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Tag: email feedback loops

Email Marketing Tips: 10 Email Feedback Loop Lists

Mitigate spam complaints by finding out who’s putting you in the junkbox

An email feedback loop (FBL) is a service that many ISPs will provide to companies who send bulk mailings. On their end, it’s beneficial because it identifies pro-active companies and reduces the amount of spam sent to their users.

Whenever someone hits the “junk” button, they’re basically sending a complaint. Too many of these complaints will blacklist you from certain ISPs.

Email Analytics: Unsubscribes & Bounces in a Nutshell

Most publishers have three basic sets of online analytics to look at: website, email and social media. There are smaller buckets that fit into each category, but for the most part, these are at the top.

Within email analytics, there are two numbers that we have the greatest ability to work with. The human element of email analytics has room for adjustment but is mostly out of our control. We can’t force people to sign up for our newsletter, we can’t get them to read the whole thing, and we can’t get them to click links if our copy isn’t compelling enough.

An Email Copywriter’s Look at the Email Feedback Loop

Understanding how email feedback loops work will help email copywriters and email marketers present better content

An email feedback loop exists between email marketers and the recipients. And since email copywriters often assist email marketers, it’s important for email copywriters to understand how email feedback loops work.

Email Marketing Tips: Conquer Email Blacklists

Complete these seven to-dos and get your IP removed from email blacklists

Last week we talked about whitelisting, but today we’re going to cover how to get off those nasty email blacklists once you’re already on them.

Being blacklisted refers to the ISP that your readers are using (like AOL, Yahoo!, etc.). One person marking you as spam in their email inbox won’t get you blacklisted, but many spam complaints will. Once you are blacklisted, no one using that ISP will get your emails. This is very troublesome for B2C publishing companies because their users are more likely to use an AOL or Yahoo! account than B2B users.