Email Exchange

Marketing and publishing industry experts agree—executing email exchanges with aligned partners is a great way to quickly grow your email list. Let’s face it: SEO is still important, but it’s a long-game strategy for growing your audience. When you arrange email exchanges with aligned partners, you can instantly grow your email list with qualified names—the benefits are powerful and compelling:

  • Email exchanges are quick email-list-builders for you.
  • Email exchanges are inexpensive (just the direct email-sending cost of reciprocating an email exchange when you email your own list).
  • Email exchanges are low risk—a great way to reach like-minded demographic audience segments with your offers.
  • Email exchanges are easy to execute—provide your creative to your partner, with coded links for tracking performance; and load your partner’s creative in your email program for sending to your list. Really a win-win for everyone!
  • Email exchanges are powerful “endorsements”—with aligned partners sending your offers to their email list, you get an implied endorsement that helps boost response to your offer.

The days of renting or buying email lists are over—if that ever really worked for anyone. And scraping the internet for new names is fraught with potential problems, including being pegged as a Spammer and ruining your website and email reputation—even getting blacklisted! Email exchanges are the new, inexpensive, low-risk way to build your own email list with quality names.

Become an Email Exchange Partner with one of Mequoda’s brands, and you’ll reach highly engaged and enthusiastic consumers who love gardening, cooking, crafting, home projects, and more. Mequoda is an industry leader in promoting and executing Email Exchanges with like-minded partners, so please get on board!

And please don’t hesitate to contact us about trying an email exchange—sometimes, success can be reached simply by aligning demographics (we’ve had lists for spirituality, health and travel work well with our gardening lists! Go figure!).

Please check out our Media Kit for details on all of our audience demographics.

If you’re ready to start an Email Exchange partnership, please contact us now!

Christy Page
Sponsorship & Operations Director

P.S. And we’re available to advise and consult with you about the best types of offers that work well with email exchanges! (Hint: Not everything works well, and certain types of offers work really well!).