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NewFronts Brings Publishers, Ad Buyers Together

Patrick Hughes

Next week will witness 21 companies try to woo media buyers at NewFronts with a showcase of content, format, and programming.   Continue

NatGeo Kids Leads the Way in Reaching Next Generation

Patrick Hughes

Publishers are more evenly distributing resources among print, web, and mobile in order to attract more young readers, and one magazine in particular is providing a shining example.   Continue

Forbes Media is Still Winning the Subscription Website Publishing Wars

Ed Coburn

With the recent release of AAM’s biannual circulation data, it’s time to take a look not at circulation, but at the overall health of U.S. magazines’ multiplatform publishing efforts. In Mequoda world, we have a little number we call the Online Media Index (OMI) that measures just that, and the results are   Continue

LinkedIn Publishing Operations Accelerate

Patrick Hughes

Now, more than ever, LinkedIn is living up to its name.

The networking mega-platform is launching an initiative to connect content with advertising, including partnerships with such publishers as Atlantic Media, Bloomberg, CBSi, and IDG. At their core, the partnerships will involve the promotion of stories and targeted ads, with LinkedIn as the conduit.   Continue

Mobile Ad Best Practices From MediaPost

Patrick Hughes

With 91% of American adults – more than 250 million people – owning a cell phone, and upward of a third of Internet users preferring theirs as a browsing device, mobile ads are more relevant than ever. The opportunity is golden: Revenue reached $18 billion in 2013, as 80% of users say they downloaded an app after viewing a mobile ad, while 67% visited an advertiser’s site.   Continue

Vogue Expansion Includes Staff, Redesign

Patrick Hughes

Women’s Wear Daily reports that is revamping its site for the first time since 2010. The new and improved will debut during New York Fashion Week in September.   Continue

How to Perform a Twitter Audit

Amanda MacArthur

Many companies think that the number of followers they have equals their influence in the Twitter ecosystem, but that’s the furthest metric from the truth.

Although Klout has its lovers and its haters, this social media “score” actually tells you more about your social impact than any other algorithm. We know this, because it accurately rates the most influential accounts with the highest numbers. What gives someone a good Klout score?   Continue

The Rise of Magazine Memberships

Patrick Hughes

Today, Digiday studied the premium subscription plans of heavyweight publishers upon the debut of Slate’s membership program.   Continue

Web Ad Revenue Outpaces Broadcast

Patrick Hughes

Digital advertising revenue in 2013 was higher than broadcasting’s for the first time, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.   Continue

Magazine Values Increase Over Time

Patrick Hughes

Unlike other platforms’, magazines’ worth rise as the years go by. Think about it: Your first DVD player is a piece of junk these days, but the first issue of Playboy has gone from 50 cents to $4,000.   Continue

Who’s Winning the Tablet Magazine Wars?

Ed Coburn

It’s not who you might think

Now that AAM is allowing publishers to report their tablet magazine circulation separately, it’s become possible to track those who are leading the way in this small but growing segment.

And the news is startling.

We compiled the Mequoda 25 Top Tablet Magazines drawing on those magazines reporting their digital circulation to   Continue

Hearst Takes ‘Hacker Mentality’ to R&D

Patrick Hughes

Rather than dedicating budget space to a traditional research and development department, Hearst is leading the charge among mega-publishers on decentralizing its efforts in digital innovation.   Continue