Articles by Mary Van Doren

The Periodical Subscription Website Business Model

The periodical website archetype is often associated with newspaper brands and other news periodicals that include trade papers like Computerworld and Variety. Periodical subscription websites may also be called news sites,  

The Newsletter Subscription Website Business Model

The newsletter subscription website model is simple, clean and editorially-focused Newsletter publishers, particularly those on the B-to-B side but also those with consumer titles in the finance and health fields, were  

Your Subscription Website is Not a Magazine

As Don likes to say, your magazine is not a website. And your website is not your magazine. In fact, your subscription website isn’t even a website. It’s actually three websites:  

Now Available: Landing Page Inspiration

Look no further than these 11 examples to make your landing pages wildly successful Whether you’re selling a product or hoping to trade a free report for an email address, your  

Landing Pages that Rock your Customers’ World

For successful landing pages, best practices are mandatory At Mequoda, we never guess. Over many years of testing, we’ve developed proven best practices for just about everything. In fact, when it  
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