6 Ways We Can Help

Six Ways We Can Help You Succeed Now

How we can help you grow your business and better leverage your audience, content, and brand

Mequoda helps publishers plan, develop, operate, and optimize successful website systems. Below you’ll find the types of services we offer. If you’d like to grow your business and better leverage your audience, content, and brand to create a digital-first business strategy, schedule a FREE consultation today to discuss the possibilities.

1. Case Study Demonstrations

At our core, we are teachers. We started researching best practices for digital publishing and marketing in the late 1990s. We have now amassed a well-organized set of best practices around a methodology that can apply to any special-interest publishing business looking to be successful in the digital age. We’ve organized this research into a series of concept-driven educational modules with interchangeable case studies that allow us to create custom demonstrations to share what we’ve learned with you and your team.

2. Business Plan Development

If you’re thinking about launching a new digital product, upgrading your online marketing efforts, or overhauling your entire business, our executive team is ready to help. Over the past five years, we have collaborated with leading publishers, both large and small, to create 34 strategic business plans. Our approach is audience-centric and analytics-driven. We work with you to leverage your market data, domain expertise and organizational resources to combine with our processes, models, and benchmarks to create a plan that can launch a successful new digital product or overhaul your entire organization.

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3. Membership Website Development

Let us build your new membership website! Our premier service incorporates a state-of-the-art digital publishing and marketing platform, which integrates web, email, and fulfillment functionality to create a fully integrated customer experience management system. Haven WordPress leverages the industry’s most popular content management system by adding more than 100 marketing and publishing plug-ins and extensions, including proprietary functionality designed to support your audience and revenue growth. Our platform is managed via a central software repository, allowing us to quickly deploy revisions, updates, and new functionality to your membership website.

4. Membership Website Hosting

With your new website ready to launch, our team provides comprehensive support, maintenance and upgrades as part of a premium hosting service program. We partner with Media Temple and Amazon Web Services to host your new membership website in a scalable cloud environment that is monitored for uptime and performance 24/7/365. Our support team is available Monday-Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern to support your operators, share our best practices, and provide training to help you get the most out of your new membership website. Our maintenance team takes care of fixing both routine and complex issues while our upgrade team ensures your system is constantly updated to the newest versions of your various system components.

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5. Organic Audience Development

Increasing your website traffic and growing your free email list is key to your ongoing success, as these customer relationships drive all other monetization programs including memberships, sponsorships, and events. Our recommended audience development service package includes us writing, updating, and promoting your SEO posts via email and web, along with managing all aspects of your website email capture program. Our team would use their best practices to leverage your social media traffic, website referrals, and other media relationships. We’d meet with you monthly to share the ongoing trends using our Audience Development Analytics Suite.

6. Premium Membership Marketing

Outsource your digital subscription marketing to us! Let our team serve as a centralized marketing resource to perform every facet of running your digital marketing system. Our services include road-mapping, creative development, testing and optimization, and the deployment of all digital campaigns including email, organic media, and paid media. With specialists in all of the above areas, our services afford smaller publishers the opportunity to create marketing programs that can generate double or triple the revenue on the same marketing investment.

We’d love to explore how our expertise can help you grow your business and leverage your audience, content, and brand to create a digital-first business strategy. If you are interested in our methods and organization, please schedule a 60-minute consulting call at no charge, to discuss the possibilities.

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