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Digital Subscribers are a Focus for Changing Publishers

New offerings and products are often utilized by publishers working to increase numbers of digital subscribers. Today we’re looking at two publishing that have been placing added focus on their digital audience.

Forbes making moves on membership offerings; tronc reports growth in digital subscribers

New offerings and products are often utilized by publishers working to increase numbers of digital subscribers. Today we’re looking at two publishers that have been placing added focus on their digital audience.

We begin with Forbes, which is catering to its digital audience more as it moves staff members away from print. In this process the publisher removing staff members and decreasing print issues in 2018. New York Post reports, “Forbes, which in its glory days published its flagship print magazine every other week, is going to cut back to only 10 issues in 2018 as it sliced 20 more people from its payroll.”

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The article continues with a quote from a spokeswoman on the 2018 focus. “As we focus more on digital and mobile, beginning in 2018, we plan to adjust the annual frequency of Forbes magazine from 14 issues to 10.”

The spokeswoman continued with additional insight on the coming changes. “These changes will shift even more investment to the impactful journalism and deep-dive investigative reporting that are the hallmarks of Forbes.”

We continue with Forbes with our second news story of the day. This time we’re looking at a new membership service Forbes is offering to help CMOs. MediaPost reports, “Forbes, the publishing company that gave us lists of the richest people, hot air balloons and more recently, a sophisticated native marketing platform, is once again diversifying — this time into a marketing accountability services practice.”

“Dubbed the Marketing Accountability Membership Service, the practice is a collaboration of Forbes and the Marketing Accountability Standards Board — an independent, cross-industry forum proffering measurement and accountability standards developed by a board of marketing and finance executives and consultants.”

The article continues with a look at the new service’s design. “The new service, they said, is designed to help CMOs work with peers, academics and a variety of experts to innovate marketing accountability, including the value of marketing assets, media and technology.”

Our final story of the day looks at the growth in digital subscribers that tronc has experienced. A press release on Globe Newswire reports, “Digital only subscribers were 265,000 in third quarter 2017, up 95% year-over-year, before including any contribution from the New York Daily News.”

The release continues with a quote from tronc CEO Justin Dearborn. “I am pleased with the strategic actions we took during the quarter to better align our company with industry trends,” said tronc CEO Justin Dearborn. “The acquisition of the New York Daily News provided us with another strategic platform for growing our digital business, expanding our reach and broadening our services for advertisers and marketers. We now serve 10 major U.S. markets, including each of the top three, hold 105 Pulitzers and have over 81 million unique monthly digital visitors.”

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By Kim Mateus

Chief Strategy Officer

Kim Mateus is Chief Strategy Officer for Mequoda Systems and the Mequoda Systems Content Network where she oversees strategic planning for the organization's 200 plus premium subscription products. Over the past decade, she has guided the development of more than 20 subscription marketing systems including I Like Crochet Network, New England Network and Your AAA Network. She and her team maintain an exhaustive best practices database of subscription marketing techniques and business processes that she uses to advise her clients and optimize the more than 60 websites that make up the Mequoda Systems Content Network. Kim is a frequent speaker at industry events and serves on the board of the Specialized information Publishers Association.

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