Membership Website Development

Successful Membership Marketing for Publishers—with Powerful Capstone Product Offerings

Membership capstone products for publishers, when thoughtfully developed, can help attract and retain new members that help grow lifetime value, revenue, and profits.

Mequoda Systems is on the leading edge of developing, managing, and marketing membership programs for publishers—programs that are anchored on powerful and unique capstone products. Currently, Mequoda manages more than 100 premium clubs, memberships, subscriptions, and events for our publishing partners.

Creating New, Successful Membership Capstone Products

The Internet has made it cheap, easy, and efficient to launch new streams of niche media revenue. Savvy publishers are repurposing and repositioning existing content into new membership and subscription products that leverage all the new marketing channels available online. Discover how the Internet can breathe new life into legacy products by adding digital components and opening new digital marketing channels. Here’s a look at key Mequoda partner systems and the membership marketing programs that are powered by successful capstone products:

AAA Northeast

AAA New England

A well-known consumer brand, AAA and its membership magazine are go-to resources for many drivers and travelers. Mequoda launched for AAA-Northeast its online membership program with a brand-new website that leverages all the magazine content and membership benefits for the capstone “Your AAA” membership program.

From recommendations for restaurants and travel destinations to insurance discounts and free passport photos, AAA offers a lot of membership benefits—but one of the most important benefits is its world-class roadside assistance for members that includes towing, free fuel and delivery, flat-tire service, and vehicle-lockout service. Learn more.

The American Ceramic Society

Ceramic Arts Network

When Mequoda launched The American Ceramic Society’s online brand, Ceramic Arts Network, we created a new capstone membership product that delivers all the content available to premium members—called the International Ceramic Artists Network (ICAN).

ICAN members get two magazines—both delivered in print and online—a ceramic recipes database, discounts on events and products, and an on-demand streaming video library called CLAYflicks (the folks at Netflix have given us all sorts or ideas about product branding and how to run membership business); at launch, Ceramic Arts Network’s brand-new streaming videos were simply online versions of videos that had been previously produced only as DVDs and shipped to customers. Learn more.

The Biblical Archaeology Society

Biblical Archaeology Society

The Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS)—founded in 1974—is nonprofit, nondenominational, and educational and is dedicated to the dissemination of information about archaeology in the Bible lands. BAS members include researchers and scholars and everyday people who are interested in Bible history.

Mequoda helped BAS develop and launch a unique capstone product with an All-Access Membership that includes a subscription to the flagship magazine Biblical Archaeology Review, in print and online (including a tablet edition); full access to the online BAS Library containing a searchable encyclopedia, books, 9,000+ magazine articles, and 22,000+ color images and maps; special curated collections about the people and places of the Bible; premium access to online video lectures by renowned Biblical scholars; and priority registration for educational trips and excursions to the Holy Land. Learn more.

Cabot Wealth Network

Cabot Wealth

Cabot Wealth Network, a family business established in 1970, is a trusted independent source of investing advice for consumers. And when Mequoda helped launch Cabot’s new online presence, making the full switch from print to digital was an essential step in a marketplace that demands timely data and information and on-the-spot decision-making.

Mequoda guided Cabot’s capstone membership product development, called Cabot Prime Pro, when the new online brand launched. Cabot Prime Pro members receive subscriptions to all twelve of Cabot’s investment advisories that cover every angle of individual investing. Members also receive constant communication about the changing stock market, including trade recommendations; full access to premium special reports and analysis; a registration discount for the annual Cabot Wealth Summit; and one-of-a-kind direct access to Cabot analysts for members’ specific questions about the stock market. Learn more.

Harvard Law School—Program on Negotiation

Program on Negotiation

Founded in 1983 and based at Harvard Law School, the Program on Negotiation (PON) is a consortium of Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Tufts University—with scholars and students from numerous fields of study including law, business, government, psychology, economics, anthropology, the arts, and education.

Mequoda’s online system helps PON promote activities that include conferences, seminars, research projects, publications, a film series, and an annual event honoring a Great Negotiator for singular achievements as a skilled negotiator in complex situations. Each year, over a thousand students attend PON’s negotiation courses, and instructors throughout the world depend on PON materials to teach their courses. A valuable benefit that attendees of PON’s Harvard Negotiation Institute get is a unique immersion experience that includes a very personal dinner at the faculty club with several Harvard professors and authors who lead the classes. Learn more.

I Like Crochet and I Like Knitting

Prime Publishing is a major presence in the crafting arena, and two of their crafting brands include I Like Crochet and I Like Knitting. When Mequoda helped Prime Publishing launch these premium brands online, a Gold Club Charter Membership program for each property was created to include tons of content and unique benefits.

Gold Club memberships for both I Like Crochet and I Like Knitting include a subscription to the flagship magazine; access to the searchable Library of magazine back issues; membership in the Collections Club that includes dozens and dozens of special patterns; video tutorials; special crafting tips and tricks; advertising-free content delivery; and the extra-special, can’t-be-obtained-anywhere-else exclusive patterns from recognized designers—Prime Publishing is such a player in the crafting arena that they have access to top crafting designers for creating patterns you can’t get anywhere else. Learn more about I Like Crochet and learn more about I Like Knitting.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Old Farmers Almanac

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is the oldest continuously published periodical in North America, first published in 1792 when George Washington was president. With a deep reputation—and content that’s just as deep—The Old Farmer’s Almanac was ripe for a capstone membership product that delivers it all. And that’s where Mequoda came in, to help launch The Old Farmer’s Almanac 1792 Society—a nod to the year of the founding of The Old Farmer’s Almanac by Robert B. Thomas.

Members of the 1792 Society get a hardcover copy of the annual Almanac when it’s hot-off-the-press; additional hole-drilled Almanac versions for hanging on a peg; the sought-after Garden Guide; the monthly digital magazine Almanac Extra!; and wall and desk calendars galore that feature gardening, astronomy, and the weather. You basically get every periodical and calendar published by The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Plus, a special membership gift—a dazzling Sun Catcher to hang in your favorite window. And the really unique thing that members get are 100-year-old and 200-year-old replica versions of the Almanac that are entertaining to read and are real collectors’ items, too. Learn more.


Recipe Lion

Prime Publishing is also a big presence in the food and cooking arena. And with all that content, Mequoda helped Prime Publishing launch the RecipeLion Gold Club—a capstone membership product that appeals to anyone who enjoys cooking, expert chefs and everyday cooks alike.

The RecipeLion Gold Club features professionally trained Chef Addie Gundry and all of her recipes, tips, and tricks. Premium Gold Club members get content as cooking shows to watch, including previews and a new episode every week; downloadable cookbooks and individual professionally tested recipes, with a brand-new cookbook released every week; specially curated collections, based on a single cooking topic; time-saving kitchen tips; and—to pump up the content and frequency—a digital magazine was added after launch, to deliver even more expertly tested recipes and cooking tips. Learn more.

The Successful Investor

TSI Network

The Succesful Investor (TSI) is a Canadian-based publisher of individual investing advice, headed up by recognized investing expert Pat McKeough. When TSI needed to launch its online presence, Mequoda helped develop a capstone membership product, Inner Circle Pro, that delivers great value and benefits to members.

Inner Circle Pro members get subscriptions to all seven TSI investment advisories; full access to all premium special reports; weekly Q&A email service, Pat McKeough’s invaluable stock advice; and the real special benefit—access to the Inner Circle Concierge for personalized service and to answer your questions about your membership. Learn more.

Yankee Publishing

Net England

Yankee Magazine has been around since 1935 and has developed deep bonds with anyone who cares about New England travel, destinations, food, and lifestyle. And when powering up their online presence, Yankee Publishing partnered with Mequoda to develop a capstone membership product—Yankee All-Access Charter Membership.

Yankee All-Access Charter Members get a full subscription to Yankee Magazine, in print and online; access to the searchable Yankee Travel Library & Digital Edition of over 1,500 articles, more than 90 issues, and 7,500+ gorgeous New England photos; premium curated Special Collections that focus on specific regions of New England and particular times of the year; and the real-big unique benefit—full access to the PBS-produced and Emmy-Award-winning show Weekends with Yankee. Learn more.

World Politics Review


World Politics Review (WPR) is a daily digital-only source for news and analysis of global events and trends. Founded in 2006, WPR delivers stories written by a network of leading experts and on-the-ground influencers—the substantive content gives you access to comprehensive and detailed perspectives that are as valuable as they are unique.

WPR partnered with Mequoda to launch a capstone membership product, World Politics Review All-Access Subscription. Subscriber-members get access to the full searchable library of 10,000+ articles; weekly in-depth reports, including country- and region-specific reports; daily articles with original analysis; daily links to must-read news, analysis, and opinion from top sources around the globe, curated by a keen-eyed team of editors. What really sets WPR’s membership program apart from its competitors is the digital-only focus that allows WPR to always deliver the most current news—and WPR is the only source that covers every region of the globe. Learn more.

Want to learn more about how these membership marketing programs work—or how to create your own capstone membership product with Mequoda’s help? Email Kim Mateus at and let’s chat about creating a membership marketing program to help grow your audience, grow your revenue, and grow your profits.