Multiplatform Publishing Strategy

Are You Making the Right Choices for your Resources?

Stop wasting your money on unprofitable marketing channels

Losing subscribers without gaining new ones is a universal fear for any subscription-based organization, and rightly so. When a decrease in active subscribers leads to an overall decline in revenue, publishers may find themselves facing uncertainty about the staying power of their product, or worse: the future of their business.

But what if we told you that you don’t need to be crippled by a fear of decrease? That there is a method that can substantially increase your growth?

And what if we were there to guide you to success?

At our Subscription Marketing & Publishing Intensive, you’ll get a complete, proven method for subscription marketing and multiplatform publishing success. We’ll spend a day and a half teaching it to you in a common-sense, logical progression that leaves you in command of what you’ve just learned. (In stark contrast to those mega-conferences where you learn hot new cherry-picked publishing and marketing fads that leave your head spinning.)

You also get:

  • Multiple networking opportunities with your peers
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of tools and white papers
  • Plenty of time with me to chat about your business options and opportunities

Download the brochure and register right away while there’s still time!

Did I mention that we strictly limit the number of attendees to the Intensive to ensure that we can deliver a tight instructor-to-attendee ratio and that this remains an intimate, question-friendly event? The next Intensive is filling up fast, so register now!

Unless you’re absolutely sure you’re not wasting your resources on unprofitable marketing channels, please attend the very next Intensive to gain confidence – and greater profits.

By Don Nicholas

Chief Executive Officer

During his decades long career, Don has worked with colleagues, clients and partners to design digital publishing and marketing systems for more than 300 magazines, newsletters, memberships, clubs, and events. Don currently serves as executive publisher for Cabot Wealth Network, Food Gardening Network, Financial Freedom Federation, I Like Crochet Network, I Like Knitting Network, and Recipe Lion Clubs. His team's Haven WordPress CXMS offers publishers the industry’s most flexible and robust online publishing and marketing platform. Don and his strategy team have served as management advisors for virtually every major niche publishing company in North America including Meredith, Hearst, Trusted Media Brands, and hundreds of independent for-profit and nonprofit organizations. He has managed and led educational events for MPA, SIPA, FIPP and Harvard University. He has authored numerous books and hundreds of articles on journalism, publishing, technology and marketing. Before founding Mequoda in 2004, he served as founder and chief executive officer for Blue Dolphin Magazines and Lighthouse Communications Group. He started his media career as a journalist and producer working for the Armed Forces Network aboard the USS Enterprise. Don holds degrees and certifications in organizational management, journalism and electrical engineering from Capella University, Sacramento State University, and the United States Navy.

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