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The Mequoda SEO Campaign

Give away your content. Make millions.

Discover the Mequoda SEO Campaign and you may never pay for website traffic again

This is the story of a nice little niche publisher who wanted to become a really, really big niche publisher.  Luckily for this publisher, he knew the secret of making millions online: Free content.

Do you know how to make the secret work for you? Would you like to join this publisher – and dozens like him – in making millions online?

You can – if you watch our Feb. 12 webinar, The Mequoda SEO Campaign: Making Money from Free Content. In just 90 minutes, you’ll understand the entire process from offering free content to driving traffic to your website to monetizing your email list.  It’s no proprietary secret, but Mequoda Group has perfected the process and made it accessible, organized and easy to implement.

After watching this webinar, you’ll be fully prepared to …

  • Minimize your marketing investment while maximizing ROI
  • Take full advantage of Google Analytics
  • Reduce your paid audience development costs
  • Expand your audience exponentially
  • Earn millions from a single piece of free content


The whole package in 90 minutes

In our compelling, real-world case study, you’ll see how our nice little niche publisher made almost $2 million from a single piece of FREE content.  And in just 90 minutes, you’ll learn how it’s done:

  1. Keywords, keywords, keywords!
  2. Keywords = compelling free content.
  3. Compelling free content = email addresses
  4. Email addresses = high-quality, eager customers!

Sounds simple, right? It really is, once you understand the relationship between your content, high-quality traffic, and perpetual sales.

For example, do you know how an organic email list drives profits?

Can you summon traffic to your website like magic?

Do you know that most marketers spend 10 times as much on pay-per-click marketing as they do on SEO marketing – yet ROI on SEO marketing is seven times higher than PPC! That’s because most marketers still haven’t learned the sweet, simple Mequoda SEO campaign method.

But you can learn it right now On Demand: We’ll deliver the actual system for creating revenue from free content that’s been used successfully by publishers including Meredith, Rodale, Consumer Reports, The Motley Fool, Interweave and more.

This webinar offers a complete case study of a real publisher and how they earned $1.7 million from a single piece of free content. That’s right: $1.7 million. Free content. No pay-per-click campaigns, no paid ads, just inexpensive, pure, organic marketing. If you don’t already know how to do this, you’ll be shocked at the simplicity, and you’ll positively salivate at the idea of executing a similar campaign for your own publication.

Mequoda’s SEO campaign method to earning millions makes publishing more profitable than ever, and we promise you’ll be able to execute exactly such a campaign when you leave this webinar. For the small price to attend, your ROI on The Mequoda SEO Campaign: Making Money from Free Content could be millions!


Secrets of Google Analytics revealed

Of course, using SEO successfully means first understanding the mysteries of Google and how to make its features work for you. You simply can’t forge ahead with an SEO campaign until you know exactly which steps to take and which metrics are important. So in this webinar, we’ll show you each step in a proven process that sets up your campaign for success.

When you search on keywords that are used frequently in your content, where do you find yourself in the results? Page 1? Page 3? Uh, never mind? If you’re not on the first three pages of results, your website simply doesn’t exist. You can’t make money from any content, free or otherwise, if you’re invisible. But when you attend The Mequoda SEO Campaign: Making Money from Free Content, you’ll know exactly how to make yourself the go-to website in your market!

After the webinar, you’ll be able to …

  • Quantify the competition so you know exactly which keywords to target
  • Identify powerful keywords that will bring well-qualified buyers to your site in droves
  • Make yourself the most popular site on the web in your niche
  • Turn Google Analytics into dollars, 24/7 … even while you sleep!

And lest you think this strategy only works for certain types of publishers, we’ll also tell you who else is using it to make money hand over fist. You’ll become a believer – and an online publishing powerhouse – by implementing Mequoda SEO Campaigns, if you first take 90 minutes to attend this webinar.


Turn your writers into eager marketers

The Mequoda Method SEO Campaign: Making Money from Free Content offers more than just a way to make millions with free content. Along the way, we’ll also solve a dilemma that many, if not most, publishers can’t overcome: How to get their editorial team on the same page with their marketers and audience development team.

We know that writers are a different breed, and those who came of age before the digital revolution are especially prone to prickly behavior and diva mentality. It can be a nightmare getting them to understand, let alone execute, our foolproof methods for increasing revenues.

Fortunately, Mequoda has been there and done that with dozens of clients and training event attendees. So get your entire editorial team into the room when you sit in on this webinar – it doesn’t cost you a penny more! Our staff of marketing experts includes former journalists who know how to get your editors excited about SEO marketing and fully engaged in the process. When the webinar is over, you’ll take away our list of characteristics of effective online editors, and use it to supercharge your editorial team and show them how they can drive profitability and contribute to successful SEO campaigns without sacrificing one iota of journalistic integrity.

For example, effective online editors …

  • Can do their own keyword research
  • Know how to grow an email list
  • Share their articles
  • Track the number of page one ranks they have and are motivated to increase them

That’s right: Writers and editors will know, for the first time ever, how to track their success against other writers in their space. That alone will get them fired up and highly motivated to drive traffic to your site! Warning: The competition can get fierce! Your editorial team will be so motivated, you might want to remove sharp objects from their office space!


Remember, The Mequoda SEO Campaign: Making Money from Free Content delivers a complete organic program for making money in online publishing in just 90 minutes, and it’s a program you’ll be able to execute immediately. It’s foolproof, it’s convenient, and it’s cost-effective: Your entire marketing and editorial team can and should be in the room when you watch this webinar.

In fact, I promise you that our method is completely user-friendly and easy to understand and implement. I’m so sure that you’ll understand every step, I’ll even give you your money back after the webinar if you’re not fully prepared after 90 minutes to follow the Mequoda SEO Campaign Method to success!

Unless you’re completely satisfied with your current marketing efforts … unless you’re perfectly happy with the revenues you’re earning now … unless you can’t possibly envision more success than you already have … you should attend The Mequoda SEO Campaign: Making Money from Free Content on Feb. 12!


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