What is the Mequoda Method?

What is the Mequoda Method?

What you’ll learn:

This is your introduction to the Mequoda Method – the secret weapons that some publishers have and other online players – even the most legendary names – haven’t yet discovered. This webcast delivers the elements you should be leveraging to maximize your profits.


  • Don Nicholas, Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Kim Mateus, EVP & Client Success Group Leader
  • Bill Dugan, SVP & Client Success Group Leader

Time: 3 minutes, 2 seconds

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The Mequoda Method is a process we’ve developed over the past 20 years, which allows us to harness the power of the internet for audience development and publishing.

The Mequoda Method is deployed by specialized online information publishers in categories ranging from consumer enthusiasts, topic areas to business-to-business magazine and newsletter publishers.

The Mequoda Method is a set of operating principles, sometimes we call them pillars, really guidelines, to help keep everybody in the organization on the same page about how to succeed with digital publishing.

If you think about 20 years ago what people were doing on the internet before the dot-com bust, is everybody wanted to be on the internet. Everybody wanted to have a site, and publishers in particular, were saddled with the idea that, build it and they will come. And that just doesn’t work, that’s not a workable solution online. And Mequoda developed this Method for a successful online publishing venture based on attracting visitors to websites, converting those website visitors into email subscribers, engaging with them in a relationship that was meaningful, and then monetizing that relationship. ACEM, A-C-E-M, the four pillars of the Mequoda Method.

As business systems go, it’s relatively complex. And unlike the direct marketing systems that came before it, where you could go directly to monetization, our version of life is that you can use the internet— search, email, social—to build a large database of followers, customers who you have permission to communicate with. And then, move forward from a monetization standpoint with as many as, 5, 10, 15 additional revenue models that will ultimately be the heart and soul of the economics of the business.

There’s a huge value when everybody in the organization, from the CEO down to the day-to-day operators when they can say, “Okay,” every month they’re looking at their metrics and they’re able to answer a question, “Okay, how are we doing attracting traffic to our website?” There’s a single number for that. How are we doing at capturing that traffic, right? Because traffic is only as good at converting, right? Traffic is great, but if they don’t convert and become customers eventually, that traffic isn’t as useful to you. So, how can we do better at attracting? How can we do better at converting? How can we do better at engaging those customers once we’re able to capture them, and build a relationship with them? How long do they stay with us? And then finally, ultimately, and most importantly, how are they spending money with us, and how can we improve that number? What ACEM allows a company to do is, take it high-level and keep everybody on the same page about how to improve.