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Meredith Offering New Multiplatform Publishing

Patrick Hughes

Connected TV is getting popular these days, and expected to continually grow in popular, with a prediction that 75% of TVs will be internet-connected by 2017. This information is discussed in an article from InContext, which also reports on Meredith’s launch of Better Homes and Gardens streaming on Connected TV.   Continue

Mobile E-commerce Huge With Email

Patrick Hughes

Walk around in a crowded place for a bit and you’ll see the penetration that mobile devices have had. Smart phones are used all over to inform and entertain. Tablets are used in home for similar reasons, and then some. Now, we’re seeing some new data associated with this usage.   Continue

‘California Sunday’ Utilizes Multiplatform Content Marketing

Patrick Hughes

California Sunday is an interesting magazine that’s launching with a multiplatform sensibility this October. The monthly magazine will be offered in print, online and for mobile, and will feature some content marketing initiatives that aren’t seen from every other digital publisher.   Continue

How to Be a Better Keyword Density Checker

Amanda MacArthur

Get more page one rankings in Google by being a better keyword density checker for your business

Our SEO process has several layers that starts with keyword research and ends with article marketing and an accompanying white paper. Somewhere in the middle of this process we take what we see as a great keyword and drop it into the article or landing page that we’re writing.   Continue

Digital Publishing Not Just for Publishers Anymore

Patrick Hughes

Brands are turning into publishers these days, because the Internet allows them to distribute high-quality easily and often. Of course, they have to know the best practices for doing so, but once brands get armed with the right tools, they can become successful digital publishers.   Continue

Facebook for Publishers: Will Facebook Become More Valuable?

Patrick Hughes

Facebook may be releasing a content-recommendation initiative, reports Digiday. If this is the case, the social media giant will be following the moves of other socially-involved websites like Yahoo and Google.

‘Macworld’ to be Only a Digital Magazine

Patrick Hughes

Macworld is ending its print edition after its November issue, reports NY Post. This will cap 30 years as a print publication.

Although Macworld is ending its print edition in the US, print additions will still be published overseas.   Continue

Digital Magazine Publishing 101: Free Apps Need Some “There” There

Ed Coburn

What kind of apps do people want? Not the kind you’re probably delivering right now. As the first wave of digital magazine apps has passed, we’ve discovered one thing: People hate apps with nothing in them.

And yet, the vast majority of digital magazine apps available today are nothing more than a retail outlet for single copies and subscriptions!

They are labeled as free, but have nothing to offer unless a purchase is made within the app. This practice is the reason why so many magazine apps have low ratings, as can be witnessed by reading the reviews.

New Editor-in-Chief Selected at Maxim

Patrick Hughes

Kate Lanphear, the previous style editor of The New York Times’ T, has been selected as the new editor-in-chief for Maxim, reports NY Post.   Continue

Overall, Paid Ads Convert Better Than Organic Ads on Social Media

Patrick Hughes

Are you surprised by the title of this article? Some would believe that organic ads work better than paid, but according to eMarketer, that isn’t the case.   Continue

World’s Largest Paywall Providers Teaming Up

Patrick Hughes

Press+, a major supplier of paid content paywalls for U.S. sites, has been purchased by 3TS Capital Partners and will be joined with its paywall property Piano Media, reports Folio.   Continue

The Four Foundational Multiplatform Building Blocks

Don Nicholas

Mequoda Multiplatform Publishers build profitable Mequoda Pyramids with a Mequoda Matrix as their guide and a Mequoda Portal as their foundation…
Over the past several weeks, we’ve rolled out a foundation of what we consider the most essential building blocks of a multiplatform publishing system. We believe that by using these building blocks, any publisher can   Continue