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Bauer Media U.S. Focuses on Digital Publishing

Patrick Hughes

Bauer Media U.S. has created a new division that focuses intently on digital publishing assets, reports MedaPost.

The new division, being called Bauer Xcel Media, is headed by present Christian Baesler.   Continue

E-Commerce Brand Publishes Second Print Magazine Edition

Patrick Hughes

Multiplatform publishing is about harnessing the power of many viable channels. Although the trend over the last few years has been about print publishers turning into digital publishers, some digital lifestyle brands are going the opposite direction by launching print products.   Continue

Audience Development: Magazines and Millennials Do Mix

Patrick Hughes

Traditional publishers are still attracting younger generations, reports Digiday. With the data from ComScore, Digiday performed a comparison between brands popular with millennials and major legacy publishers.   Continue

Website Affordance and Usability Tips To Make Users Feel Smart

Ed Coburn

Make your users feel smart by designing a website that works exactly how it’s supposed to

Want to know a great way to confuse, distract and drive away new users? Design a website like a print ad. Go ahead, throw underlines under things that aren’t hyperlinks. Overdesign your button graphics so that nobody knows that they’re clickable. While you’re at it, make it as hard as possible for someone to figure out how to get from one page to the next. Design it like a maze that only the really, really smart people can figure out.

Or… design your site the way your users expect and want you to.

According to our Website Homepage Design Basics white paper, Proper affordance means that something that is linked should look like it is—and that which is not linked should have no underlining or color-coding. Good affordance means that you aren’t making the user mouse-over the page looking for links. Good affordance also requires a website publisher to understand how different age groups expect a website to behave.

In summary, “affordance” is a term that simply means that something does what it looks like it will do, or behaves in the way that you think it should behave. If you see a round doorknob, for example, you expect it to turn.   Continue

Publishers Redesign Websites for Modern Appeal

Patrick Hughes

Three major publishers have made website design changes. Quartz, Fortune, and Bloomberg have all updated their websites to grab more attention and keep users more engaged.   Continue

Is Pinterest Becoming Even More Important for Publishers?

Patrick Hughes

The image-heavy publishers among us have turned to Pinterest to build community and web traffic. Now, the social network is becoming more valuable, as an analytics dashboard has been introduced.   Continue

Digital Advertising Revenue Increases

Patrick Hughes

With the usage of mobile consistently increasing (it now accounts for 30 percent of web traffic), it only seems fitting that digital advertising revenue would be increasing, too.   Continue

13 Examples of Professional Email Subject Lines

Amanda MacArthur

If you could, you’d hire a professional email subject line writer. You would, because you depend on your email list to sell magazine subscriptions or ads to advertisers, so smashing together 50-100 characters on the fly every day is a stinky approach to accomplishing those goals.   Continue

New Editorial Direction for ‘Playboy’s’ Digital Presence

Patrick Hughes

Believe it or not, Playboy’s new editorial strategy for its digital editions is about written content.

With this change, it appears that Playboy’s focus is going to be more about lifestyles — with a focus on entertainment and nightlife.   Continue

‘NY Times’ Branching Out with Digital Offerings

Patrick Hughes

The New York Times has brought a variety of options to its digital offerings, including smartphone and tablet apps, plus apps like NYT Now and NYT Opinion.

Now, New York Times is getting a bit more creative.   Continue

‘Travel + Leisure’ Gets a New Editor

Patrick Hughes

Major digital publishers want editors who have digital knowledge in addition to their editorial expertise. It’s also helpful when a new digital editor joins a publishing where there’s already familiarity.   Continue

Magazine Pricing Still an Opportunity for Improvement

Ed Coburn

Magazine pricing strategy has certainly evolved quickly over the past year. In 2013, we still believed that universal pricing was the best way to handle print, website and tablet products. Today, we’ve evolved our own thinking and our new Best Practice is decoy pricing, which requires different prices for different products.   Continue