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Dear Email Marketer,

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  1. Does your email list contain at least 100,000 email addresses?
  2. Do you want to increase your email open rates and customer engagement?
  3. Do you want to sell more using a robust email marketing system and program?
  4. Do you currently pay more than $1 per one thousand emails sent?

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Yes, I want my FREE 60-minute email marketing services consultation!

Your Mequoda Gold Membership starts with a FREE 60-minute consulting session, and your membership pricing is based on your email broadcasting volume—here are the benefits reserved especially for email marketers like you:

Summary of Mequoda Gold Member Email Benefits

Your Price

60-minute consulting session to review your current email marketing program and pricing


One-year Mequoda Gold Membership

Pricing depends on your email broadcasting volume

Instant beneficiary of email-broadcasting buying power—get the optimal email pricing of Mequoda clients, pricing you could never get on your own


Immediate access to the Haven Email Marketing System—including improved in-box delivery; advanced segmentation targeting and dynamic content delivery; robust APIs available; maximum up-time; and speed of delivery and database queries


Access to the Mequoda client cooperative’s email marketing best practices, benchmarking, and email optimization strategies


Shared labor and human resources in support of your own effective email marketing program


Access to Mequoda’s Email Campaign Management services. Comprehensive and integrated services are available and include:

  • Email template design optimization program
  • Email messaging testing program
  • Email capture optimization program
  • Email append services
  • Landing page optimization and testing program
  • Order-abandon recovery program
  • Six Sigma email optimization program for content previews and product marketing
  • Database synchronization program
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program
  • Social Media optimization program


Whether your email list is 100,000 or more than 1 million, you can benefit from Mequoda Gold Membership and our email marketing services.

And we’ll tell you up front that the Haven Email Marketing System is not powered by Constant Contact or MailChimp—those email platforms are not Tier One platforms and have some inferior capabilities that can’t match the platform we use and recommend.

Learn more about all of this when you contact me today to schedule your FREE 60-minute consulting session—while this special invitation lasts! Claim your FREE consulting session without any further obligation, right now!

Yes, I want my FREE 60-minute email marketing services consultation!


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Kim Mateus
Chief Strategy Officer

P.S. Email is the linchpin of many digital publishing operations—you should regularly review your current email program, to be sure you’re not behind the times about email broadcasting costs or best practices—please contact me now to schedule your FREE 60-minute consulting session!