How Do You Get Started With the Mequoda Method?

How Do You Get Started With the Mequoda Method?

What you’ll learn:

Discover how you can take what you learned in the above modules and put it into practice, or engage with us further to build a business plan for your business.


  • Don Nicholas, Founder, Chairman & CEO
  • Kim Mateus, EVP & Client Success Group Leader

Time: 4 minutes, 30 seconds

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If you want to start practicing the Mequoda Method, we provide just a ton of information on the website here. This video being part of the brain trust intellectual property that is the Mequoda Method. It’s done certainly for the 23 client organizations that we currently work with in terms of keeping all the best practices up-to-date. We have our own blockbuster list, we have about 300 posts that we very aggressively maintain to make sure that all of our best practices around Attract, Capture, Engage and Monetize are here on the website. So, you certainly should be subscribing to the daily newsletter, you should absolutely be reading the free special reports. If you do, you’ll not only find that they’re a source of information to get you up and get you started and get you acclimated but as things change, you’ll see us updating the post to reflect current best practices.

Maybe the next step is to think about the whole CAROTME structure that we talk about that you’ll probably find references to on our website where it’s Content, Audience, Revenue, Organization, Technology, Metrics and Economics and kind of walk yourself through that process and say, “Okay, what is the content that I have? And, what do all the different formats that I publish this content in?” Kinda start building yourself that brand wheel. Okay, my audience, what is it that they’re searching for that I should be able to answer? What marketing channels are our best for this audience? How am I gonna reach them outside of just the organic stuff that Mequoda talks about? What paid programs are suitable for this audience? It’s kind of like doing a big inventory of all of your assets and in organizing them in a way that might find yourself a good fit for this for this Method. And revenue, what are all the ways that I’m generating revenue today? And, what new areas can I tap into?

Then organization. We have to think about who do we have in the building, in our wheelhouse to help us execute on this? And, where do we need partners? Where do we need to outsource, right? And that might be where Mequoda comes in to help you on some of the outsourcing of the strategy, the analytics, the technology, all that. Tech. Tech’s a big one, right? What are all the systems you need to execute on your strategy? Where are the integration points gonna come in? It’s complicated, it’s very complex, but technology’s there to save time when it’s done well. So, that’s gotta be a part of your consideration. Metrics, what are those key metrics that you’re gonna be using to measure the business? And, you know, for us, it’s back to those four ACEM metrics. But obviously, there’s a lot of underlying metrics that feed up into those big key metrics. But that’s obviously a very important part of the conversation. And at the end of the day, economically, what does this look like? How profitable is it? At what point do I think I can turn a profit? You know, how much investment do I have to make before this becomes a viable pursuit?

Really, this is meant to be a do-it-yourself resource. If on the other hand, you’re large enough, let’s say, a million dollars in revenue or more, and you say, “You know, I really wanna take a page out of Robert Michel’s book and I wanna outsource some of this stuff. I want to outsource the planning, the strategy, the web development,” you know, all the things that our 35 person organization does for the clients that we work with, give me a call. I’d love to chat with you about your business. As you probably can tell, I love publishing, I love journalism, I absolutely delight in the fact that publishers are in the business of educating and entertaining, and I’m always interested to hear about a niche, whether it’s one I know about or one that I’m hearing about the first time, and I’d be happy to have a one-on-one chat with you about your business and how the Mequoda Method could be applied, what the process would be, in terms of going through our planning program, our development program and then becoming a management client with us potentially. So, the do-it-yourself route, absolutely please take advantage of all the free resources. And if you are considering partnering with a company like us, please give me a buzz.