Content Licensing Opportunities

Two content syndication experts reveal their little-known, highly successful strategies for generating multiple revenue streams without creating new products

Content Licensing Opportunities: How to Drive Website Traffic and Increase Online Revenue with Content Syndication

Order this 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and learn the ins-and-outs of striking highly profitable content syndication deals.

Dear Publishing Colleague,

The first time I heard a detailed explanation of content syndication the way Harvard Health Publications and the EatingWell Media Group do it, it sounded too good to be true.

As it turns out, I was mistaken. It’s the real deal, and it’s very profitable.

Imagine creating editorial content, publishing in your own newsletters or magazines, reusing it on your websites, and then licensing other publishers to use the same content.

In effect, you’re taking a valuable corporate asset, loaning it to another company, and instead of it being devalued in the process, your asset actually increases in value and grows your bottom line.

And what do you get in return for this savvy business transaction?

Done right, you can get thousands — even hundreds of thousands in additional revenue — plus, as a surprising and priceless bonus, you acquire dozens of new inbound links to your website as well as increased brand awareness!

How sweet it is!


Who else wants to repurpose their editorial content for additional cash, brand development and website traffic?

There is an elite group of publishers who have survived and prospered during tough times, when others were foundering. What’s their secret?

Their secret is licensing editorial content for reuse by other business entities.

Are you leaving big money on the table by ignoring the content syndication opportunities? Consider this:

  • The vast majority of publishers are not syndicating any content at all.
  • A few publishers have made small advances, but haven’t discovered all the possibilities for growth and profits that content syndication can deliver.
  • Only a handful of publishers have developed content syndication into one of their top five revenue generators.

When Harvard Health Publications (HHP) was a print-only publisher, its market was primarily readers, age 50 and older, who were willing to pay for a health newsletter. That market hasn’t gone away, but has been expanded with the advent of online delivery and Internet access.

Today, 35 percent of HHP website traffic is driven by organic search and about 35 percent from licensed content syndication sites.

For EatingWell Media Group, publishers of EatingWell magazine, high-quality food and nutrition-related books, a content-rich website, and email newsletters, content licensing and online advertising now account for 40 percent of company revenues.

In this 90-minute webinar, Ed Coburn of HHP and Laura Carlsmith of EatingWell will reveal the different types of content licensing deals that have made sense for their publications, with tips on how to approach your own content syndication and licensing opportunities.

You have probably never imagined some of the ways Ed and Laura generate additional revenue with content syndication.

Don’t you deserve to learn how they do it?


Content syndication for publishers is no more difficult or complex than any other business development function.

For some online publishers, licensed content is the leading source of new, targeted website visitors. Should it be for you?

At Mequoda, we believe all content-driven websites, from giant portals to the smallest niche players, can benefit from licensing content to and from other content websites.

How do you get started?

You must begin by understanding where your websites fit in the content licensing food chain.

The number of businesses that are eager to use your editorial content will surprise you. The demand isn’t limited to traditional publishers. Increasingly, companies in the manufacturing, financial and healthcare sectors need help creating their own custom publications and websites.

Of course, syndication isn’t perfect for every publishing company. But if you have the kind of editorial content that is right for resale to other publishers, syndication represents a massive opportunity for additional profits.

If you’re like many publishers, once you get started licensing your editorial content, you’ll discover there are numerous untapped opportunities for additional syndication and income.


Here’s your chance to learn secrets most publishers will never know about making money with content syndication.

Like any new business process, content syndication requires dedicated resources, time and effort.

Before you can decide whether content licensing is right for your publication, you’ll need to investigate and get the facts.

As with many business strategies, you can get the best information from other professionals who have blazed the trail. Let Ed Coburn and Laura Carlsmith unlock the secrets of content syndication for you.

Is content syndication in your future? Why not find out?

Even if you’re only just thinking about syndicating your content, don’t miss this opportunity.

I urge you to order Content Licensing Opportunities: How to Drive Website Traffic and Increase Online Revenue with Content Syndication, today.





Kim Mateus
Educational Services Director
Mequoda Group

P.S. Here are the best reasons to order the Content Licensing Opportunities: How to Drive Website Traffic and Increase Online Revenue with Content Syndication webinar, right now:

First, it’s an inexpensive opportunity to explore the potential of content syndication with Ed Coburn and Laura Carlsmith — both experts.

Plus, you’ll be able to ask them questions during the presentation.

Best of all, you could tap into a previously under-developed corporate resource and turn it into a huge new revenue stream for your publishing company.

If you want some straight talk about making money with content syndication, please order now.


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Laura Carlsmith

Web Marketing Director and Content/Custom Publishing Partnerships

EatingWell Media Group


Ed Coburn

Publishing Director

Harvard Health Publications/Harvard Medical School


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