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Tag: social media list building

3 Audience Development Tricks You Might Have Missed

Giving people what they want is the best audience development strategy

As a marketing junkie, I’m fascinated by how people react to different forms of marketing. For example, by simply asking people to retweet you on Twitter, you can increase retweets dramatically. Another example is how sellers can increase sales of a dress by calling it a bridesmaid dress, or simply suggesting it’s used as a bridesmaid dress by adding a bouquet of flowers to the hand of the model. Or how about the fact that you’re more likely to get comments on an article by starting it and ending it with a question.

Week in Review: June 13th, 2011 – June 17th, 2011

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Social Media List Building: Why To Start & How To Do It

Start treating your lists equally by building your social media lists with new free products

Social media list building requires less effort than building your email list. Less effort on the side of the subscriber, because you won’t ask for an email address, and less effort on your part because you don’t need to create a whole elaborate name-squeeze page for each an every one you release.