Mequoda Services Team

Mequoda Executive Team & Team Leaders

Don Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer


Don is Chief Executive Officer of Mequoda Systems and has served as a subscription marketing advisor for virtually every major U.S. magazine and newsletter publisher during a decades-long career. Under Don’s leadership, Mequoda Systems has launched more than 300 complex subscription publishing and membership marketing systems that include websites, email, social media, and fulfillment-integration functionality. Don is the author of numerous books on subscription marketing, technology, publishing, and journalism.


Kim Mateus, Chief Strategy Officer

Kim is Chief Strategy Officer and an experienced marketing professional who oversees strategic planning for all Mequoda partners, having guided the development of more than 20 subscription and membership marketing systems. Kim and her team maintain a robust best practices database of marketing techniques and business processes that helps power all Mequoda partner marketing programs. Kim’s focus on client content strategies is a natural extension of her journalism education and background.


Bill Dugan, Chief Copywriter


Bill is Chief Copywriter and a publishing industry veteran with over 30 years of membership marketing expertise. With experience in consumer and business publishing ventures, Bill brings classic direct-marketing expertise to Mequoda-powered technology in support of membership marketing systems for publishers. An accomplished and award-winning copywriter, Bill has recruited a six-member world-class copywriting team to assist with creating compelling, engaging, and successful content for Mequoda partners.


Nancy Horan, Chief Systems Officer

Nancy is Chief Systems Officer and has designed some of the most sophisticated membership systems in the industry. Nancy and her engineering team develop and deploy cutting-edge software and technology to drive success for complex systems—with a strong focus on optimal user experience, proven best practices, and system operator ease-of-use. Nancy also oversees research and development for Mequoda’s Haven Content Management System of more than 150 operating components, application protocol interfaces, and integration with third-party fulfillment systems.


Laura Pittman, Chief Operating Officer

Laura serves as Chief Operating Officer and oversees accounting, financial forecasting, and business plan development for Mequoda’s partners. Laura is chief architect of the Mequoda Subscription Marketing Model and the Mequoda Audience Development Analytics Suite. Laura and her team create custom operating forecasts for Mequoda partners, to quantify and explore the impact of creating new—and expanding existing—subscription and membership marketing systems. Laura has served as a senior executive for Blue Dolphin Group and MagazineWeek.


Eileen Shea, Content Marketing Director

Eileen is Content Marketing Director and a seasoned, top-notch direct-marketing professional with a wealth of experience in planning and managing successful programs. Eileen’s breadth of marketing experience covers both consumer and business publishing—from U.S. News & World Report to Harvard Business Review—and marketing strategy and best practices. Eileen’s keen and timely data-analytics capabilities help Mequoda partners stay on top of current trends to maximize revenue and profits.


Norann Oleson, Analytics Director

Norann is Analytics Director. She and her team of analysts are responsible for preparing and updating the Mequoda proprietary Audience Development Analytics Suite for our publishing partners. In this capacity, she oversees and performs research, creates reports, analyzes results and helps drive traffic for our partners. This makes Norann a master of data and analytics for dozens of business and consumer publishers, with an understanding of more comparable data than any single-company analyst. Norann holds a Google Analytics Individual Certification.