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Tag: digital audience development

Top Magazine Publishers Busy in First Month of 2016

While most of us are still ramping up, the early days of 2016 haven’t seen much of a break in the action when it comes to the top magazine publishers’ business moves.

Digital Audience Development: How the Times Hit 1 Million Digital Subscribers

Digital audience development is the endgame for magazine publishing companies making the transition from traditional channels to a multiplatform strategy that will them in a position to compete in the coming decades. But getting to the endgame is a work in progress: Digital magazines are continually experimenting with new channels, refining best practices, and measuring social media efforts in the digital media evolution. It’s never easy.

Unless you’re The New York Times, of course.

Event Marketing 101: Keynote Speakers are #1 Success Factor

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been reworking our event programming over the past couple of years. For 2012, and on into 2013 we settled in on for public programs. In the spring and fall of each year we are running summits for advanced practitioners in the art and science of digital publishing and marketing.

Mastering Integrated Digital Publishing

Perhaps the most basic audience development strategy revolves around restricting access to free content and then using that content to build email newsletter circulation.

Legendary email newsletter publisher Bill Bonner has been quoted often as saying, “nobody wakes up in the morning, and says, ‘Gee, I think I’m going to subscribe to a new email newsletter today.’”

The folks at Agora publishing are famous for inventing the free-on-free offer because Bill Bonner is essentially right – most people are not looking for your free newsletter. It’s pretty easy to lift response by offering other forms of free content plus a free email newsletter.