The Email Copywriting Workshop

The Email Copywriting Workshop

Creating email promotions that maximize readership, revenue and profit

Watch this 90-minute webinar on CD and Get Copywriting Secrets to Instantly Boost E-mail Marketing Results 33-67%!

Copywriting was once a highly specialized craft dominated by a handful of practitioners. But with the explosion of electronic media, it seems everyone’s a copywriter today.

Keeping up with the demand for fresh promotional copy means that all team members from editors to marketing managers, CEOs to interns, are thrust into the role of writing copy.

In this Email Copywriting Workshop, you’ll get the secrets of a nationally known copywriter with nearly three decades of success writing breakthrough copy, Mark Everett Johnson.

As one SIPA member recently exclaimed after one of Mark’s in-house training sessions, inject “kick-butt effectiveness” into your next campaign.

During the live webinar, Mark reviewed copy and offered suggestions for several publisher who submitted their email promotions.


More about our expert copywriter, Mark Everett Johnson

Mark is one of America’s “copywriting superstars.” He was recently recognized by Inside Direct Mail newsletter as creator of the most successful promotion ever created for a monthly periodical, with over four million subscriptions sold.

Prior to launching his freelance career in 1992, Mark served as creative director for Rodale, and prior to that he ran the largest account in America’s premier grassroots fundraising agency.

“Copywriting superstar Mark Johnson’s presentation is always unique.” – Don Nicholas

In The Email Copywriting Workshop, we spend an entire 90 minutes showing you how to take average email copy and transform it into your best-selling promotions!

Key topics covered in this webinar:

  • The biggest and most popular mistakes that email copywriters make
  • How to construct subheads that make the email subscriber want to keep reading
  • Different “power words” you can insert into your copy
  • How to write effective copy without tripping up spam filters
  • The keys to persuading a reader that make it seem beneficial to agree with
  • Words often used in sales copy that either make or break a sale
  • How to use testimonials as “social proof” that your product is worth buying
  • Why metaphors, similes and analogies are the persuasive writer’s best friends


If you’re an email marketer, online copywriter or are otherwise in the business of content marketing, you can watch this webinar with Mark Everett Johnson for just a fraction of the price it would cost to have him in your office consulting directly with you.

Watch The Email Copywriting Workshop now and start Creating Email Promotions that Maximize Readership, Revenue and Profit!

I look forward to discussing Email Copywriting with you!


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