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Dear Content Publisher,

Everyone seems to claim to be an online publisher these days. But for us real publishing professionals, having the right tools—the right CMS—to publish your content easily, affordably, and so that your content is optimized for SEO and customer engagement, using all the latest best practices, is absolutely essential.

In fact, having an inferior CMS—or not fully understanding how to use what you have or not fully empowering and training your team to do so—can depress your business and even kill it in the long run.

Maybe you’ve heard of Mequoda’s Haven Customer Experience Management System (CXMS), and you might know that our Haven CXMS includes an integrated and robust CMS that delivers top-notch functionality and value that you can’t get from other software.

But, I’ve gotten ahead of myself and not explained what the difference is between a CMS and our Haven CXMS—well, it’s like the difference between having a suit or a dress and having an entire wardrobe. One suit or dress lets you do one thing—an entire wardrobe outfits you for every situation and every season. Mequoda’s Haven CXMS is like a full wardrobe!

Our Haven CXMS is also a unique and affordable tool for serious publishers of every size and stripe, and Haven CXMS uses a commonly available open-source software at its core. And, almost best of all, our Haven CXMS is for publishers and built by publishers—you won’t get frustrated trying to explain common publishing needs and terminology to us!

But, let’s see if you’d be a good fit for our Haven CXMS with a quick quiz. Can you immediately answer yes to these three questions?

  1. Do you publish digital content on a regular basis?
  2. Have you ever been frustrated with your current CMS’s functionality or its operator interface?
  3. Do you want to have the latest and greatest CMS functionality without paying a fortune for it?

Congratulations, if you got this far! That means you’re eligible to schedule a FREE 60-minute consultation with Mequoda, to review your current CMS and pricing!

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And this is a no-obligation session—if you don’t want to go further with us after your FREE consulting session, that’s okay. I only ask that you schedule your FREE consulting session today—you owe it to yourself and your company or organization to keep in touch with the latest costs and best practices of Content Management Systems (CMS).

Introducing Mequoda Gold Membership for CMS services—benefits that are unrivaled in the publishing industry!

Yes, I want my FREE 60-minute CMS services consultation!

Your Mequoda Gold Membership starts with a FREE 60-minute consulting session, and your membership pricing is based on your CMS and web-development needs—here are the benefits reserved especially for online publishers like you:

Summary of Mequoda Gold Member CMS Benefits

Your Price

60-minute consulting session to review your current CMS functionality and pricing


One-year Mequoda Gold Membership

Pricing depends on your CMS and web-development needs

Instant beneficiary of CMS buying power—get the optimal pricing of Mequoda clients, pricing you could never get on your own


Access to Mequoda’s Haven CXMS, a Tier One CMS Platform, including:

  • Easy-to-use CMS for your publishing needs
  • World-class software engineering for continuous improvement and enhancements
  • User-friendly operator interface
  • Custom plug-ins that are publishing-focused
  • Strategic-centric operating system that optimizes search traffic, email capture and list-building, customer engagement, and monetization
  • Ongoing and regular strategic reporting packages to enable quick analysis and decision-making
  • Integration-focused system that considers email platform, CMS, ad-server, social media channels, and e-commerce together


Access to the Mequoda client cooperative’s CMS best practices, benchmarking, and optimization strategies


Shared labor and human resources in support of your own effective CMS


Access to all of Mequoda’s CMS Services. Comprehensive and integrated services are available and include:

  • Third-party fulfillment system integration
  • Database synchronization program
  • Web store functionality
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program
  • Social Media optimization program
  • Email template design optimization program
  • Email messaging testing program
  • Email capture optimization program
  • Email append services
  • Landing page optimization and testing program
  • Order-abandon recovery program
  • Six Sigma email optimization program for content previews and product marketing


Mequoda’s Haven CXMS is built for publishers like you who want to grow your audience, grow your email list, and maximize user revenue with premium subscriptions, memberships, special reports, one-shot products, and events. You can benefit from our CMS services with Mequoda Gold Membership.

Learn more about all of this when you contact us today to schedule your FREE 60-minute consulting session—while this special invitation lasts! Claim your FREE consulting session without any further obligation, right now!

Yes, I want my FREE 60-minute CMS services consultation!


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Kim Mateus
Chief Strategy Officer

P.S. Having an effective CMS is critical to your publishing success—you should regularly review your current CMS provider, to be sure you’re not behind the times about the latest costs and best practices—please contact us now to schedule your FREE 60-minute consulting session!