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About Mequoda Group

Mequoda Group: Delivering Proven Multiplatform Strategies for Publishers

We’re here for one reason: to help you succeed

Mequoda Group founder and CEO Don Nicholas got his first magazine job in 1980, and has never looked back. Three decades later, he and the rest of the team at Mequoda Group have more than 130 years of collective experience in the publishing industry. There isn’t much we haven’t seen and done.

And we’ve worked with hundreds of clients over those years, helping them plan, develop, implement, and optimize successful multiplatform publishing businesses. That means we have the data, the benchmarks and the experience to help you transition – or launch – in the multiplatform publishing age.

Mequoda by the Numbers

Last year, our free daily articles, handbooks and training courses were downloaded more than 750K times. Since our founding in 2004, we have:

  • Launched and optimized more than 50 Mequoda Method systems
  • Guided the development of more than 100 multiplatform media brands
  • Generated more than 5,000 pages of Mequoda Method best practice documentation
  • Spent more than 15,000 hours researching and publishing Mequoda Method best practices
  • Invested more than $5.6 milllion in creating the Haven Nexus CXMS: the ultimate Mequoda Method platform