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Freebie Friday: New Digital Magazine Study Shows Publishers What Consumers Want

Amanda MacArthur

Consumers love digital magazines, while publishers proceed with very different strategies
Four years after Apple introduced the iPad and a floundering magazine industry latched on for dear life, consumers value digital magazines more than ever, have firm opinions on what they like about digital magazines – and are adamant that digital editions should cost less than   Continue

Growth & Success With Mobile Ads

Patrick Hughes

Mobile ads aren’t just popular in America; we’re seeing mobile ad growth all over the world, especially in the money being spent on them.

How Digital Magazine Editions Are Being Designed

Patrick Hughes

How do you design your digital magazine editions? Many digital publishers took to creating replica editions of their digital magazines so a lot of attention wasn’t placed into the design of the digital magazine. However, we’re now seeing more digital magazines being designed in landscape.   Continue

Digital Video Consumption Of US Internet Users

Patrick Hughes

The growth of digital video is palpable for many digital publishers. Video can be a desirable addition to content offerings, as digital video is being consumed on a variety of devices.   Continue

How Does Your Email Conversion Rate Compare to Other Publishers?

Ed Coburn

The number of website visitors you convert into email subscribers is your email conversion rate (ECR). Your ECR is a simple ratio: The number of unique visitors that come to your website during a 30-day period, divided into the number of visitors who join your database by signing up to receive your free email newsletter during that same 30-day period.   Continue

Amazon Updates Kindle Reading App

Patrick Hughes

Right in time for the holidays, Amazon has released an update to its Kindle reading app for iOS. This update adds the Book Browser to the iPad app.   Continue

New Digital Magazine Launched For Web First

Patrick Hughes

The Doctrine Magazine is launching from the UK music website Spiral Earth. This digital-only magazine was designed with the web in mind, and iOS app version secondly.   Continue

New Branding Campaign Coming For Time Inc.

Patrick Hughes

Time Inc., a major publisher or popular magazines like Time and Sports Illustrated, will be working on a new branding campaign come 2015.   Continue

Nail SEO Copywriting in 2015 and Prove Keywords Are Still Relevant

Amanda MacArthur

After the early years of SEO copywriting, every guru on the Internet suddenly decided that SEO copywriting no longer means including keywords in your copy because it’s not natural and Google only rewards natural copywriting.
Oops, I just made the mistake of writing a completely natural sentence with the keyword phrase SEO copywriting in it twice. Will I go to Google jail?

You tell me. By including a keyword phrase twice in one sentence, have I made that sentence unnatural? Of course not. And yet if I took the advice of some gurus out there, I’d rush back and change one of those phrases to search engine optimized copywriting or something even more awkward and unnatural.   Continue

‘Politico’ Expands Into Europe

Patrick Hughes

In September, Politico announced it would expand through partnership by creating a European version of its political news site.   Continue

Interesting Information on Cross-Device Targeting

Patrick Hughes

How do you successful drive sales and build your audience online? Different strategies are needed than many traditional print publishers recognize.   Continue

Bloomberg Digital Publications To Combine

Patrick Hughes

Bloomberg is developing a major digital publishing powerhouse as it sets to merge Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg News.   Continue