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Reasons to Register

There are so many reasons to attend Mequoda Summits, but here are the top six reasons to register this year:

1. Learn from (and with) the best.

Spend two or three information-packed days with some of the most sought after and innovative experts in the industry. Don Nicholas’ personable style sets the tone and invites brainstorming. His thought leadership will inspire you and his strategies can transform your business. Benefit from Mequoda’s unparalleled network of partner companies by hearing from CEOs and topic authorities across the publishing spectrum.

2. Update best practices.

Undoubtedly the most common praise we receive after a Mequoda Summit is that the instruction is extremely relevant because it stems directly from real-world experience. Learn about the newest digital strategies that you can leverage immediately to drive profits and improve performance.

3. Advance your learning.

Mequoda alumni often return every year. This program is designed to take your knowledge, skills, and expertise to the next level. For this reason, we are always happy to see old friends who have attended a Summit, class, or bootcamp in the past.

4. Make valuable contacts.

No matter how niche your publication may be, the Summit will provide opportunities to network with a senior group of peers who face similar challenges. As mentioned, many people attend the Summit every year—knowing that the networking provides a great opportunity to share ideas, knowledge, and strategies. Just bring your business cards, and let Mequoda do the rest.

5. Expect the unexpected.

Even if you’ve attended many years in a row, you can expect updated information, groundbreaking strategies, new speakers, and fresh perspectives—all designed to keep pace with advances in technology and digital trends.

6. Bring the value home.

You get digital access to all presentations and reference materials, plus related tools and white papers. These materials enhance the experience and serve as valuable reference tools long after the Summit has passed.

Mequoda’s publishing partners should call (866) 713-1005 for personal registration services.