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Tag: make landing pages

Best Landing Page Designs Depend on More than the Designer

Deploy your words to make landing pages more powerful

The best landing page designs aren’t about design.

OK, they’re sort of about design. I know that my copy can enhance and work with the design, or it can put the reader off the product featured in even the best landing page designs.

5 Things To Know Before Making a Facebook Business Page

Add a few Facebook best practices to your social media strategy

Many companies are jumping on the Facebook bandwagon and creating pages for their publications and blogs on Facebook. There are good reasons for doing this (ie. driving more traffic) and bad reasons for doing this (ie. selling more products). One leads to the other, but Facebook on its own is not a big moneymaker in the publishing industry.

Before you launch a Facebook business page (or go any further), here are five things you should know about Facebook marketing.