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Time Magazine Website Sees Success With Continuous Scrolling

Patrick Hughes’s bounce rate is down 15% since adopting continuous scrolling for its content, the Poynter Institute reports. In addition, after its March redesign, the site saw a 21% jump in visitors reading a second piece of content.   Continue

Brian Fitzgerald of Evolve Media on Viewability

Patrick Hughes

Ad Week recently interviewed Evolve Media President Brian Fitzgerald about his company’s development of INGage, a product that addresses brands’ concerns about viewability in the wake of the Media Ratings Council’s recent lift of its ban on video metrics.   Continue

Magazine Reading Experience Desirable for Digital

Patrick Hughes

More and more, digital content providers are emulating magazines in both presentation and hiring practices in order to better impress readers and advertisers.   Continue

5 Ways Digital Publishers Generate Revenue

Ed Coburn

The digital revolution not only makes content more accessible; it offers additional ways to generate revenue

Have the changes in digital magazine publishing created new revenue generating opportunities for you?

Those opportunities may exist for many digital publishers, even if they don’t realize it due to other focuses.   Continue

Cosmo Video Channel Launches

Patrick Hughes

Hearst Digital Studios has unveiled its first offering: a subscription video channel through its property Cosmopolitan. CosmoBody will cost $9.95 per month, and will feature fitness and lifestyle content produced in collaboration with Mark Burnett’s Vimby Studios, Folio: reports.   Continue

Steven Kotok on’s Record-Setting Traffic

Patrick Hughes is shattering traffic numbers. According to comScore, the site drew 7.7 million unique visitors in May. For its part, Google actually registered 10 million uniques. The success has come largely from a two-pronged approach.   Continue

Forbes Family Sells Majority Stake to IWM

Patrick Hughes

The Forbes family announced late last week that it will sell a majority stake of Forbes Media LLC to the international investment firm Integrated Whale Media, led by Integrated Asset Management and based in Hong Kong. The family will retain a “significant” stake, and will still be involved in the company.   Continue

How to Discover Your Multiplatform Media Assets

Don Nicholas

Most of the publishers I work with are rich with content assets.

If they’re not rich with revenue, it’s usually because they don’t know how to leverage those assets. Efficiency is key to success in a multiplatform publishing environment. Before you can design a system that minimizes manpower and maximizes automation, you need to do a thorough inventory of your content assets.   Continue

Freebie Friday: Review a Free Handbook, Win an iPad!

Amanda MacArthur

Happy July! Did you know we’ve released four free best practice handbooks this year?

These aren’t short little handbooks, either. These are large and in-charge 100+ page handbooks loaded with all of our best practices in multiplatform publishing, digital magazine publishing, audience development and subscription websites.

We’re so proud of these handbooks, and we know they will   Continue

Native Ads Now a Priority for Time Inc.

Patrick Hughes

Magazines like Entertainment Weekly, Money, Food & Wine, and Real Simple will get a boost from parent Time Inc.’s new native ads unit. The eight-person team will handle sponsored content for all of Time Inc.’s 25 properties, Ad Age reports. Sports Illustrated’s Chris Hercik will lead the editorial side, while Priya Narang will head up the business side.   Continue

Homepage Maintenance: How Top Sites Handle It

Patrick Hughes

As publishers wrestle with engagement for visitors coming in from the side doors of search and social, some are focusing resources on their homepages, which the most loyal readers still use as access points.   Continue

Evergreen Content: Publishers’ Renewable Resource

Patrick Hughes

Publishers like New York Magazine and Business Insider are finding out what Mequoda Members have known for a while: Updating and repackaging content is a strong strategy.   Continue