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Updates on Google’s Role in Audience Development for Publishers

Google has been a major source of audience development and paid advertising for years. Today we are looking at some recent news from the search giant, that may be helpful to content publishers.

Google launches podcasting app; Google advertising clicks increase by 58%; Google’s “People Also Search For” box is changing for audience development

Google has been a major ally of audience development and paid advertising for years. Today we are looking at some recent news from the search giant, some of which may be helpful to content publishers.

We begin with some implications from the launch of Google Podcasts. Publishing Executive reports, “Google Podcasts is a huge deal for podcast creators. Android, with more than 80% global smartphone market share, represents a massive opportunity that Apple simply can’t touch. That means more listeners, and more advertisers, on a more global scale than creators can reach through Apple. But more specifically, Google has the chance to make podcasts easier to create and market, easier and better to advertise on, and easier to measure and customize.”

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The article continues with ideas on how Google could develop the podcasting market like it has for online advertising. “Expect Google to push the envelope on podcast advertising, initially with better data, but eventually with better technology. Imagine if advertisers knew exactly how many people listened to their ads, or better yet, who specifically listened to an episode. This will hold creators more accountable to their advertisers and ultimately make advertisers more comfortable with spending on podcasts.”

Next, we take a look at some recent online advertising numbers for Google, and another partnership it has developed to help content producers offer more to their audiences. Digiday reports, “The key numbers: Paid clicks on Google ads up by 58 percent.”

“Last month, Google said farewell to the DoubleClick brand in favor of a rebrand of its advertising tools.”

CEO Sundar Pichai cited some measures for attracting small business advertisers, saying, “Small business owners love the simplicity and the results.” This was particularly stated while referencing Google’s new responsive search ads and local campaigns.

The article also mentioned Google’s continued commitment to YouTube. “Google wants to keep its creator community happy by introducing more revenue opportunities. At last month’s VidCon, the annual digital video conference, YouTube announced a partnership with TeeSpring to make it easier for creators to sell official merchandise.”

Finally, we note a change to Google ads which is coming directly from organic results listings for audience development. Search Engine Journal reports, “Google has added a new feature to paid search results that was previously displayed only in organic search snippets.”

“The new “People Also Search For” box, which was updated for organic search this past February, now appears in paid search ads.”

The article continues with information on how the listings operate. “Clicking on one of the suggestions will trigger a new search for the chosen keyword. So the feature behaves the same way as it does in organic search.”

“This is a rare case of paid search listings adopting a feature that was only available in organic search.”

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By Kim Mateus

Chief Strategy Officer

Kim Mateus is Chief Strategy Officer for Mequoda Systems and the Mequoda Systems Content Network where she oversees strategic planning for the organization's 200 plus premium subscription products. Over the past decade, she has guided the development of more than 20 subscription marketing systems including I Like Crochet Network, New England Network and Your AAA Network. She and her team maintain an exhaustive best practices database of subscription marketing techniques and business processes that she uses to advise her clients and optimize the more than 60 websites that make up the Mequoda Systems Content Network. Kim is a frequent speaker at industry events and serves on the board of the Specialized information Publishers Association.

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