Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011

Learn the step-by-step process for taking visitors from search to email conversion…

Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011: Achieve Competitive Advantage Through Defining and Tracking your Audience’s Search Behavior

Discover the step-by-step process for doing keyword research that has increased visibility, traffic and conversions for online publishers

Dear Publishing Colleague,

Successful online publishers, editors and brand marketers all engage in keyword research to decipher how their audience searches.

Without doing keyword research, you are just guessing on the search behaviors of your audience, which is unlikely to help you gain visibility, traffic and conversions within your niche.

And even if you think you know your audience, and are adamant about understanding the way they think, there’s very likely a mass of keyword phrases they are using that you are unaware of.

If you aren’t using keyword research as part of your Internet strategy, how is your visibility, traffic and conversion rate? Is it as good as it can get, or could you have a bigger audience bringing you more revenue generation?

Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t using keyword research – there are many who haven’t harnessed the opportunities afforded by keyword research – so you aren’t alone.

Please realize though, that if you wait too long to start researching the keywords being searched by your audience, you will likely lose visibility on those terms to competitors who take their keyword strategy very seriously.

If you need a crash course on keyword research, take 90 minutes to watch our Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011 webinar and learn the continuous method that results in accurate metrics revealing the keyword phrases sought by your target audience.

Your active level of keyword research

Did you perform keyword research while designing your website? Were the keyword phrases your audience searches for turned into your main topic categories?

How about your website’s meta tags and meta data – was keyword research involved while deciding upon this data, which is necessary for the structure and optimization of your site?

The result of proper keyword research should feed your daily articles, free product production and product titling. Otherwise, casual Internet users searching for terms relevant to your content won’t find your website among the search results.

I’ve been asked many times if it’s possible to build an audience without having visibility within search engines. Anything may be possible, as you might be able to survive for a bit through social sharing via Facebook or Twitter, but without search engine presence, your content will not have lasting power. It will not stick around for searchers to find years after publication and it won’t have the opportunity to climb up the list of search results to find a page-one ranking.

The websites that have solid search engine visibility have one thing in common – they have a larger audience, which means an increased chance of generating more revenue.

What you’ll learn from Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011

Our 90-minute, step-by-step program consists of five main modules that lead you through the continual method for keyword research. These modules include the following:

Module #1 – Explore Keyword Universe: This section explains the process for brainstorming keyword phrases with your editorial team, your content and domain experts. We also introduce you to our Flora Daily case study, showing the website topics the gardening website uses and the site’s product sales strategy.

You will discover strategies for exploring competition based around your topics and learn how to expand your initial brainstormed list using various tools found in Google’s search engine.

Module #2 – Research Keyword Popularity: This module contains detail around expanding your keyword universe using the Google Keyword Tool. You will learn how to identify the number of estimated searches being conducted on your exact keywords.

The Google Visibility Report (GVR) will be discussed in this module as well, which serves as a document for accurately monitoring your keyword universe.

Module #3 – Differentiate Keyword Competition: Discovering the organic competition on your keywords allows you to focus attention on the terms that you have the best chance of ranking on. Alternatively, you will discover terms that are so heavily competitive that ranking will be difficult.

The supply and demand concept of this module ultimately allows you to spend your time, or instruct your writers how to spend their time, in the most efficient manner.

Module #4 – Organize Keyword Research: The best way to stay on top of your keyword universe is to appropriately define your keyword clusters. This module will teach how to properly import keyword clusters into your overall keyword universe, which represents the total number of phrases you are monitoring.

This section helps you to compile additional organizational features like secondary keywords, Google ranking and the Google Visibility Index, which tells you how visible your site is on each keyword within Google.

Module #5 – Track Your Results: Here, you will receive valuable calculations used to express how visible your content is. You will be taught the 3rd party Internet-based tool we use to demonstrate position ranking related to all the keywords we track.

Our Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011 is for you if…

Your search engine visibility is lacking, or could be better.

Your website traffic isn’t nearly as high as you believe it should be.

Your audience isn’t very large and you’re generating very little revenue.

You have no keyword research strategy currently in place.

I cannot stress enough the importance of keyword research. Without it, online publishers are operating with blinders on, as they aren’t truly knowledgeable to the facts about their audience.

All online businesses think they know and understand their audience well enough. However, the only ones who truly know their audience members are the ones who actively engage in keyword research on a regular basis. If they don’t, real knowledge of their audience is lacking – which is why their visibility, traffic and conversions lack as well.

Learn how to truly serve and build your audience, become a leader in your niche and generate more conversions when you watch our Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011 webinar.

After participating in our step-by-step process, you will have a metric-driven approach for attracting an audience that you will be able to implement and track continuously. You will also receive a sample Google Visibility Report.

Those who understand their audience, attract a bigger audience through search and develop long-lasting relationships with members dictate the future of online publishing. This cannot be achieved without the help of keyword research.

I look forward to you benefiting from our webinar.


Kim Mateus

Chief Content Officer

Mequoda Group

PS: I never realized the power of keyword research until I began engaging in it continuously. Keyword research, in addition to proper SEO, is the benchmark of any successful online publisher. We’ve seen publishers utilize keyword research to double the size of their net email subscriber file. You will not want to miss this webinar!

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