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Module 2: Leveraging Media Trends

Welcome to Mequoda Pro!

Digital Publishing Secret #2: The optimal size of your online audience

What you’ll learn:

Learn how to measure digital success with a little thing we call the Online Media Index, a number that will reveal the health of your entire online publishing operation. We’ll show you how even the biggest players are failing in this measurement and how niche publishers can learn from others’ successes and mistakes – and you’ll begin to see your own profitable path forward.


  • Don Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ed Coburn, Chief Content Officer

Time: 25 minutes, 1 second

Download: LeveragingMediaTrends.pdf

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4 Responses to “Module 2: Leveraging Media Trends”

  1. Philip Says:

    How well do you think you could do for a new online magazine that would seem to be in direct competition to one of your Gold Member Organisations?

  2. Neal Says:

    I am interested in creating an interactive training manual for persons who wish to obtain their Commercial Driver License (CDL); combining video, test questions and other forms of student interaction. Would something like this be possible using your model and methods?

    Neal Aldrich

  3. Amanda Says:

    Hi Bruce, you can definitely benefit from the Intensive, we often have single-operator publishing businesses in the room and several of them are clients. So while a couple of sessions may be more helpful to larger organizations, all of it is beneficial for you — not to mention you can talk directly to Don about your specific needs, issues, etc.. If you’d like to chat with Don directly, I’m sure he’d be happy to offer more insight on the Intensive and how it applies to you!

    Hope to see you there!

  4. Bruce Garry Says:

    Hello there,

    My son and I are building a digital magazine, Voice Actor Magazine, using the Appzine platform. We are a father and son team with no additional support. Looking at your Intensive workshop curriculum I am concerned that you appear to focus on large organisations with specialised personnel. Were I to attend would I find myself getting a few bits and pieces from a deluge of assumed knowledge in a room full of technocrats? I have been very impressed with your free information which I have been working through assiduously; I just got concerned when I saw the session on how to involve CEOs and content officers. PleSe advise. Thank you.

    Bruce Garry.

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