Internet Advertising Basics

Internet Advertising Basics: Maximizing Display Advertising Revenue

Meet Dan Ambrose, one of the publishing industry’s most talented sales coaches.

Are you maximizing revenue with your website advertising inventory, or is it time to re-examine your business model?


Dear publishing colleague,

Have you ever wondered why some publications — both print and online — enjoy a wealth of advertising support, while others — perhaps yours — barely show a respectable profit?

Maximizing revenues with Internet ad sales doesn’t happen by chance. And it’s not solely the result of great ad sales reps, although well educated ad sales professionals are indispensible.

As our publishing colleague Diane Schwartz of says, “From how to structure your sales staff, to how to price your integrated programs, Internet ad sales is a challenge faced by the whole publishing team: marketing, PR, advertising, sales, editorial.”

“Sure, the salesperson needs to close the deal, but others on your team need to create the opportunity, whether it’s outstanding editorial content or a well-navigated site design.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Driving online revenue with optimized ad sales is a deliberate process that requires configuring your infrastructure, content, marketing, research and sales.

Dan Ambrose

Dan Ambrose

Dan Ambrose should know. He has made a career of unraveling and demystifying the complexities of publication ad sales.

Dan worked on the founding of,,, and He has consulted with Primedia Magazines, Smithsonian, Children’s Television Workshop, and many others.

Dan directed marketing, sales and administrative management of multi-magazine advertising packages for Hearst’s largest and most important clients, running approximately 3,500 advertising pages annually.

He was also responsible for the creation of the first “Electronic Rate Card,” on computer disk, which was used by advertising media planners to instantly price Hearst magazine packages.

There’s more to Dan’s illustrious career, but you get the idea. He is one of the magazine industry’s most talented sales coaches, and has literally written the book on Internet sales.

Now Dan has agreed to share his experience — and reveal some his most valuable insights — in a 90-minute seminar co-produced by Mequoda and the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA).

“You’ll discover how the two media — Internet and print — complement rather than compete with each other from the point of view of the publisher and of the advertiser.”

— — Dan Ambrose

Yes! I want Internet Advertising Basics: Maximizing Display Advertising Revenue with Dan Ambrose on CD


How it works

When you order this seminar on CD-ROM, you’ll be able to pop it into your computer and watch the whole thing, just as we presented it live on April 29, 2009.

If you want, you can use the conference room at work and play it for your entire advertising team on a large projector. The price is the same, no matter how many people you choose to train.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll discover:

•    How to sell Internet advertising in conjunction with magazine advertising

•    How to create and use your “scarcity” of inventory to your advantage

•    How to be successful with just “a few good advertisers”

•    How to use the “Yahoo principle” to build value and loyalty at a reasonable cost

•    How to sell profitability by surveying your entire business model

•    How to do the simple stuff right — and well

Yes! I want Internet Advertising Basics: Maximizing Display Advertising Revenue with Dan Ambrose on CD


Gain confidence about selling the web with this blueprint for driving more revenue online

Did you know that about a million executives are engaged in selling advertising in the United States?

What once was a gentile pursuit is now a fiercely competitive game.

Advertisers have more choices than ever before.

How can you break through and stand out in the forest of media that advertisers can choose?

Dan Ambrose has the answers.

A media company that understands and executes the sales and marketing of advertising with excellence will gain sales and market share over time, growing nearly without limits.

Dan can help you develop your advertising sales marketing, strategy, tactics and training to achieve the excellence that will be an ongoing competitive advantage.

Hundreds have paid $1,000 or more to attend Dan Ambrose’s media sales training seminars. Now, in just 90 minutes, you can discover for yourself some of Dan’s extraordinary Internet ad sales wisdom.

Take the first step with Internet Advertising Basics: Maximizing Display Advertising Revenue for only $197. Opt for the full transcript and the price is only $50 more.

I guarantee your satisfaction, or we will cheerfully refund your investment.


Don Nicholas
Executive Director, Mequoda Group, LLC
Chief Architect, Mequoda WordPress Systems
Editor-in-Chief, Mequoda Daily Network

P.S. Fundamentally, Internet Advertising Basics: Maximizing Display Advertising Revenue is about what it takes to sell advertising profitability.

Bottom line: If your publication isn’t profitable, it can’t survive.

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Yes! I want Internet Advertising Basics: Maximizing Display Advertising Revenue with Dan Ambrose on CD



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