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Video Ads on Mobile Set to Double in 2014

An eMarketer study shows that mobile video ads are rising rapidly with no signs of slowing down, MediaPost reports.


An eMarketer study shows that video ads on mobile are rising rapidly with no signs of slowing down, MediaPost reports.

“Mobile video ads will grow 119% this year to $1.44 billion, and that compares to a strong 26.4% growth rate for online video ads, which will generate revenue of about $4.45 billion this year,” writes Daisey Whitney about the findings.

“In addition, the growth rate in mobile video ads will exceed traditional online video ads on desktops or laptops. By 2018, mobile video should hit $5.44 billion in revenue, putting it close to online video’s $6.83 billion.”

Two major factors in this explosive growth: the increasing shift in ad-buy dollars from TV to digital, with 15% of advertisers saying they’re moving their money; and the skyrocketing use of smartphones and tablets – particularly on the latter platform, according to eMarketer and MediaPost.

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By Patrick Hughes

New Media Producer

Patrick is Mequoda’s New Media Producer, and reports on digital publishing trends for Mequoda Daily. Patrick also produces all of the video content for Mequoda including Mequoda Pro, the Digital Native Survey and Mequoda Tablet Study.

Patrick co-founded and operated a video production company called Visual Post in Rhode Island for several years and now runs BuzzFarmers, where he has produced videos and consulted on video production for The New York Times Company,,, MetLife, United Way, BET, Bosch, Klondike, Kids Discover Magazine, Northstar Travel Media and Healthcare Resources Online.

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