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About Mequoda Group

Mequoda Group helps legacy publishers make the transition to digital…

Can we help you make that transition?

If you’re a publisher, content producer or content marketer searching for a simple yet comprehensive way to create, build and maintain long, lasting and profitable audience and customer relationships, your search may be complete.

Mequoda Group offers consulting services for publishers on content marketing, online publishing, search engine optimization, email newsletter marketing, editorial management, landing page best practices, social media optimization and online business management. For the right client, our Consulting services can go on to include Keyword Research & Reporting, Website Systems Planning, Business Plan Development and ultimately Website Design, Development and Support.

Mequoda Group supports publishers who use some variation of the Mequoda Content Marketing System (Mequoda System). Our members include more than 68,000 individual marketers, editors, writers, copywriters, graphic designers, webmasters, information architects, software developers, project managers, usability engineers, media producers and publishers.

Mequoda Group members create and monetize content on hundreds of special-interest topics ranging from investing to human resources, cooking to healthcare, and archery to zoology. Our members serve audiences, users and customers who are both consumers and professionals with content, communities and commerce that improve the quality of their lives.

Mequoda Group Mission

We’re dedicated to helping content marketers, producers and publishers use the Internet and other media to create, build and retain long, lasting and profitable audience and customer relationships.

Credo: Helping Content Marketers, Producers & Publishers Master the Internet

The following chart outlines resources and services available to Basic and Gold Members.

Membership Level Basic Gold
• Website Systems Needs Analysis
• Keyword Research, Analysis & Reporting
• Website Systems Planning
• Business Plan Development
• Management Coaching
• User Workshops & Training
• Gold Member Network
• Website & Email Template Design
• Mequoda WordPress Framework1 CMS
• Custom Programming
• API Development
• User Support & Training
• Website System Hosting & Maintenance
• Email System Management & Broadcasting
• Daily Blog & Email Newsletter
• White Paper Downloads
• Individual Live Webinars
• Mequoda Pro Pass for All Live Webinars
• Unlimited Webinar on Demand Access
• Live Seminars
• Live Summits
• In-House Training

For more information on any of these services, email Julie Ottomano or call her at (508) 435-1008.

Website Systems Needs Analysis:

This full-day meeting evaluates the application of content marketing concepts, principles and practices to your current channel mix. In an in-person setting with the executive team, Mequoda inventories your existing assets to understand how you drive content, community and commerce. We help define your audience pyramid and explore how a free-content blog and email newsletter system could be incorporated or improved upon within your existing portfolio. We define key assumptions and discuss software strategy to maximize revenue and efficiency. The outcome is to evaluate the potential for applying the Mequoda model to your digital business.

Keyword Research, Analysis & Reporting:

A Keyword Universe is the backbone of all your online marketing efforts. Developed by Mequoda in 2006, our Google Visibility Report researches your search market and compiles the phrases your potential audience is searching for. This report documents the popularity and organic competition of each keyword phrase, identifying the best targeting opportunities. Our keyword research also dictates the architecture of your free-content blog, as primary keyword phrases become topic pages and secondary keyword phrases become tag pages. Finally, this report is updated quarterly to reflect your site’s organic positioning on each keyword phrase and also drives ongoing online content development and SEO campaigns.

Website Systems Planning:

A Website Systems Planning document outlines the systems capabilities you will need, dependent on your business model. This process examines your online business’s compatibilities with off-the-shelf software vs. custom programming requirements and evaluates content production and operational requirements. The outcome of a Website Systems Planning document provides you with an understanding of the software, hardware and business processes required to develop your system as well as estimated costs, budgets and timelines for building your system. The resulting strategy document guides your entire design or redesign project.

Business Plan Development:

This process identifies key assumptions about your market and your potential, including estimated searches and anticipated direct, referring and email traffic for the next five years. We hypothesize, based on your experience to date and our experience in similar markets, the revenue per thousand page views, revenue per thousand emails sent and subscription retention you could achieve over a 5-year period. We also determine operational and building costs. The research is presented in an Online Strategy Model and a Business Plan, allowing you to demonstrate your strategic vision and financial projections to potential financers.

Management Coaching:

Running a successful online business is complicated. If you’re over the age of 30, you likely didn’t grow up running one. Many legacy media executives turn to us for management coaching as it directly relates to running a successful online business. From overall digital strategy and product development to staffing and choosing the best marketing channels, our senior business consultants can help you make those tough organizational decisions geared at improving your digital revenues and initiatives.

User Workshops & Training:

Our consulting staff includes specialists in search engine optimization, social media optimization, online copywriting, landing page optimization and email marketing. Our specialists can be hired by Gold Member organizations on an hourly basis to train Mequoda System operators virtually via webex, or in full-day on-site settings, helping launch SEO campaigns, social media campaigns, landing page tests and provide online copywriting training. Our instructional modules can be customized to meet the specific training needs of your organization.

Gold Member Network:

Mequoda Group is more than a consulting and development company – it’s a worldwide network of media professionals who support and learn from each other. To facilitate Gold Member networking, we host two semi-annual Mequoda Gold Member roundtables and our Rocket Award dinner and reception. Here, Gold Members are able to learn the proficiencies of other Gold Member companies. Gold Member companies go on to form partnerships and joint ventures helping each other with collaborative audience development efforts, sharing best practices and answering each other’s questions on their various areas of expertise.

Website & Email Template Design:

Our adaptive website design approach uses Framework1 as the backbone for the architecture and functionality of your website. We then gather details about your site demographics and you choose three mentor sites you deem appropriate for your market. Our Systems Architects carefully analyze these resources and merge the common design elements with the thousands of best practices contained within Framework1 to create the website templates required to complete your online business. This adaptive website design process allows us to bring sites to market much faster than building from scratch, saving time and money.

Mequoda WordPress Framework1 CMS:

Mequoda WordPress Framework1 incorporates full deployment with a portal website, subscription website and an online store, representing more than 5,000 hours of research and development since 2004. While the average from-scratch web design project can take between 2,000 and 3,000 hours to complete, Mequoda Systems can be built in less than 1,000 hours. The continuously evolving Framework1 allows these systems to be most user-friendly for visitors and investment-friendly for publishers, as each system leverages the best practices from the 40+ Benchmark sites. Mequoda Systems are built exclusively to support content-driven, Google-friendly, subscriber-centric, multiplatform publishers.

Custom Programming:

Some level of custom programming is required for most Mequoda Systems, since every audience and entrepreneurial idea is unique. Our architects are extremely adept at arriving at the best possible custom solution that will meet your needs for the lowest possible development cost, while putting you on the least expensive maintenance path going forward.

API Development:

Application protocol interfaces (APIs) are a standard part of every Mequoda System – from real-time interface with email service providers like WhatCounts or other tier-one email service providers, to fully integrated two-way payment processing with PayPal’s advanced merchant system. Many of our systems also have batch or real-time interfaces with industry leading subscription service bureaus including Communications Data Services (CDS), Palm Coast Data and in-house solutions like QuickFill – plus a variety of event, product and book fulfillment service options.

User Support & Training:

A System is only as good as its operators and we are committed to making your staff expert at running and optimizing their Mequoda System. As we are a consulting firm first, our business processes are front and center and our technology is built around those processes. Our training and support options include instructions and documentation on how to functionally operate the software, plus there’s an entire community of educational resources to help you optimize your system and continuously improve its revenue-generating performance.

Website System Hosting & Maintenance:

We use Rackspace LAMP Data Center Management to host and maintain a number of Mequoda Systems. Rackspace allows us to experience their tier-one cloud network and data center with access to dozens of Linux red hat engineers and 24/7 backup and support. Our maintenance services make us responsible for fixing bugs, optimizing system performance, managing upgrades to modules and planning systems upgrades that add additional functionality for meeting your ongoing business needs. Mequoda acts as member co-op, keeping our tier-one hosting rates competitive in the industry.

Email System Management & Broadcasting:

WhatCounts is the official tier-one email service provider for Mequoda Systems.

If you choose to use WhatCounts for email broadcasting, you receive their customer support, training and white-listing services, plus access to Mequoda’s full support, which overlays our best practices for integrated email management. Our close relationship with WhatCounts allows us to offer state-of-the-art functionality like integrated email preference management, automated email effort building and centralized email performance reporting, including open rate, click through rate and revenue per thousand emails sent reporting at the customer level.

Benchmark Portfolio:

Every Mequoda System delivered stands on the shoulders of each system that came before it. Each system is continually updated and maintained and each pushes its own performance through testing and experimentation. This experience is validated and shared with the Mequoda Gold Member community on a regular basis through Mequoda Summits, Seminars, Webinars, the Mequoda Daily and through the peer-to-peer network that has developed among members.

Daily Blog & Email Newsletter:

Our blog is a collaboration of in-depth research and publisher case studies published multiple times a day by our team of editors and marketing analysts. Articles on the blog reflect our dedication to helping every publisher, editor and online marketer stay on top of the latest online publishing best practices and content marketing initiatives. Through this blog, publishers continue to learn how to sell more products, build larger email lists, participate in social media with intent, and drive infinitely more traffic to their websites. Email newsletter subscribers can choose to get a daily or weekly digest of our featured blog posts delivered straight to their inbox.

White Paper Downloads:

Our expert white papers pull together the most prolific research we have to date on any given publishing or marketing topic. These step-by-step guides are meant to help publishers and editors complete tasks such as launching link-building campaigns, designing landing page templates, writing better email subject lines, creating editorial calendars or developing a social media presence. Dozens of white papers are available on our website for free to all email subscribers.

Live Webinars:

Our live 90-minute webinars feature educational tips from Mequoda Group team members and professionals we partner with, all experts in their fields. We host a new live webinar every 3 weeks. Each webinar can be viewed on-demand in our Mequoda Pro subscription product, which grants you a subscription to our live webinars plus immediate on-demand access to our 40+ archived educational webinars.

Live Seminars:

Our live public seminars offer personal, face-to-face opportunities for attendees to learn in a live setting from Don Nicholas, CEO of Mequoda and Mary Van Doren, CCO of Mequoda, along with various members of the Mequoda Research Team. Topics for our one-day seminars include Content Marketing Strategy to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Integration.

Live Summits:

Our bi-annual Mequoda Summit involves Gold Member clients, Mequoda Research Team members and other publishers and content marketers interested in the Mequoda System. Summits provide a comprehensive learning environment for all levels of employees. In addition to learning about the most up-to-date best practices for online publishing, you have the chance to meet and network with similar companies sharing in the digital realm of content publishing.

In-House Training:

Our in-house training workshops bring full-day, customizable programs into your company, specializing where your business and employees need to move forward the most. Our consulting staff includes specialists in overall online publishing strategy, search engine optimization, landing page optimization, email marketing, audience development, social media optimization, and online copywriting. Our in-house programs can be customized and are developed with new research to meet the specific training needs of your organization.