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About Mequoda Group

Mequoda Group: Delivering Proven Multiplatform Strategies for Publishers

We’re here for one reason: to help you succeed

Mequoda Group founder and CEO Don Nicholas got his first magazine job in 1980, and has never looked back. Three decades later, he and the rest of the team at Mequoda Group have more than 130 years of collective experience in the publishing industry. There isn’t much we haven’t seen and done.

And we’ve worked with hundreds of clients over those years, helping them plan, develop, implement, and optimize successful multiplatform publishing businesses. That means we have the data, the benchmarks and the experience to help you transition – or launch – in the multiplatform publishing age.

Mequoda by the Numbers

  • 7397 book and white paper downloads
  • 786,368 article downloads
  • 292,448 unique website visitors
  • 11,000+ email subscribers
  • 300 training event participants
  • 50+ systems built and optimized
  • 110+ media brands we’ve helped (see box on right)
  • $3 milllion+ spent over 10 years developing the Haven Nexus CXMS, our open source SaaS software for multiplatform publishers


  • Many thousands of hours researching and documenting the most successful strategies and processes for multiplatform publishing, from subscription websites to audience development to tablet magazines.
  • Many thousands of articles, books, instructional videos, and white papers we’ve published to help

Mequoda offers…

Free daily advice: Mequoda Daily

The Mequoda Daily free email newsletter delivers new insights as we develop them on the secrets of successful multiplatform publishing, plus reviews and news from around the industry. It’s the best way to stay up to date on the evolving multiplatform publishing industry.

Free books: Mequoda Handbooks

Mequoda’s widely popular handbooks on multiplatform publishing strategy, digital publishing, organic audience development, website publishing and tablet magazines are absolutely free, and deliver our expertise in clear, concise language.

Free on-demand video training: Mequoda Pro

This is a three-hour set of videos featuring our two lead consultants, CEO Don Nicholas and CCO Ed Coburn, explaining the highlights of the Mequoda Method and its 13 secrets. Newcomers and Mequoda clients alike use Pro to watch, study, learn and refresh their understanding of all the individual moving parts of the Mequoda Method.

Live training events: The Mequoda Digital Publishing and Marketing Intensive

Our live training event for clients and non-clients alike, the quarterly Digital Publishing and Marketing Intensive, offers personal, face-to-face opportunities for attendees to learn in a live setting from our expert instructors. The two-and-a-half-day Intensive is the only event that teaches all of the secrets that make up the Mequoda Method, and the only learning event where the attendee-instructor ratio is strictly limited.

Consulting services: The Gold Member Program

From strategic business planning, to website building and optimization services, to software tools and training, Mequoda develops and implements multiplatform strategies for publishers. Please see the consulting page for full details on what we do for our successful clients.

Live training events: The Mequoda Gold Member Summit

This annual event is exclusively open to Mequoda’s Gold Member clients. It brings together one of the most advanced groups of publishers in the industry, for an informal and power-packed few days of networking, learning and recognition of the outstanding achievements of these successful multiplatform publishers.

Choose any or all of our services to help you become a better multiplatform publisher. And one more service we offer:

A free 30-minute conversation with CEO Don Nicholas
Don would like to help you quantify your specific needs and goals, and identify you path to success. To schedule your free call, email Julie Ottomano, our Operations Manager, or call her at (855) 830-6006.

If you don’t want to wrestle with the transition to multiplatform publishing alone, you don’t have to. Call or email us today. And start the path to publishing success tomorrow.