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Mequoda System Essentials

Discover a step-by-step methodology that we’ve been testing and documenting over the last 20+ years that has helped our partners use their magazine brands, content, and resources to create highly profitable membership websites. Learn how they use organic search to drive traffic and build large databases of free email subscribers. Explore winning email frameworks that engage and retain free and paid members, and understand how web magazines and digital libraries contribute sustainable revenue growth for their magazine media businesses.

Mequoda System Essentials
Best Practice Review

Overview of the Mequoda System for Profitable Membership Website Publishing

The Four Core Principles of the Mequoda System

Yankee brand wheel

How Yankee Magazine Built a Successful All-Access Member Program

A new All-Access offer is to thank for the digital success of this popular regional travel and food publisher.

Mequoda System Principle #1: Attract New Customers with High Quality Content

How to leverage SEO and smart content recycling to build a loyal digital audience.

Yankee SERP
Email capture elements

Mequoda System Principle #2: Capture Permission With Generous Offers

A list of proven email capture elements to help increase your website’s email capture rate.

Mequoda System Principle #3: Engage Your Customers Early and Often

How to use a relevant and timely email newsletter strategy to increase subscriber engagement and retention.

Mequoda core system principle 3
New Englad Focus, Traveler and Shoppe slide

Mequoda System Principle #4: Monetize in Many Ways (Sponsorships)

How to monetize your digital audience with content sponsorships.

Mequoda System Principle #4: Monetize in Many Ways (All-Access Membership)

How to monetize your digital audience with content-based memberships.

Yankee Digital Library slide

Using Email Spotlights to Market Your All-Access Membership

Using Email Previews to Market Your All-Access Membership

How to Measure the Success of Your Digital Subscription Marketing Program Using NOPX

Summary of Yankee’s All-Access Membership Success

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