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Food Gardening Magazine Publishes July Gardening Grow Bags Issue

Food Gardening Network, publisher of Food Gardening Magazine, has released their July 2022 issue, exploring how grow bags make an excellent way to garden for people who may not have the space for an in-ground or raised bed garden.

With four feature videos and articles, the July issue of Food Gardening Magazine helps readers understand the pros and cons of gardening with grow bags, discover the vegetables they can plant this month, and craft their own homemade bug spray for vegetable plants.

Editor and Publisher Kim Mateus points out that “Grow bags can offer gardeners the flexibility of container gardening combined with the benefits of raised bed gardening. There are just a few things to keep your eye on.”

For gardeners new to using grow bags, “How to Start Gardening with Grow Bags for Vegetables and Fruits” shares the many benefits of using grow bags in place of traditional containers, from greater soil aeration to portability to the fact that it’s nearly impossible to overwater plants in grow bags.

This article and video give readers an in-depth overview of gardening with grow bags, including what to do with them once the season is over. Then, in Veggies to Plant in July, readers will learn that there are still a number of vegetables they can plant for an early fall harvest.

For readers who have a garden full of produce, natural, non-toxic bug repellent can help keep their vegetables free of harmful pests. In Homemade Bug Spray for Vegetable Plants, Senior Editor Amanda MacArthur shares her recipe for an effective and inexpensive solution to aphids, slugs, and other garden pests.

How to Throw a Backyard Pizza Party from Your Garden offers ideas and recipes for hosting a garden pizza party with homemade pizza dough and personalized pizzas with fresh garden vegetables.

The July issue of Food Gardening Magazine also includes in-depth articles about radishes, blueberries, and bell peppers. These articles explore the Food Gardening Network’s latest collections while providing valuable information on their own. Subscribers get instant access to the premium collections themselves, too.

In How to Start Growing Radishes in Bags, readers will discover how the portability of grow bags can give them a much longer radish growing season. Then gardeners can find out what it takes to grow healthy blueberry plants that not only look good but produce quality fruit in How to Prune Blueberry Bushes.

In When to Harvest Bell Peppers at Peak Flavor, readers can learn the secrets to growing richly colorful and flavorful bell peppers.

View the July 2022 issue of Food Gardening Magazine now.

About Food Gardening Network: Food Gardening Network was founded by home food gardeners and for home food gardeners—the mission is to serve gardeners with tips, tools, advice, and recipes for growing and enjoying good food at home. During the Covid-19 pandemic that began in 2020, it became apparent that home food gardening would grow beyond a hobby for many home gardeners. Food Gardening Network launched in January of 2021 as an all-encompassing resource for gardeners of all skill levels, with in-depth articles on planning, planting, maintaining, and harvesting home garden crops. Food Gardening Network also includes easy-to-prepare recipes so home gardeners can enjoy the fruits of their labors in delicious, creative ways.

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