Solving Email Delivery Problems

Solving Email Delivery Problems: Establishing Email Credibility to Maximize Email Delivery Rates

A 90-minute tutorial with email marketing consultant Jeanne Jennings and delivery experts Len Shneyder from Pivotal Veracity and Stephanie Miller from Return Path that explains the importance of email credibility and the steps all publishers need to take in order to maximize sales by getting their emails delivered.

Dear publishing colleague,

So your team of highly trained professionals is producing content and attempting to sell products on a daily basis. You are sending out mass emails, but aren’t seeing the results you expect.

If this anecdote sounds familiar, then there’s a good chance you are experiencing email delivery problems.

In fact, did you know that nearly 18% of invited emails find a home in the junk/bulk mail folders? No publisher wants their precious time and money to be wasted and deemed as junk. Especially when the information is valuable.

Are the emails you send being read? Or are you lumped into that frustrated 18% of junk/bulk mail inhabitants? Are you even aware of what your delivery rate is?


According to Jupiter Research, an average user receives around 42 unwanted pitches a day. Certainly you do not want to end up as a negative statistic.

In order to successfully maximize email rates you will need to establish credibility with your email recipients. This invaluable information will be discussed in our Solving Email Delivery Problems webinar coming up on December 15th.

How would you describe your email credibility? If it is anything less than good, there is some necessary work to be done. Good credibility is the difference between having your email delivered to an inbox and having it go elsewhere.

Watch our Solving Email Delivery Problems webinar to not only gain the knowledge needed to relieve your emailing headaches, but to also learn ways that will immediately fine-tune your current techniques.

We’ll also show you the results from case studies on several different publishers who have put these techniques into place.


These topics will be examined with extensive insight. The Solving Email Delivery Problems webinar will specifically teach you:

  • The three steps needed to gain email credibility
  • How to get email authentication working positively for you
  • Six primary elements that make up your email reputation and how to properly use them
  • How to eliminate spam complaints from email recipients
  • Two ways to get your email accredited
  • Necessary requirements for your technical infrastructure

Beyond all of this, you will be shown case studies from companies who have successfully taken the power of email back. These companies have used the methods taught in this webinar and are proof that “bulk” and “junk” can be things of the past.

Introducing Our Speakers

Jeanne Jennings

To assist in the solution process, we have brought in product development and interactive marketing strategy consultant Jeanne Jennings.

With more than 18 years of experience, Jeanne has worked with major clients including Hasbro, the Mayo Clinic, the Museum of Science in Boston, Verizon Communications, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce among many others. Her first book, The Email Marketing Kit, is a great resource for email publishers and marketers.

Jeanne is the primary host of this webinar, but she’ll also be joined by experts at Pivotal Veracity and Return Path, two companies who specialize in email deliverability.

Len Shneyder

Picture 1068Len Shneyder is director of partner relations and industry communications for Pivotal Veracity, the industry leader in cross platform email deliverability and optimization solutions.

Shneyder works closely with Pivotal Veracity’s sender and ISP partners as well as its blue chip client base to implement best practices that enhance the deliverability, rendering and reputation of digital communications. Prior to joining Pivotal Veracity, Shneyder was the deliverability operations manager for Yesmail, one of the world’s largest email marketers.

He is active in several industry councils and working groups, and is a regular contributor to the blog. Shneyder received his BA, MA and MFA degrees from San Francisco State University.

Stephanie Miller

Picture 1069Stephanie Miller is known as a customer advocate – helping email marketers improve performance and inbox deliverability by creating amazing subscriber experiences.  She is the Vice President of Market Development for Return Path, the email performance company where she educates email marketers on response and deliverability best practices. She is a frequent speaker and writer on digital marketing.

Stephanie has nearly 20 years of marketing, publishing and consulting experience building and managing integrated direct marketing programs.  An online marketing pioneer, she was the first publisher of The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition. She held executive-level marketing positions with Hotmail and RealNetworks before working for six years as a marketing consultant in Silicon Valley.

She is also the co-author of Sign Me Up! A Marketer’s Guide to Creating Email Newsletters that Build Relationships and Boost Sales.


The Value of Credibility

Let’s face it, your email list is money.

After watching our Solving Email Delivery Problems webinar, you will have the knowledge needed to capitalize off your email list. You will be able to increase your email credibility and reach the inboxes of your targeted customers.

A big advantage lies in email correspondence because it’s simple, cost-efficient, and helps maintain close bonds with your audience. Join us to learn the most effective ways of getting the greatest return on your investment by having your messages reach their destinations.

Don’t continue wasting time and losing money.

All the tools and know-how you’ll need will be at your fingertips after our 90-minute webinar comes to a close. You could begin to immediately improve your relationships with customers who may have never received your valued information.

Stop hitting the proverbial wall. The results will be well worth it.



Don Nicholas
Executive Director
Mequoda Group, LLC

Join Us:


Panel of Experts

Jeanne Jennings
Email Marketing Consultant

Len Shneyder
Director of Partner Relations
and Industry Communications
Pivotal Veracity

Picture 1068

Stephanie Miller
Customer Advocate
Return Path

Picture 1069


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