Keyword Research Step-By-Step

Keyword Research Step-by-Step: Define, Index and Track Your Website’s Keyword Universe for a Competitive Advantage

Learn the step-by-step method for conducting keyword research that has increased website visibility, traffic and profits for hundreds of successful publishers.

Dear publishing colleague,

When designing your website, did you take the time to research keywords before coming up with topic categories?

How about naming your books or free products? Did you do any research when deciding what your website title tag would say, or your meta tags would reflect in Google?

Even today when you publish an article, do you include any keywords in your title or subtitle that have been researched? Or are you perhaps just hoping you have enough pull in your niche to get listed?

How is that working out for you?

Our 90-minute Keyword Research Step-by-Step webinar is based entirely on painstaking research, accurate metrics, and a continuous process to meet the demands of an ever-changing Google search algorithm.

Does this sound like a lot of work? Yes, it’s work. But once you master the skills, Keyword Research becomes quick and easy to make part of your day-to-day publishing routine.

And Keyword Research has a big payoff because the greater your audience, the greater your paycheck. The more you’re seen, the more you earn.


In Keyword Research Step-by-Step, we spend an entire 90 minutes showing you the exact process it takes to build a “Keyword Universe” and “Google Visibility Report” for your website.

Your keyword universe will contain thousands of niche keywords and can be used in several business-boosting ways:

  • Given to your team of editors and marketers as editorial guidelines.
  • Used to title articles, books and products.
  • Useful for discovering topics in your niche that you didn’t even realize your audience was looking for.
  • A styleguide for tagging articles and other content.

Key topics covered in this webinar:

  • Understanding primary keywords
  • Compiling your primary keywords
  • Validating editorial relevance
  • Researching keyword popularity
  • Quantifying keyword competition
  • Building your Keyword Universe
  • Benchmarking your visibility with Advanced Web Rankings
  • Adding new keyword clusters
  • Deleting irrelevant keywords
  • Updating your Google Visibility Report


If you’re a content creator and produce editorial content that you want Google to find and index, SEO campaign management is the single most important skill for making money online, whether you publish a blog, books, magazines, newsletters, or any other digital information media.

Online revenues are directly proportional to the size of your online audience. If you double your audience, you can double your revenue.

Does Keyword Research work?  Well, grew by 65 percent in just 12 months using the techniques we explain in Keyword Research Step-by-Step. Your website could experience similar gains.

Now you can join the growing list of companies to whom we have taught this exclusive methodology for Keyword Research and provided training or consultation. They include Ceramic Arts Daily, Business Management Daily, Beading Daily, Daily Word, Dark Daily, Faculty Focus, Fuel Net, Golf Vacation Insider, Johns Hopkins Health Alerts, and Knitting Daily.

Order now to watch Keyword Research Step-by-Step: Define, Index and Track Your Website’s Keyword Universe for a Competitive Advantage on-demand or on CD.


I look forward to discussing Keyword Research with you!


Kim Mateus
Member Services Director
Mequoda Group

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