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Author: Mary Van Doren

Mary Van Doren
Lead Copywriter, Mequoda Group, LLC

As Lead Copywriter of Mequoda Group, Mary is responsible for developing marketing copy and design for clients including the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, The Dark Intelligence Group and MPL Communications. Mary directly tutors clients in SEO content marketing. She  has more than three decades of experience in the field in both marketing and journalism.

Writing career: With 15 years as a journalist and 16 more in marketing, Mary is an experienced strategist and copywriter in B2C, B2B and B2I for all online and offline formats. Her first marketing experience began with the Promotions Department at Academic Press in London. After returning to the U.S., Mary turned to newspaper reporting and editing for local newspapers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, before switching to marketing copywriting for Don Nicholas and Blue Dolphin Group. Her seven years there included stints as senior copywriter and VP for Creative Services, developing concept, copy and direct mail packages for both B2B and B2C publishers, and managing a staff of writers and designers.

Diverse experience: After a move to Connecticut, Mary did contract writing for New York Life Insurance Co., and then spent five years as Chief Copywriter for Elsevier Business Intelligence, marketing publications, databases and conferences to C-suite executives in biopharma, devices and diagnostics. During this time she also launched an online business selling hand-crafted items, which led to serious study of SEO and other online marketing skills. Her training as a journalist allows her to become an overnight expert in any subject matter in order to be an effective copywriter to many different audiences. Her position as Lead Copywriter at Mequoda marks her second tour of duty with Don Nicholas.

Education: Mary has a BA degree in history with highest honors from Kenyon College, and spent a somewhat riotous junior year studying English history at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.

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