Building Subscription Websites

Building Subscription Websites: Six Proven Models for High Profit Publishing Websites

Discover the “Holy Grail” of the periodical publishing industry. Learn the secrets to publishing profitable subscription websites from Phil Ash and Don Nicholas.

Dear Publishing Colleague,

There’s a tidal wave of change hitting the publishing industry and its name is subscription websites.

Why now?

Perhaps we should erect a monument to Steve Jobs.

With 250 digital magazines premiering on the Apple iPad platform, and more than four million iPads already sold, there is a vigorous renewed interest in digital subscription products.

Even though subscription websites have been around for more than a decade, this is a genuine revolution. It’s true. There is a fundamental transformation underway in the publishing industry that has been triggered by the general public’s recent awareness and acceptance of digital magazines.

Here’s the best part: The iPad is successfully promoting the notion that premium content costs you money. And consumers are responding by opening their online checkbooks.

And it’s not happening only on the iPad platform. Book, magazine, newspaper and newsletter publishers are already creating applications that will certainly drive reader demand for all the new eReader devices. The result: Consumer attitudes are really changing, with millions of users acquiring digital reading devices and purchasing incalculable amounts of editorial content.

All this spells opportunity for publishers like you.


You can be among the publishers poised to make millions with subscription websites.

Subscription websites have been described at the “Holy Grail” of the periodical publishing industry.

Sure, we all know that print magazine and newsletter publishers in the U.S. have been subscription-driven for decades.

Many publishers have produced profitable white papers, webinars, live events and other “one shot” products. But for sheer profit, nothing matches a successful subscription product that’s based on the continuity revenue model.

That’s because regardless of the subscription price, the typical customer is a loyal, paying subscriber for an average of 36 months. So a publisher’s initial marketing efforts generally yield revenue for years to come.

That’s money in the bank for publishers like you and me.

During our, Building Subscription Websites: Six Proven Models for High Profit Publishing Websites, webinar we’ll consider three dramatic changes in the subscription website revenue model that can mean unprecedented revenue and profits for you.

  • The reduction in delivery costs (and how it affects your bottom line).
  • The expansion in niche market size. (A print newsletter market of 300,000 subscribers in the United States could now grow to include three million English-speaking subscribers worldwide.)
  • The potential of the credit card continuous service model (and how to use it to increase renewal rates by up to 20 percent).

My colleague and co-presenter, Phil Ash, will talk about how these changes have enabled his company to pursue new subscription newsletter niche topics that previously weren’t feasible using the print publishing model.

Quite simply, the numbers work differently now. What may not have been a profitable niche in the past (print) may be very profitable now — in the world of digital delivery.


Phil Ash reveals all: Case studies from the real world of subscription website publishing

You probably know Phil Ash. He’s rapidly becoming an expert on building profitable paid subscription websites.

Phil is publisher of both the National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) and KCI Investing. His companies publish 20+ newsletters, numerous books, weekly webinars, and a half-dozen or so online-only subscription services.

Phil and his team have built one of the fastest-growing websites in history that serves the investor market., his blog, is the hub website for 10 newsletter and periodical websites.

Without question, Phil is a genuine mover and shaker. In the past 12 months, he rallied his troops to roll out 8 new websites. And now they can get a new one up in just three weeks!

In our 90-minute webinar, Phil will reveal how he uses this nexus of websites to build an email subscriber database, promote awareness of his subject matter experts, and market his premium products.

And he will provide detailed case studies of Personal Finance and MLP Profits, two of his most successful subscription websites.

You won’t want to miss Phil’s insights on how to:

  • Design sites that retain paid subscribers AND convert prospects…with MINIMAL ongoing marketing effort
  • Serve the needs of both print and online users
  • Capture more email addresses
  • Build your brand
  • Communicate effectively with your technical team
  • Get to market quickly

Phil’s companies are growing quickly, based on their ability to launch new online products so efficiently.

Believe me, no one can tell you more about how to get started in subscription website publishing, with greater authority, than Phil Ash.


You can be a player in the subscription website product explosion over the next decade, based on the acceptance of this paradigm.

For Don’s part, he’ll explain how, of the 15 online publishing business models, six represent subscription website opportunities. You see, over the past five years, my Mequoda Group colleagues and I have devoted countless hours to studying the most profitable subscription website publishers.

We make it our business to interview the most successful publishers, like Phil, and report on what they are doing, what works, and in some cases, what hasn’t worked.

During the Webinar, Building Subscription Websites: Six Proven Models for High Profit Publishing Websites, we’ll reveal:

  • The six most profitable digital subscription business models for providing content and functionality to users.
  • The secrets to executing these proven business models (much simpler than you probably imagine).
  • Why combining these products into a single über product is almost always a disastrous idea (and other deadly subscription website mistakes).
  • How to reuse your existing content archives and get subscribers to pay for it again.
  • Why user-generated content, connecting with other subscribers, and members sharing information are fundamental to the success of a subscription website.
  • The crucial differences between the downloadable digital newsletter vs. the print newsletter and it companion website.
  • The role of video and photography in subscription website publishing, and how they add value to your other digital content.
  • Why periodical subscription websites like the Wall Street Journal Online are not limited to large newspaper publishers.
  • How many of the publishers who previously used a print newsletter or magazine as their primary delivery mechanism are creating hybrid websites. The content at these sites is available to premium subscribers in an HTML-searchable format, and through a downloadable magazine or newsletter.
  • How some successful publishers are moving forward with periodical websites at which the content is only available as HTML.
  • Why application subscription websites — essentially online software programs — are thriving as standalone websites, combining user data and publisher data to provide added value for the subscriber.
  • How Make and other print magazines have evolved from mere printed words and photos to become fully interactive digital online publications.
  • How reference subscription websites are replacing printed documents such as loose-leaf binders, directories and catalogues, and are charging businesses hundreds and even thousands of dollars for online access to their editorial content.
  • The role of social networks, blogs and portals in the subscription website publishing models.

Quite frankly, if you’re even the slightest bit interested in the huge profits to be made from the online delivery of premium digital content via subscription websites, you must attend this webinar.

I promise, it will be a real eye-opener — even if you’re a publishing industry veteran.

You can sign up right now for our Webinar, Building Subscription Websites: Six Proven Models for High Profit Publishing Websites.

Here’s how:

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Kim Mateus
Educational Services Director
Mequoda Group

P.S. The magazine subscription website model is poised to explode as Apple makes it clear to publishers who offer an online digital version of their magazine that their subscribers will be able to access it on an iPad.

That means you now have access to another four million (and growing!) potential subscribers, if you offer a digital version of your publication.

And that’s only counting the iPad platform. There are at least a dozen other eReaders announced or under development.

The numbers are staggering. The potential is enormous.

Smart publishers who have been waiting for the right time to go digital are now getting on board with subscription websites.

I urge you to act now, before your competitors make a pre-emptive strike.


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