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Download Our Four Best Practice Handbooks for Publishers – Free!

Amanda MacArthur

Have you heard the word on our newest digital publishing handbooks?
Well, the feedback is in, and we’re happy to say that our 2014 digital publishing handbooks are a hit! Have you read them yet? Here are are some of our fabulous new reviews (thank you – we’re blushing!):
“I feel inspired to put renewed focus and   Continue

Vine For Digital Publishing

Patrick Hughes

Vine sees a lot of activity on its site. The six-second video app has seen over one billion loops, and is making changes to its functionality so digital publishers and brands can get more involved.   Continue

Facebook’s Ad Revenue Grows

Patrick Hughes

Facebook has consistently seen growth in mobile advertising over the past six months. And although Google is still making much more overall advertising money, Facebook’s growth is quite impressive.   Continue

Interstitial Ads For Digital Publishers

Patrick Hughes

As mobile advertising continues to boom, some data is popping up on the effectiveness of interstitial ads — the units you may have seen taking over your entire screen from time to time.   Continue

8 Subscription Website Homepage Ideas for Audience Engagement

Ed Coburn

These subscription website homepage ideas will help you provide a better user experience through website design

Mequoda has long quantified its own best subscription website homepage ideas, which we put into action with all of our clients. Having recently launched two brand-new websites and re-launched a third, this is an excellent opportunity to show you how we put our subscription website homepage ideas into action.   Continue

The Latest Publishing Trend: Digital-Only Magazines

Ed Coburn

But would going all-digital be good, bad or ugly for you?
It’s become almost a weekly occurrence: News that some publisher or other, struggling to stay afloat, has decided the answer is to shut down its print product in favor of publishing a digital magazine only.

Newsweek was one of the more prominent names to take part   Continue

Information For Mobile Publishers

Patrick Hughes

Digital publishers who are focusing on providing a great experience for mobile users should pay attention to some of the data coming out on the audience.   Continue

Metrics On Time-Based Advertising

Patrick Hughes

Digital Content Next has taken a deep look into time-based metrics for the publishing industry. The company has shared its findings in a new report entitled How Time-Based Measurement is Grabbing Digital Publishers’ Attention.   Continue

Digital Publishers Focus On Time Spent

Patrick Hughes

Digital publishers are always looking for the best ways to utilize revenue streams. In the realm of digital advertising, many are starting to turn towards time-based metrics.   Continue

The Best Paid and Free Press Release Sites

Amanda MacArthur

Our list of the best PR websites to submit your press releases for maximum SEO and traffic opportunities   Continue

Bonnier Updates Digital Magazine

Patrick Hughes

Bonnier is moving its digital magazines from Mag+ to Adobe DPS, and its most recent update goes to American Photo.   Continue

The New York Times Co. Buys Into Blendle

Patrick Hughes

Blendle is an online newsstand that allows audience members to buy single articles. It operates within the same concept as iTunes, which charges a buyer per song purchased.   Continue