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Freebie Friday: Audience Development Strategies That Have Helped Publishers Make Millions

Amanda MacArthur

This handbook takes you from the big picture of building an audience to the minute but critical details website architecture that helps you build email lists. You’ll learn how the most successful publishers optimize entire sites for Google, from picking keywords to writing optimized content.   Continue

New Digital Partnership Brings Peanuts Into Digital Publishing

Patrick Hughes

One of the wonderful benefits of the digital environment is the opportunity to revive older forms of media and bring them to a new audience.

Daily Time Spent Consuming Media

Patrick Hughes

It’s always nice to see how much media consumption is taking place in areas where your audience exists.

Programmatic Advertising For Digital Publishers

Patrick Hughes

Programmatic advertising is growing in the digital marketing world, and that world coincides closely with the digital publishing industry. Do you know what programmatic advertising is or how it can impact your business?   Continue

Sovereign Publishing Unites Four Different Publications with Launch of Warfare History Network

Ed Coburn

Profitable combination of direct marketing, fulfillment, advertising and content expertise hits one out of the park
Some of you might be familiar with our favorite publisher, Rose Harper. Of course Rose isn’t a real publisher – she’s someone we invented as the embodiment of a typical publisher who we use as an example in teaching our   Continue

Where Digital Ads Are Most Effective

Patrick Hughes

Do you know where your digital ads are the most effective? This is something that digital publishers and digital marketers have considered, if they have taken the effort to create and disseminate such ads.   Continue

Meredith Relaunches ‘Fitness Magazine’ Website With Improved Design

Patrick Hughes

When major publishers like Meredith realize that a majority of website traffic is coming via mobile devices, a change is coming.

How The Onion Finds Digital Publishing Success

Patrick Hughes

Digital publishing success is based on a few things, with audience being a major factor. You have to find your audience, make sure they know you exist, and present them with the right kind of content.   Continue

Audience Development: Definition & Purpose

Amanda MacArthur

The true audience development definition requires maximum outreach while retaining results for future sales

Just like “inbound marketing” was the buzzword of the online marketing industry last year, “audience development” begins to grow in popularity. HubSpot coined the term “inbound marketing”, which basically means bringing customers to you.

Last week we asked what is audience development? Just like “inbound marketing” has been a buzzword over the past few years, “audience development” begins to grow in popularity.

HubSpot coined the term “inbound marketing,” which basically means bringing customers to you that are already in your niche, rather than sending out direct mail and going to trade shows, of which the methods are expensive and have a lower return on your investment.   Continue

Yahoo Launches Digital Magazine

Patrick Hughes

A new DIY digital magazine is hitting the web and it comes straight from Yahoo. TheWrap has the story.   Continue

A Look At Consumer Magazine Stats

Patrick Hughes

Folio is sharing data collected from The 2014 Consumer Magazine CEO Survey.

E-Commerce Will Grow For Conde Nast

Patrick Hughes

Franck Zayan, the president of e-commerce at Conde Nast, recently discussed plans for a large line of e-commerce products coming from the major publishing brand.   Continue