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Step 2: Developing your System

Mequoda System Development Program 

The Mequoda System Development Program is a multidimensional process in which we help you create every facet of your new Multiplatform Media Management System, powered by the Haven Nexus CXMS. Your media management system is based on the plans we created for you during the Strategic Planning service, which include the seven components of your business: Content, Audience, Revenue, Organization, Technology, Measurement and Economics.

This complex system of many moving parts isn’t always easy to understand, because Mequoda’s methods are so finely detailed, but if you’re considering becoming a Mequoda Gold Member, you’ll want to dig into the components that our experienced team develops for you:

Content Development Program

Having inventoried your existing content in the planning stage, we now review and confirm which of the twelve content business models that Mequoda has identified should form your new business:

  • Portal Content Business Model
  • Freebie Content Business Model
  • Directory Content Business Model
  • Calendar Content Business Model
  • Community Content Business Model
  • Classified Content Business Model
  • Book Content Business Model
  • Magazine Content Business Model
  • Newsletter Content Business Model
  • Club Content Business Model
  • Course Content Business Model
  • Event Content Business Model

Your team and ours will discuss the characteristics of blockbuster minimum information units and make sure all the attributes are accurate and understood by all your content creators. Then, trained to Mequoda best practice standards and led by your Content Optimization Director, your content team creates prototypes of these MIUs that are perfectly optimized for search engines, and will provide the guidance you need to populate your new website.

Meanwhile, your Chief Strategy Advisor has created a master content calendar based on your desired publishing frequency, including a schedule for every content model and establishing derivative protocols for repurposing uses, ensuring that original content comes before the derivatives. This makes your content creation process much more efficient than a non-Mequoda program, as your base unit, the portal, is 60-80% derivative content. Using these protocols, you can produce more content than you ever imagined possible, and all of which will be loaded, along with your legacy content, into your new system to give you critical mass at the time of launch.

We then go into a soft launch phase in which all of your content is gradually exposed to the public over a two- to three-week period, so we can monitor how your audience interacts with it all before we begin the promotion phase. 

Audience Development Program

In this phase, we review all available marketing platforms, most of which are Web-centric, such as email, social media and search, and decide how we can use them to give your audience either a free (affinity) experience or paid (premium) experience. All campaigns and sources are measured individually, analyzing not just return on investment, but lifetime ROI for each customer. This allows us to make apples-to-apples comparisons for each campaign and help you make smart resource allocations.

We even dig deeper: For example, deciding which social media platforms will be best for your purposes, creating email templates and schedules specifically for you and even using the number of daily posts established in your content plan to determine how many M (marketing)-blocks you’ll have in your email available to you and any sponsors you may have.

All of this foreshadows what happens in the revenue development program to establish marketing inventory and maximize revenue and profitability. Your team will learn Mequoda’s marketing MIU definitions, how to use our MIU blockbuster scorecard in your specific campaigns, and how to echo back to your audience the language they use in searching for the information you deliver. All of this is guided by your Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Optimization Director and Analytics Director.

In the end, you’ll have a fully integrated master marketing campaign schedule in time for your marketing soft launch, which includes medium-frequency messaging through social channels, a warm-up of the email channel and finally a complete paid marketing campaign, so that everything is fully functional in time for your hard launch.

Revenue Development Program

Together we’ll review all the revenue models we’ve fine-tuned to make sure we know which ones are relevant to your new system and how they interact with each other. We’ll discuss maximizing consumer revenues through such choices as product packaging and pricing, using Mequoda’s proven contrast pricing method that encourages buyers to choose the most valuable bundle of individually-priced products you offer. Your CSA spends a lot of time with you setting up control pricing strategies including introductory offers, identifying dozens of unique offers differentiated by various combinations of term, price and incentives.

And because your revenues can be increased tenfold by doing it correctly, we establish a high-frequency marketing machine that allows you to promote a product 52 times a year – not just the typical six times – by creating something new to say to your audience every week. During this phase, we’ll also ensure that marketing copy is created to describe all your products and incentives, then schedule email, search, social, syndication and paid campaigns based on each offer.

For advertising revenue, we develop programs in which advertisers buy not just space ads but multiplatform sponsorships along with content generation services to leverage you domain expertise. We find ways to push this sponsorship model through all channels to benefit sponsors, your brand and consumers, even develop prototypes to pitch to potential sponsors just like a high-priced advertising agency would do, and identify the right packages to pitch to potential sponsors based on their spending capacity.

Consumer campaigns will be ready for your soft launch, and sponsorship campaigns are completed for hard launch, to make the best impression with your fine-tuned system.

Organizational Development Program

At this time we also review your organization model, studying your teams, their responsibilities and their interactions. We’ll create job descriptions for all positions, including ACEM-related metrics such as, for example clickthrough and open rates for an email marketing manager; and even help you decide whether the positions should be in-sourced or out-sourced. Every job description in your organization will show exactly how that role drives revenues and consumer and sponsor satisfaction.

We can also identify gaps in your talent pool and help with recruiting; engage in training and mentoring with individuals in either your organization or the Mequoda team; and even introduce your people to other successful Mequoda System operators from our pool of Gold Members.

By the time of your soft launch, you’re fully staffed, your measurement metrics system is kicking in, and your CSA is providing initial feedback, all allowing you to beginning the crucial iteration process in time for your hard launch.

Technology Development Program

Mequoda doesn’t just build a website. We build you a system, designed specifically the execute all of the custom programs described above. Your Systems Director, who understands all of these things, performs a functional review of key backend software capabilities in our unique Haven Nexus customer experience management system (CXMS) and how they work together. Your content, audience and revenue development programs are the activities you’re about to engage in, and the technology we deliver is your toolbox.

Our goal is to ensure that you can publish, promote and sell products efficiently, effortlessly and continuously. And your Systems Director will walk you through every tool in this box so you and your team can wield them effectively.

Also at this time, you’ll choose three to five mentor sites that you believe have the look and feel that are appropriate for your products and your audience – a company that has a budget much larger than yours for product development, audience development, marketing and revenue generation. Because you can have it all as a Mequoda Gold Member – development of the Haven Nexus system is shared by all Gold Members, and no one has to start from scratch.

Once you’ve chosen the best of the best, with our help and based on our continually-evolving best practices, our team develops a mockup style and creates a mockup portal for your site. Once you’ve reviewed and approved this mockup, we iterate every element into the rest of your site, again relying on our hundreds of best practices.

Meanwhile, our database team is making sure your content database is set up for maximum usability. Finally, you have a fully-operational system incorporating all of your templates and enough content to test the user experience. Your operators are trained, all of your legacy content is loaded, your member database is loaded and your Mequoda system is finally born.

Measurement Development Program 

Now your Analytics Director reviews and updates the business model that has been developed to ensure that any changes or updates are included. This is a continuous process, so that changes in tactics, strategies, pricing, sources and so on are all reflected in your business model and that your road map can accurately document our progress.

Your keyword universe, which is essential to successful audience development, is fine-tuned with the help of your Chief Strategy Advisor and content team. This allows us to lock down all the navigational structures for your website. We also review roughly 45 management reports that are associated with everything from Google visibility to content performance to revenue reporting, which allows us to build a customer report package that matches your content marketing and revenue models. Anything unique to your system will be included in a customized report.

Finally, just prior to launch, there’s a full set of benchmarks run on Google visibility at the cluster and keyword level to document and manage any changes to take advantage of momentum or fill in any shortfalls.

Economic Development Program

For some clients, the content, marketing and revenue models coming into play are clearly established, the product line is set and nothing has changed from our original plans. However, throughout the development of all the programs listed above, some assumptions or goals will change, and we spot new opportunities for revenue sources, partnerships or marketing channels. At the very highest level, your comprehensive business plan will be updated to reflect any of these changes or additions so that it perfectly reflects the economic strategy of your business. Our goal is maximizing shareholder value for you, whether you’re a startup, a non-profit or even an organization seeking a profitable exit strategy.

In short, your Mequoda team has applied its expertise and all of our best practices to create a fully functional, smoothly operating system covering everything from content development to measurement of all your metrics, and all you have to do is execute the plan we’ve created for you.

Call or email Julie Ottomano (617) 217-2559 to learn more.