account for the majority of mobile advertising dollars. The screens are bigger, enabling better interaction than smartphones, and their functionality paves the way for publishing success throughout different industries.

As tablets gain dominance in the market, what shape will your tablet publishing strategy take? Do you already have a firm grasp on the topics and trends most relevant to successful tablet publishing?

Without adequate knowledge of tablet publishing trends, you can’t meet the needs of your audience and you’ll miss out on the potential created by tablets. Watch 5 Trends in Tablet Publishing and discover how to develop a tablet publishing strategy consistent with the latest trends.


Five areas of tablet publishing to understand

The five trending areas of tablet publishing discussed in our upcoming 90-minute webinar include: product, pricing, promotion, partners, and metrics.

It’s these topics that help publishers set their sights on the right content, the right promotional plan, and the best data points.

On the product side, there is a device explosion taking place. By now we’re all familiar with the iPad, due to its dominance and that it was the device that began the initial foray into tablet publishing.

However, are you familiar with the other tablets in the marketplace, and the new platforms that are coming? For instance, Barnes & Noble’s presence has been a surprise. The Nook has been competitive in volume, and although it doesn’t have the global appeal the iPad does, the Nook is turning out to be a substantial performer.

Another key factor to consider is how Microsoft will challenge the tablet market with its Surface Tablet.

Our discussion on this topic during 5 Trends in Tablet Publishing includes numbers associated with the top tablets in the marketplace and developing initiatives that are worth watching.

Watch 5 Tablet Publishing Trends on-demand now and gain the understanding you need of the devices that matter most to your digital publishing business.


Pricing models that work best for consumers and publishers

How do you think digital products should be priced for tablet consumption? Do you believe in the ‘one, some, all’ approach? Do you like discreet pricing vs. universal pricing the best?

Are you even familiar with those pricing terms?

It’s important to remember up front that pricing models must be understood by and beneficial to customers. Without those characteristics, it will be impossible to convert print subscribers into digital subscribers, or develop a brand new audience subset interested in supporting tablet publishing.

Furthermore, what many digital publishers are missing is the fact that consumers aren’t fully aware of the options they have for buying magazine content through tablets. The lack of understanding makes consumers hesitant to spend, and keeps the market from evolving even faster.

We’ll share the pricing strategies of Esquire, The Economist, Consumer Reports, and Golf Odyssey so you can better equip your publication with information that will turn prospects into buyers.


Partnering with organizations that will make you money

Based on year-to-date numbers, digital books and single copy products are expected to outsell their print counterparts. And although print subscriptions are expected to be sizable, there is growth in digital subscriptions.

The reason for this growth is the amount of partners that exist in the digital space; from Apple to Amazon, Barnes & Noble to Zinio, there is more opportunity to partner with major retail brands than ever before.

Organizations like MPA are also documenting digital initiatives to share the information with their audience. It seems no matter where you look online, there is opportunity to partner with retail or affiliate partners –organizations that make it possible to spread knowledge of your brand, promote to a larger group of people, and develop more revenue streams.

During our live 90-minute webinar on demand, we share data on remit rates for digital magazines in the market and the data sharing policies that publishers rely on to retain a robust audience. Order 5 Tablet Publishing Trends to develop the most comprehensive strategy for offering content through multiple channel partnerships.


Strategies for promoting your digital products

Audience members won’t go out and buy your digital products without first knowing about them. There are a few main strategies for promoting your digital publishing content, which will all be addressed during this 90-minute webinar.

First, we’ll cover the process publishers are using to promote their products through email. Many email promotions allow the user to buy the specific product directly from the publisher.

Then we cover your web presence and all the methods you should be using to inform people of your content. This includes landing page optimization, social media, online PR, and SEO.

In-newsstand, in-app and print ad promotion round out our five promotion methods for digital publishers. These last three remain a mystery to many publishers, as they’ve never been exposed to these requirements before.

Learn how the most successful digital publishers are utilizing new technologies and their current print reach to attract new publishers, getting them interested in digital in the process.


Calculating the right data

Analytics are the greatest tool offered to online business owners, publishers and marketers. Not only will you receive the seven top metrics to analyze, we ill share an insider case study from one publisher so you can see how print sales relate to digital sales. This benchmark will help you update your understanding on the topic and allow you to see how leading publishers are breaking out subscriptions, single copies and books.

Don’t overlook the importance of these tablet publishing trends. They paint a picture of what’s currently going on in the market, and what the future will likely hold for digital publishers.

Order 5 Tablet Publishing Trends to understand the evolution and potential the tablet market offers.


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