Become a publishing partner with Mequoda, and we’ll help you double—even triple—your publishing revenue. Our services run the gamut from planning, building, and deploying multi-platform publishing systems to managing, marketing, and optimizing systems. Here is a brief overview of our services:

Email Broadcasting & Creative Services: Mequoda uses a top-tier email platform that is cost-effective, follows industry best practices, and focuses on getting your messages past SPAM filters and into recipients’ inboxes. You can get access to this cost-efficient email management system for effectively engaging and monetizing your audience by joining our cooperative to benefit from lower email costs in a shared environment. Plus, you’ll have access to award-winning copywriters and designers to help you craft powerful email messages—services include:

  • Email subject lines that get past SPAM filters and get opened by recipients
  • Email copy that is engaging and delivers results
  • Calls-to-action that motivate recipients to act
  • Email design that is eye-catching and follows current best practices
  • Testing strategies for your email marketing that will make a difference and boost results
  • Email segmentation techniques that will help you realize new revenue from current subscribers

Website Development: Mequoda website development starts with collaborative planning that produces a blueprint for building a Haven WordPress Customer Experience Management System (CXMS). Your custom Content Management System (CMS) development will give you a system designed to help you attract new site visitors, convert visitors into email subscribers, engage your email subscribers, and monetize your audience by converting them into paying customers and subscribers. Your Haven CXMS will handle everything from content production to content marketing and content fulfillment. And once deployed, your new Haven CXMS will empower you to dominate your niche marketplace online—watch revenues and profits rise, and join other Mequoda clients who have doubled, even tripled, their revenues and profits in five years or less. All for a fraction of the cost of other custom solutions.

Website Hosting: Mequoda offers website-hosting services in a cooperative and secure environment for our clients and partners with economies of scale. Using cutting-edge technology focused on performance, security, speed, and cost-effectiveness, you can join our clients and partners with website-hosting services that maximize uptime, secure your site, and save you money.

Subscription and Membership Marketing: Mequoda’s team of veteran marketing professionals uses Six Sigma methodology to plan, execute, measure, and optimize all subscription and membership marketing programs. Combined with award-winning copywriting and design, Mequoda marketing programs help clients and partners grow audience, revenue, and profits.

Exit Strategy Facilitation: If your publishing operation is in the gardening, cooking, or crafting spaces—and you’re looking for a life change or exit strategy—please contact us. We might be interested in acquiring your operation.

And Mequoda’s executive team frequently speaks at industry events, with the goal of sharing our publishing and marketing methodology and successes—and exploring the ever-changing digital-publishing world and the challenges ahead. As active participants in industry associations, Mequoda staff are sought-after speakers for leading industry events.

Mequoda Systems Essentials Webinar

Discover a step-by-step methodology that we’ve been testing and documenting over the last 20+ years and that has helped our partners use their magazine brands, content, and resources to create highly profitable membership websites. Learn how they use organic search to drive traffic and build large databases of free email subscribers. Explore winning email frameworks that engage and retain free and paid members, and understand how web magazines and digital libraries contribute sustainable revenue growth for their magazine media businesses.

To learn more about our services, please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.