Understanding Google Analytics

Learn the most important metrics to follow…

Understanding Google Analytics – Which Metrics Really Matter?

Every successful digital publisher and online marketer knows how to interpret their website’s analytical data. Knowing the definitions of common Google Analytics terms like visits, page views, and bounce rates are important—but it’s only half the battle.

For websites, some metrics are more important than others, and understanding their context is key. Knowing which key metrics to follow can be confusing—in fact, many site owners end up paying attention to the wrong ones.

In this session we’ll review key metrics, learn the deeper meaning behind them, and examine how to use them to your advantage. We will teach you how to use key performance indicators (KPIs) to make better resource, staffing, and content performance decisions.

Find out how to use Google Analytics as a way to monitor the performance of your web and email activity, ecommerce systems, SEO and link-building efforts when you order Understanding Google Analytics.


12 key metrics for daily use

Are you following a dozen primary metrics every day? If not, a key metrics dashboard that everyone in your organization can use and comprehend should be a significant goal of yours.

Those who think these metrics are boring don’t realize importance of what these numbers represent and what they mean in terms of health and progress of your business. We know from teaching publically that a lot of people think this topic is boring, and somebody else’s job to worry about.

We get it, analytics are not sexy, but the relevance of this information is crucial.

When making any long-term adjustments to your online business, bad data equates to bad decisions. It’s also equally dangerous to work with insufficient or misinterpreted data. These scenarios often lead to big mistakes and lead publishers and marketers to say, “if we had only known…”

Don’t get stuck with bad, misinterpreted data, and don’t let a lack of data ruin the steps to advancing your online business. Learn the 12 key metrics you must measure during our 90-minute webinar, Understanding Google Analytics.


Master the communication of numbers

You will never find someone more convinced when there are numbers present, assuming the data is analyzed properly.

The metrics discussed in this webinar will help you develop an editorial schedule with the best possible content for your audience.

Every time we do this program live, we love asking the audience what they think these numbers mean. In reality, each number is calculated and has a formula behind it. It is absolute. If you don’t know what the formula is, or you think it’s different than it really is, you’ll make bad decisions.

It’s hard to stress the importance of accuracy. You can see numbers go up or down, but if you don’t know how the metric is calculated, bad decisions will happen. Proper policies can only get implemented in-house once metrics are understood.

Spend 90 minutes with us for Understanding Google Analytics and learn the most important metrics for your online business.


The truth about metrics

It might sound surprising, but 80-90 percent of people using metrics don’t know the math behind them. If you quizzed them with multiple-choice options, 75 percent would still get questions wrong.

Even if you put a group of publishers, editors and audience development professionals together, many would get the most basic questions wrong because some of the concepts are so basic that they skipped over them.

Above all else, Understanding Google Analytics will break down preconceived notions, get people to do their homework correctly, and help them understand fundamental numbers of engagement. You’ll learn how these numbers can be interpreted to determine content and segments to focus on.


Come prepared for Understanding Google Analytics

The 12 often fundamental, highly misunderstood metrics (like pages per visit, bounce rate, and email conversion rate by landing page) dictate strategies for digital publishers and content marketers.

Don’t waste time guessing or focusing on the wrong metrics. Know the parameters, formulas, and what’s being calculated on the page to have a real grasp on your data. There is real impact on understanding the numbers that all online businesses must recognize.

Learn how to make business decisions based on your metrics, know how they are calculated, and determine their accuracy when you watch Understanding Google Analytics.

I look forward to discussing the most important metrics with you.


Kim Mateus
Chief Content Officer, and Your Webinar Host
Mequoda Group

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