Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters

Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters

Online copywriting that boosts open, clickthrough and conversion rates

All the analytics in the world, the most scrupulous financial planning, the knockout website, won’t sell your products unless you’re promoting them and driving traffic to your site. And that means words. Effective email marketing is often the forgotten element in a solid marketing system. How does great online copywriting happen? What are the key elements of a great sales letter? How much copy is enough?

In this 90-minute webinar, we’ll take you step by step through the SEO copywriting of a killer landing page sales letter, plus a related outbound email, using the Mequoda preferred technique of emotional copywriting.


Do you or your organization’s copywriters understand the artfully-crafted words that a highly skilled, rigorously-trained professional copywriter spins to drive traffic in droves, and result in product and subscription sales in multitudes? Do you create targeted strategies that generate fierce loyalty to your brand? If you can’t answer YES! to these questions, Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters is the best investment of your training dollars you could make!

If you’re a copywriter, editor or creative director, you should order Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters. In just 90 minutes, you’ll polish your skills, find out what you’ve been doing wrong, take away tested and proven best practices, and prepare yourself for a breakthrough in open, clickthrough and conversion rates.


Not everyone is a brilliant online copywriter, no matter what they may think. Journalism and marketing schools today are churning out writers who have been taught to be as verbose as possible, and to use words that no one would ever utter in real life. You have to be alert to all of it and rein in the online copywriter – or yourself – who wants your audience to “purchase” instead of “buy,” or “acquire” instead of “get,” and uses made-up words like “helmed” instead of “led” in an effort to sound sophisticated. Find out how Mequoda finds copywriters, and what training works best to create great ones!

And when it comes to training, SEO expertise is a must for today’s copywriter. Dig into a Mequoda best practice of choosing both ranking keywords and proximity keywords. Why choose this phrase instead of that one? Why use phrases at all, instead of blockbuster single words? Mequoda Daily, for example, holds top 30 search results for many of its chosen phrases. Our best practices should be yours, too.

The online copywriter’s art

Of course, once you have your keywords in front of you, you’re just getting started. The hard part is getting started: You have just seconds to capture your audience’s interest, so the pressure is on! We’ll share our secrets for breaking through that writer’s block, and show you where your keywords should be positioned.

Another Mequoda best practice: Emotional copywriting. We’ll walk you through the process of identifying a compelling need that resonates with your audience, and then demonstrating how your product meets that need. Are you B2B? A consumer publication? You can use these techniques for any audience, and the best part is we’ve tested them literally thousands of time, so you know they’ll work for you. Once you attend this webinar, you’ll be able to lift your response rates as much as 30 to 50 percent.

Your potential audience should become your visitors, and your visitors must become customers. Find out what kind of letter wins tests four out of five times … which words are best at getting recipients to open your email … which headlines lead to conversions most often … and dozens of other tips that Mequoda has developed over the years. With our access to thousands of online copy tests over the past 15 years for hundreds of different publishers, Mequoda is the only SEO copywriting expert that knows how to take an art and turn it into a precise science – with results that you can take to the bank. Stop guessing what will work and order Writing Breakthrough Sales Letters.


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