SEO Campaign Management 2011

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SEO Campaign Management 2011: How to Drive Website Traffic and Build Email Circulation

Order this new, 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover how to increase visibility, email conversions and revenue with search engine optimized content.

Dear Publishing Colleague,

Have you grasped the concept of SEO campaign management yet?

Do you understand the strategies behind search engine optimization that, when executed properly, will help your quality content find its rightful home in search engines?

Knowing such strategies will help you increase visibility, email conversions and revenue.  If the strategies and components associated with SEO campaign management are foreign to you, or if you need a refresher course on the most up-to-date information, we have put together a webinar specifically for you.

Truth be told, the content of this webinar covers every necessary aspect of successful SEO campaign management and goes through the first-hand teachings from knowledgeable audience development professionals.

During our SEO Campaign Management 2011 webinar  you will learn:

  • Which keywords your audience is searching for
  • How to quantify search volume for keywords
  • How to quantify competitive listings for keywords
  • How to determine a keyword’s Key Competitive Index
  • How to define keyword clusters that target your content
  • How to target the best keywords within each keyword cluster
  • How to develop a freemium for each cluster
  • How to create a Rapid Conversion Landing Page (RCLP) for each freemium
  • How to promote freemiums, drive traffic to RCLPs and use keywords correctly
  • How to track your SEO campaign results


Proven strategies combined with time and hard work will yield success:

The Internet landscape has evolved to the point where marketing and promotional efforts can be substantiated with hard statistics.

The best, most reliable processes of SEO campaign management are proven with accurate metrics and dictate actions that should be consistently engaged in for online publishers and content marketers.

Working in this industry, you must be well aware that positive results don’t just happen. Instead, time and consideration needs to be put into all aspects of the job. SEO campaign management is not exempt from this; in order to be successful with search engine optimized content, SEO campaign management needs to be a never-ending process for you and your team.

Especially now that Google pays more attention to active websites, rewards them for fresh content and ranks pages much quicker, SEO campaign management cannot be ignored if don’t want to lose popularity, search engine rank or traffic.

In order to educate online publishers and content marketers, we have decided an updated webinar on SEO Campaign Management was necessary. Our SEO Campaign Management 2011: How to Drive Website Traffic and Build Email Circulation is based on extensive research and campaign implementation, accurate metrics and a thorough process that meets the needs of a Google search algorithm that’s constantly in flux.

Our 90-minute program will provide the steps required for developing a successful SEO campaign strategy that should become a part of your day-to-day publishing routine.

During this process you will be able to continually grow your audience and your company’s revenue, as the two are closely related.

[bttn_webinar]Take 90-minutes to discover how to execute an effective SEO campaign

Our SEO Campaign Management 2011 webinar consists of three main components, including:

  1. SEO Strategy
  2. SEO Process
  3. SEO Best Practices

1. The SEO Strategy portion of the SEO Campaign Management 2011 webinar covers:

  • What inbound links and referring sources are, and how to attract more of them.
  • Building website traffic from search engines.
  • How to build email circulation in order to increase revenue.

This aspect of the webinar serves as the backbone of SEO campaigns. After touching on these topics, you will be exposed to the actual SEO process used when driving website traffic and increasing your email circulation. These in turn will help you increase visibility, conversions and overall revenue.

2. The SEO Process portion of the SEO Campaign Management 2011 webinar covers:

  • How to choose the right keywords for your content.
  • How to build a Keyword Universe that will allow you to correctly target keywords relevant to your content.
  • How to determine a keyword’s search volume.
  • How to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
  • How to determine the competition associated with your keywords.
  • How to target the best keywords.
  • How to develop a freemium that will attract the attention of your audience.
  • How to write and design a Rapid Conversion Landing Page for your freemium content.
  • How to promote your freemiums.

Fully understanding this information will help you get on the path to SEO campaign mastery.

Tracking your success…

We wouldn’t express how to successfully engage in SEO campaign management without showing you how to track your results.

You will learn how to create a report that will help you keep track of your keyword visibility. This is called a Google Visibility Report and specifically details how often your keywords are searched for, how competitive they are organically and how well your site ranks on the keywords you are monitoring.


3. SEO Best Practices from experienced professionals

If all of the aforementioned information on SEO campaign management isn’t enough, during the 90-minute webinar you will also become familiar with best practices for search engine optimization.

One best practice involves using your Google Visibility Report to identify high search volume key phrases that are relevant to your audience. You can then optimize your website content for these terms. Doing so may mean a page-one ranking in Google on a popular keyword phrase.

Another best practice discusses the parts of your webpages that you can optimize with your best keywords. Optimizing all pertinent locations on your website will increase your standing with Google and lead to better page rankings.

Since we know this vast amount of information can be intimidating, we break down the requirements of SEO campaigns by job. This way, the members of your online team can work together on SEO campaign management so the tasks don’t become too burdensome. The presentation specifically details job requirements for audience development personnel, online editors and marketing managers.

It’s easy for us to explain the job requirements associated with SEO campaign management because the webinar presenters work first-hand with SEO campaigns on a regular basis.

Anne-Laure Oaks, Audience Development Manager at Interweave

Anne-Laure Oaks has been working in direct marketing for almost 10 years.

After spending five years as Product Manager for an international pharmaceutical company in Belgium, Anne moved to Colorado in 2006 and began her journey in the publishing world. She worked as Online Marketing Manager for Penton Media, one of the largest B2B media companies in the world.

Anne is now Audience Development Manager for Interweave, one of the nation’s leading multiplatform craft media companies. Anne manages SEO for the Artist Daily, Beading Daily, Quilting Arts, Jewelry Making Daily, and Cloth Paper Scissors communities.

Danielle Werbick, Director of Audience Development at Interweave

Danielle Werbick is the Director of Audience Development for Interweave. With 13 years experience working in consumer marketing, Danielle manages the company’s SEO strategy, online community building, and email marketing programs. To date, the Interweave communities have launched more than 60 SEO campaigns resulting in increased organic traffic and more than 700 page one rankings.

As a quick side note, not only are the speakers experienced in SEO campaign management, they are successful at it., one of Interweave’s titles, grew by 65 percent in only 12 months using the techniques for SEO campaign management that will be shared with you during this 90-minute webinar.


Stay current with best practices for search engine optimization

Google makes hundreds of changes to its search engine algorithm each year.

Are you paying close attention to these changes?

The need to be familiar with the alterations is more important than ever. If you aren’t familiar with them, your content’s visibility and positioning within search engines will likely suffer.

Since we only want to see online publishers and content marketers succeed, we have developed this program on SEO campaign management so the necessary wisdom can be shared in the most time efficient manner.

There is no need to waste hours every week attempting to learn the ins and outs of SEO campaign management when our webinar can be your teacher.

Choose to attend our SEO Campaign Management 2011 webinar and discover the latest findings, best practices and successful strategies for search engine optimization.

You will surely not be disappointed with the content, and the results of your SEO campaigns going forward will satisfy your SEO requirements, if not completely amaze you.

Don’t wait any longer and run the risk of losing out on search engine visibility. Order our SEO Campaign Management 2011 webinar today.

I look forward to discussing SEO campaign management with you.



Kim Mateus
Educational Services Director
Mequoda Group


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Danielle Werbick

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Audience Development Manager, Interweave


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