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Freebie Friday: Discover 60 Digital Publishing Secrets for Making Millions Online

Amanda MacArthur

It’s Friday again and we’re here with a freebie that we really want you to take advantage of.

Multiplatform Publishing Strategy: 60 Digital Publishing Secrets for Making Millions Online documents a seismic shift of historic proportions in our industry. You may be contemplating your own path into digital publishing and feeling a bit like Dorothy stepping over the threshold into Oz!

In our in-depth case studies, this report reveals the key concepts used successfully by digital publishing companies as diverse as …

Meredith Publication Adding Product Line

Patrick Hughes

Multiplatform expansion is a wonderful opportunity for publishers who are able to build a comprehensive audience. We’ve seen the process start as digital publications and move to print magazines, or for completely digital entities to start offering physical products.   Continue

Forbes Moves To Data Analytics

Patrick Hughes

Major publishers have an opportunity to supply other businesses with services. This is a great way to develop a new revenue stream and Forbes is the latest publisher to offer a new service to business clients.   Continue

‘InStyle’ Gets A New Publisher

Patrick Hughes

Another major magazine is shaking up its staff, and it seems that the move may be to get more closely aligned with the evolving digital aspect of the publication.   Continue

Usability Testing: 5 Heat Map Tracking Tools to Watch What Your Visitors Do

Ed Coburn

Supplement your analytics with some cool visuals from online heatmap tracking tools

When I was at my Google Analytics training in Montreal this past December, there was only one thing our Google Analytics coach thought could really be improved in terms of the website analytics package. This is the site-overlay feature.   Continue

MPA Releases Social Media Report

Patrick Hughes

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) has released a report on social media activity, reports Talking New Media.   Continue

Top Technology For Digital Marketers

Patrick Hughes

Digital marketers have a lot of technical resources to help them collect and utilize data, but which technology is most valuable?   Continue

Digital Publisher Adds To Its Portfolio

Patrick Hughes

We always keep an eye on the major publishers to see how they approach the digital environment. Meredith is continuing to make moves as it has acquired a new website.   Continue

3 Email Subject Line Formulas Proven To Increase Open Rates

Amanda MacArthur

Getting your emails opened is the most crucial part of email copywriting

A couple of weeks ago, we recieved tons of great feedback, retweets and love for an article we wrote called 4 Email Subject Lines That Are Proven to Get Opened. In the article, I used MailChimp’s subject line suggester to test some of our favorite email subject line formulas against the tool.

We learned that “how to make” has the highest conversion rates of all the “how to” subject lines. We also learned that the word “why” has an incredibly great open rate in general, but using “5 reasons why” is practically guarantee to get you an open.

Today I decided I was going to try and test some of the subject lines that have come into my email inbox recently. By testing them with Mailchimp, we can see how the publisher would be able to increase their open rates.   Continue

Digital Marketers Moving Towards Programmatic

Patrick Hughes

Are you surprised at how quickly the adoption of programmatic advertising is moving? eMarketer is reporting on a survey conducted by Chango. According to the article, out of marketers in North America and the UK, 75% are already using programmatic ads. 18% of that includes marketers who have been using programmatic advertising for more than two years.   Continue

‘New York Times Magazine’ Focuses On Sundays

Patrick Hughes

It’s being reported by Ad Age that the editor-in-chief and publisher of the New York Times Magazine are visiting CMOs and agency execs to share the news that the Sunday edition is getting major attention.   Continue

Twitter’s New Attempts To Build Audience

Patrick Hughes

As a publicly traded entity, Twitter has a significant reason to build its user group, which includes turning casual visitors into registered users.   Continue