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Module 8: Social Media Marketing

Welcome to Mequoda Pro!

Digital Publishing Secret #8: How to turn magazine articles into social gold

What you’ll learn:

Blogging and social media are at the heart of online marketing, but few publishers approach them with any kind of organized plan. Worse, you may think you have to keep reinventing the wheel in order to execute a content marketing strategy. But in this module, you’ll discover how a social media campaign that repurposes long-form magazine articles into short-form blog and social media posts can build a massive audience and generate new sales.


  • Don Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ed Coburn, Chief Content Officer

Time: 8 minutes, 29 seconds

Download: SocialMediaMarketing.pdf

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One Response to “Module 8: Social Media Marketing”

  1. Will Says:

    Well, I’ve listened to the first 8 but it’s 3am and I’m dozing off. The content is good stuff and matches what I’m getting from a B2B sales course at MaRSDD Toronto. Will recommend to my Sales instructor to check out your site. Will listen to remaining modules later today. No questions…..yet.

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