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Mequoda Systems

Membership Marketing Made Easy

Mequoda Systems partners with publishers to develop content-driven web and email marketing programs that maximize audience development, customer engagement, revenues and profits for online membership marketing systems—and Mequoda is seeking additional partners with valuable content and strong databases to launch new membership programs in 2019.

Mequoda partners who have launched web and email membership marketing programs over the last two years have seen revenues double, even triple, within 12 months. Mequoda publishing partners include Prime Publishing, Yankee Publishing, and Cabot Heritage Corporation.

Mequoda builds membership and email marketing systems for publishers with a seven-strategy approach known as CAROTME (Content, Audience, Revenue, Organization, Technology, Measurement, Economics):

Content Strategy

Mequoda develops a plan that leverages existing partner content, strategizes new content, schedules content publishing, and optimizes member contact frequency. Strategy includes clear identification of content purposing to serve both basic (free) members and premium (paid) members.

Audience Strategy

Mequoda develops plan for acquiring basic and premium members for partner that also leverages existing databases and other media assets. Strategy includes Google keyword research and website navigational taxonomy development to support membership programs.

Revenue Strategy

Mequoda reviews partner products and pricing and develops 12-month price, offer, and incentive testing plan to be executed with Six Sigma Marketing discipline. Strategy includes conversion and renewal pricing plan, membership positioning, copywriting plan, and member-retention tactics.

Organizational Strategy

Mequoda reviews partner organizational structure and identifies roles and responsibilities for integrating partner and Mequoda teams, in support of successful membership marketing systems. Strategy includes leveraging existing structure and resources to optimize performance.

Technology Strategy

Mequoda leverages for partners its proprietary state-of-the-art Haven Content Management System (CMS) in connection with Mequoda’s Customer Experience Management System (CXMS) that has the ability to integrate all web, email, social media, and fulfillment activities—including third-party systems. Strategy includes development, maintenance, and upgrade plans for new membership marketing systems and shared resources that make Mequoda’s platform a cost-effective choice for publishers of all sizes.

Measurement Strategy

Mequoda identifies partner key performance metrics, used to both track and forecast performance of new membership marketing systems. Strategy includes industry and system benchmarking, variance reporting, in-depth analysis, and recommendations and action plans for optimizing audience, revenue, and profits.

Economic Strategy

Mequoda develops for partners a 5-year financial model that combines key metrics, marketplace trends, and partner-specific situations to provide a forward forecast of basic membership, premium membership, revenue, costs, and margin.

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