Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps

Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps Explores the Evolution of Online PR Techniques

Join us as we divulge the best practices of an Online Publicist whose PR efforts have found high ranks in Google searches while helping to boost rapid conversion landing page traffic

Dear publishing colleague,

Do you remember the days when PR professionals were constantly on the phone with media outlets, doing all they could to secure coverage for an upcoming event, feature story or special edition?

During these times the role of true PR became blurred as many professionals were focusing heavily on mainstream media outlets, and thus, working in a hybrid media/public relations role.

These professionals felt the biggest audiences were reading the popular, relative newspapers and magazines that graced bookshelves everywhere. Securing coverage with these outlets meant hundreds upon thousands of intrigued eyes reading about their brand.

This is not necessarily the case anymore, as there are other ways of reaching publics. Just as the online publishing environment has changed, and is still rapidly changing, the face of online PR is further developing into a resource that can mean more visibility for a company.

The Internet has become a diverse, multimedia resource for PR professionals to reach their publics directly, and often.

During the 90-minute Mequoda/SIPA Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps Webinar on CD you will learn:

  • 2 main online PR strategies for using free press release distribution
  • 6 components needed for creating a successful press release
  • 4 tools used to plan and report for online PR campaigns

If you begin to understand the online PR environment, you will begin receiving more visibility on Google and gain more website traffic by doing so.


Having worked my entire career in the field of online publishing, I have come to see how online PR directly relates to many online publishing best practices.

As a publisher I want to release great content that can be found by my audience and I want the content to be strong enough and engage our readers so much that they subscribe to our email newsletters.

But it doesn’t stop at email.

I want to communicate with my audience via social media networks, blog posts, live events and multimedia pieces. After all of these efforts, I want to compile a statistical report on what methods were most successful and appealing to my audience.

Online PR includes many of the same components, as the two fields are incredibly similar. As I have seen, good publishers can easily turn into good online publicists by utilizing the methods we outline in this webinar.

For all the online editors, copywriters and audience development managers not currently participating in online PR, we describe the process as a step-by-step system so the basics can be easily learned.

After understanding the main steps of the system, you can customize your approach based on the time you have to devote to online PR.

If you fit into the category of those not currently participating in online PR, you are not alone. The credibility and reach that online PR possesses has not been around forever. Even PR professionals who have not been based online have questions about the process, like:

  • What are the best sites to use?
  • What results can I expect?
  • How much time does online PR require?

Fortunately, our Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps Webinar provides all of these commonly asked questions regarding the procedure behind online PR campaigns.


What do I have to do in order to produce a press release that Google will find and rank?

No online publisher can pretend to know everything there is to know about how Google works. There are constantly changes made to the algorithm so that Google can continue to display the best content possible.

However, we can tell you what we have done to get our press releases picked up by Google and ranked for multiple days at a time, ranging from page-one all the way down.

Our 6-step system incorporates every detail needed to craft a press release, from the headline to the body copy. These components will easily fit into the required sections of the press release distribution websites.

Strategies for capitalizing on free press release distribution

One of the truly great aspects of press release distribution is that there are a lot of free options. Especially since some of these free options have led to visibility on Google.

Even though a service is free, there must be a correct way of using it, right?

When you’re beginning an online PR campaign, how often should you use these sites? Which sites can you use more than others, and which are worth using?

During this 90-minute webinar on CD we answer these questions and present two different strategies for executing free press campaigns.

These two strategies involve a change in frequency and content of your press distribution. We have personally tested both of the methods and have data to share on each of them. You can then choose which strategy fits best into your online press schedule.


Executing time-efficient and successful online PR campaigns

After you have a press release, or press releases complete, and have outlined your strategy for distribution, you will want to know which websites are the best for online PR.

Many online publicists began utilizing free distribution sites by targeting every site they could find and adding their content.

Nowadays we can determine which sites receive the most traffic, have the most credibility and are more likely to get your release on Google.

In this section of Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps we will show you:

  • online tools to compare traffic of the popular free distribution websites
  • how to validate the credibility of PR sites
  • how to analyze the success of your campaigns

For reporting purposes we will show you how to use Yahoo Site Explorer in order to see how many inbound links you received from your efforts. To find out who has linked to your site and the keywords they used, we will show you Advanced Link Manager. This invaluable software will also monitor your important links to ensure they are active. These may help you discover potential partners with related links.

Traps you will learn to avoid

The biggest trap to avoid in online PR involves the content you are producing.

Imagine you create a press release and submit it to multiple free press distribution sites. This same content is basically fighting against itself to get ranked. There is a chance that Google will pick up the release from multiple sites, but it will not stay that way. It will eventually stop housing the duplicate content and only allow one release to stay.

You might think, “Well, one release is better than none.”

This is true, but why settle for only one? Your content is obviously relevant enough for Google to pick it up and place it on page-one. You should be striving for as much press coverage as possible, and Google News is extremely high-quality coverage.

Duplicate content is a trap that many online publicists can fall into. Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps will explain how to avoid this issue in two ways: the use of canonical tags and the efficient use of content.


The “Big Ah-Ha” for many online publicists is when they realize that using free press distribution sites isn’t just about driving traffic, it’s about driving SEO rank. Although, let’s be honest, driving an SEO rank higher will likely impact your traffic because more of your audience will be exposed to the information.

If you’re able to boost the position of an RCLP from page-four to page-one, you will go from receiving zero visibility to a whopping 100% visibility on that term.

Investing 90-minutes for our Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps webinar on CD will help you to create better press releases, target the best possible distribution sites, and report your statistical data to see your campaign results.

During this Mequoda/SIPA webinar on CD, you will discover 12 pieces of information that should be utilized by every online publicist, audience development specialist, online editor or SEO copywriter engaging in online PR.

Online PR instruction from a results-driven professional

The guest speaker for this webinar is Chris Sturk, Mequoda’s Managing Editor. Prior to joining the Mequoda Family, Chris managed press and marketing campaigns for a boutique marketing firm positioned in the music and entertainment industry.

His desire to spread knowledge led him to content marketing and online PR, where he has tested various approaches to help compile our best practices for online PR campaigns.

Join us as Chris walks through the entire process of online PR, the various strategies he has experimented with, and the 12 pieces of information that are vital to the success of an online PR campaign.


Don’t miss this opportunity to become more familiar and successful with online PR.


Kim Mateus

Member Services Director,
Mequoda Group, LLC


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