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Tag: facebook seo

Google Starts Indexing Comments – All of Them

Three ways to take what Google has given you and make the most out of it

Parents have been telling their kids for years not to post anything on the web that they wouldn’t want an employer to see. And drunken college photos and angsty teen blog rants may have been all they needed to worry about in the past, but there’s a new embarrassing identifier in town, and those are blog comments.
While unhappily embarrassing for college students, this update is great for business…

Top Magazine Brands Share Similar Social Media Strategies

Discover what magazines with the most likes on Facebook are doing

What does your Facebook strategy entail? Is it working for your organization?

Amanda MacArthur, Mequoda Group’s Social Media Specialist, has written about Facebook tips in the past, including Facebook SEO tips.

Today, however, I want to discuss some information

3 Audience Development Tricks You Might Have Missed

Giving people what they want is the best audience development strategy

As a marketing junkie, I’m fascinated by how people react to different forms of marketing. For example, by simply asking people to retweet you on Twitter, you can increase retweets dramatically. Another example is how sellers can increase sales of a dress by calling it a bridesmaid dress, or simply suggesting it’s used as a bridesmaid dress by adding a bouquet of flowers to the hand of the model. Or how about the fact that you’re more likely to get comments on an article by starting it and ending it with a question.

Week in Review: June 6th, 2011 – June 10th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Facebook SEO Tips: A Rank-Boosting Hack That We’d Really Like to Keep To Ourselves

Boost the rank of your articles with this Facebook SEO hack

All these “likes” and comments on our post, which links to our article, give us a giant boost in SEO love. GIANT. This is of course entirely dependent on the fact that you used a great niche keyword. Go ahead and try it. Don’t forget to leave me a comment below, letting me know how it worked.

4 Easy Social Media SEO Strategies for a Page One Ranking in Google

Make social media part of your plan for SEO campaign management

Most social media sites use “nofollow” tags. This basically means that an inbound link from this site isn’t going to do your Google juice any good and you won’t get any valid inbound links from it.

So why do we even bother thinking about SEO when it comes to social media? Well because Google gives social networks preferential treatment in rankings.