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You’re familiar with the growth and prominence of the membership economy—you can see it daily as you interact with Amazon, Netflix, Blue Apron, or even your local gym. And luckily, publishers can learn a lot from other businesses that have “paved the way” to condition consumers to buy memberships.

This is no fad, it’s a bona-fide trend that you should know about, understand, and leverage for your own publishing business’ purposes.

But how does a publishing business position its products for a membership offering?

Well, here at Mequoda, that’s exactly what we’ve figured out how to do in recent years—and we’ve helped many magazine publishers transform publishing products into membership offerings, including Prime Publishing and Yankee Magazine … and we count AAA Northeast and the Biblical Archaeology Society as clients (both are non-profit membership organizations that have magazines!).

Mequoda’s experience extends into the traditional newsletter publishing sector, too, with our work helping two investment-advisory businesses—Cabot Wealth Network and The Successful Investor—to recast their newsletters and other publishing products as capstone membership offerings.

Believe me, it’s easy to make mistakes when repositioning your publishing business to serve members vs. subscribers—we’ve had some initial challenges, but we’ve figured out what works and learned an awful lot along the way—and now you can benefit from our experience and build your own membership website with all the current best practices!

But don’t think this all starts with building a membership website! Yes, a membership website is the ultimate deliverable—but, there are lots of steps before the site-building that must occur to ensure success.

So, great news! You can now claim your FREE 60-minute consultation with Mequoda, to review the membership website development needs for your subscription business!

Click here to claim your invitation and schedule your FREE 60-minute consulting session.

And this is a no-obligation session—if you don’t want to go further with us after your FREE consulting session, that’s okay. I only ask that you schedule your FREE consulting session today—you owe it to yourself and your company or organization to consider a membership model for your publishing business.

Introducing Mequoda Gold Membership for “Membership Website Development Services”—benefits that are unrivaled in the publishing industry!

Your Mequoda Gold Membership starts with a FREE 60-minute consulting session, and your membership pricing is based on your organization’s website development needs—here are the benefits reserved especially for publishers and marketers like you:

Summary of Mequoda Gold Member
Membership Website Development Services


Your Price

60-minute consulting session to review your current membership marketing and website development needs


One-year Mequoda Gold Membership

Pricing depends on your website-development needs

Access to Mequoda’s business planning services and tools for transforming your publishing business with a membership model:

  • Establish baseline metrics for primary online business drivers, ACEM: Attract, Capture, Engage, Monetize
  • Develop detailed strategic roadmap for creating your publishing membership model, CAROTME:Content Strategy Audience Strategy Revenue Strategy Organizational StrategyTechnology Strategy Measurement Strategy Economic Strategy


Your Membership Website Strategic Roadmap includes:

  • Online Strategy Model
  • Google Visibility Index (GVI) Report
  • Key Metrics Dashboard
  • Online Competitive Audit
  • 5-year Strategic Business Plan
  • Detailed Technology Plan for site development


Once launched, your new membership website services include:

  • Regular analytics and reporting of key metrics
  • Strategic and tactical marketing advice
  • Site hosting, email services, and a fully integrated, operator-friendly system


Access to the Mequoda client cooperative’s membership marketing best practices, benchmarking, and optimization strategies


Shared labor and human resources in support of your own effective membership marketing program


Mequoda’s “Membership Website Development Services” are unique in the industry—built by publishers and for publishers … and with decades of subscription and membership marketing experience to back it all up. You can benefit from our Membership Website Development Services with Mequoda Gold Membership.

You might think a new membership website would cost a fortune to build, and it can if you hire the wrong developer—you know, the ones who talk tech-speak and really don’t know anything about publishing or marketing, let alone membership marketing! But with Mequoda’s Haven WordPress Customer Experience Management System (CXMS), you’ll have an affordable solution that delivers all the necessary tools to operate a profitable membership website.

Learn more about all of this when you contact me today to schedule your FREE 60-minute consulting session—while this special invitation lasts! Claim your FREE consulting session without any further obligation, right now!

Don’t miss the boat on maximizing your publishing business’s success with a membership model, supported by a dynamic and state-of-the-art membership website for your customers—please contact me now to schedule your FREE 60-minute consulting session!

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