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Native Advertising Is Medium’s Next Challenge

Patrick Hughes

Ev Williams’ Medium, the long-form publisher that launched as a platform, is making its move into monetization by partnering with BMW on a native advertising package.   Continue

The 5 Best White Hat SEO Techniques

Amanda MacArthur

How to avoid black hat SEO practices while embracing a respectable standard of journalism

There is a growing trend where media reporters are investigating why certain websites rank so well.

If foul play is afoot, these reporters expose the black hat SEO practices and the offending websites typically feel the consequences. Google has penalized JCPenny, Overstock and, most recently, Demand Media for using black hat SEO practices.   Continue

How Bloomberg Digital Is Defining Itself

Patrick Hughes

In its effort to establish a “Web-friendly, mainstream digital presence,” Bloomberg Media is making significant hires and building digital properties at a breakneck pace, Digiday reports.   Continue

Larger iPhone 6 Could Mean New Publisher Apps

Patrick Hughes

Talking New Media examines the potential impact that a larger iPhone 6 – with displays measuring up to 5.5 inches diagonally – might have on digital publishers’ plans for native apps on smartphones, as many magazines have historically relied on replica or universal apps from the iPad and other mobile devices.   Continue

Evergreen Content: Seven Tips From Ad Age

Patrick Hughes

In what is likely a good example of it, Ad Age recently ran a piece on producing evergreen content, providing tips and a “quick checklist” toward attracting better visitors and advertisers through stronger search and social. Mequoda Members have long known about the benefits of refurbished and repurposed articles, and it’s always good to get another take.   Continue

Digital Magazine Marketing: 6 Ways to Promote your Digital Magazine

Ed Coburn

If you’re making plans for your own digital publication, it behooves you to also plan how to make money from it with strategic digital magazine marketing.

After all, buying a list and mailing a big direct mail package, in hopes of getting a bunch of people to subscribe as we all did in the old print days, is rather like trying to sell 21st-century tablets themselves at an old-fashioned general store where hardware, ladies’ hats and pickles all shared the same space, and the proprietor fetched everything on your list, then wrapped up your purchases in brown paper and twine.   Continue

Kim: Promoting Content Is Imperative for Publishers

Patrick Hughes

SimpleReach CEO Edward Kim writes in a recent Ad Age column that digital publishers must transcend the “analog values” that inform a prevailing aversion to paid promotion of content. Kim asserts that the opportunity cost of relying on word of mouth and earned distribution of articles is too high.


Magazine Logos Are Trending Smaller

Patrick Hughes

While digital publishers experiment with website design features like “sticky” navigation menus and infinite scrolling, one element is being overlooked or overplayed, depending on your perspective: logos.   Continue

Cross-Device Retargeting Important for Success

Patrick Hughes

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 11.29.02 AM

Among Bhumika Dadbhawala’s three tips for effective cross-device – or, as Mequoda Members know it, multiplatform – publishing is the ability to retarget for advertisers and leverage data to add more value to your content.   Continue

The Many Platforms of Multiplatform Publishers

Don Nicholas

Even the smallest of magazine publishers publish on two platforms: their magazine and their website.

Mequoda publishers typically publish five to six different platforms, and within those platforms, many more sub-platforms.

Based on the fact that every platform has completely different user experiences, we came up with our idea of what this looks like, and we call it the niche media user experience dashboard — that is, what users get out of the many different platforms.   Continue

Last Chance! Review a FREE Handbook, Win an iPad!

Amanda MacArthur

Did you know we’ve released four free publishing best practice handbooks this year and that there are just six days left to review one if you want to win an iPad?

These aren’t short little handbooks, either. These are large and in-charge 100+ page handbooks loaded with all of our best practices in multiplatform publishing, digital magazine   Continue

Storytelling in Advertising Important for Online Readers

Patrick Hughes

Keith J. Kelly reports in a recent New York Post Media Ink column that two-thirds of online readers are looking for advertising that tells a story rather than pushing a product, according to an Interactive Advertising Bureau and Edelman Berland study. The results were based on data from 5,000 respondents.   Continue