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Become the Steve Jobs of publishing.

The Digital Publishing and Marketing Intensive is your first step.

Dear Publishing Executive,

I’m going to make you a promise:

You could become the Steve Jobs of your niche in the next few years.

That’s right. I said you could be as wildly, stunningly successful in your field as Jobs was in his.

Don’t believe me? Consider these publishers who have turned themselves into superstars, and their companies into niche publishing empires, in just a few years, all using the revolutionary publishing system that some people call the Mequoda Method:

  • Clay Hall, Aspire Media
  • Chris Kimball, America’s Test Kitchen
  • Stuart Hochwert, Prime Publishing
  • Phil Ash, Capitol Information Group
  • Bryan Welch, Ogden Publishing
  • Charlie Spahr, American Ceramic Society
  • Bill Bonner, Agora Publishing
  • Bob Brady, Business & Legal Resources

They’re just like you. They don’t have unlimited resources, or household names as their brands, or a direct line to a higher power. Instead, they all leveraged their niche expertise and the method we teach in the Mequoda Digital Publishing and Marketing Intensive to become the publishing rock stars they are today.

They mastered the 7 components of a multiplatform business plan:

  1. Content
  2. Audience
  3. Revenue
  4. Organization
  5. Technology
  6. Measurement
  7. Economics

They learned the core concepts of the Mequoda Method:

Attract > Convert > Engage > Monetize

Yes, it’s that simple … yet so complex that we teach mastery of these components and the Mequoda Method process around the world by popular demand — in New York, London, Sydney, Berlin and more. And now it’s available four times every year in the US.

You, too, can start your journey to join the ranks of millionaire publishers. After all, the Intensive isn’t just another conference where you sit in a huge hotel ballroom and take notes. The Intensive is an intimate, hands-on event, where the attendee-instructor ratio is strictly limited, and where you roll up your sleeves to practice what you’re learning, spend time with your instructors, and network with your peers. All in just 2 days, and all for less than the cost of that impersonal mega-conference I just mentioned.

Wondering about our credentials?

In case you’re wondering how we developed our expertise, consider this. Besides teaching the method at the Intensive, we have also …

  • Spent hundreds of hours researching and documenting the most successful strategies and processes for multiplatform publishing, from subscription websites to digital magazines and, of course, audience development
  • Built, managed and optimized more than 50 systems in markets as diverse as investing, crafting, executive education, religion, travel, health and lifestyle
  • Added to our research the extra value of having actually helped 110 (and counting) magazine brands
  • Published free books, reports and posts that were downloaded more than 750,000 times last year
  • Developed one of the leading newsletters on the topic of digital publishing strategy and multiplatform publishing
  • Refined our digital publishing strategies, expanded the platforms and fine-tuned the reporting tools

As you’ve probably noticed by now, Mequoda doesn’t do anything by the seat of our pants. We’ve researched, document and organized what we’ve learned over the past 14 years, so we can teach it all to you in a clear, straightforward manner. There’s no confusion, no random hot trends, and absolutely no questions unanswered.

The secrets we teach

Here are the biggest secrets you’ll learn from us, among many others:

  • Secret #1: The content you didn’t know you had
  • Secret #2: The simple tool for picking the best keyword phrases to target
  • Secret #3: The most effective native advertising program
  • Secret #4: The personalities that succeed best for every member of your team
  • Secret #5: The one website business model you must master
  • Secret #6: The 4 digital metrics you must master
  • Secret #7: The most important element of your strategic plan

These are the secrets that have literally created millionaires. Our clients often are legacy publishers wrestling with declining subscription numbers, newsstand sales and ad revenues. But the Mequoda Method has halted that decline, turned it around, and even created new revenue channels to stabilize our clients’ legacy brand beyond any of their expectations.

For example, there’s the American Ceramic Society, which had two struggling magazines and some 20 products when it hired us in 2006. Today, their web portal, Ceramic Arts Daily, boasts more than 100 products, took in revenues of more than $3.5 million in 2013, and dominates their niche. Feel free to Google ceramics terms, say, “kiln firing techniques,” and you’ll see what I mean.

“We’ve used the Mequoda Method to sell thousands of books, videos, and subscriptions.”Sherman Hall
Managing Director
American Ceramic Society

Then again, some of our clients started with no legacy publication at all, but were ambitious enough to leap into multiplatform publishing anyway – and they became millionaires, too. That’s the story of Prime Publishing, which launched in 2009 from scratch, and is today an industry leader in its niche.

There is simply no niche publishing operation we can’t help with the Mequoda Method. But we can only do it if you attend the Intensive, just like these publishing millionaires.

“The team I worked with at Interweave successfully transitioned a leading print enthusiast media business into the digital age. The folks at Mequoda were an important part of this team and the company’s most valued strategic advisor. We could not have done it without them.”Clay Hall,
Former CEO


A closer look at the Intensive

Yes, we actually teach the skills you need to become a publishing millionaire in just two days. (That’s why we call it the Intensive, of course!) Here are the sessions you’ll attend, complete with numerous hands-on workshops, and all while interacting with your instructors and your peers in an intimate, learning-enhanced atmosphere:

Day 1

Understanding the Power of ACEM: How to Attract, Convert, Engage and Monetize Your Multiplatform Audience

Start your Intensive experience by discovering how a simple content-driven subscription website is the key to stunning multiplatform publishing success. You’ll discover the four skills you need to master every facet of a multiplatform publishing business and will learn our seven-step method for creating a comprehensive plan for multiplatform success.

You’ll “meet” 7 actual CEOs who are using the Mequoda Method to make millions online, the Mequoda Consulting Team, and your website publishing workshop partners – and then discover together how to transform your content and audience into multiplatform millions.

BONUS hands-on workshop: Publisher Roundtable

The Intensive wastes no time in getting to what’s most important to you: problems and solutions for your publishing organization. Before we go any further, we’ll ask all every attendee to not only introduce themselves, but to outline their challenges so we can focus the information we’ll be sharing specifically on your needs.

“We’ve used the analytics strategies of the Mequoda Method to double our traffic in 12 months.”Dominik Grau
Managing Director & Publisher
Ebner Publishing International Inc.


Mequoda Method Secret #1: The content you didn’t know you had

Leveraging Digital Content: How to Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle Your Content for Maximum Profits

Welcome to success: This session delivers the strategies you need to make millions from all forms of digital content. We’ll walk you through the process of creating a detailed content plan, including a brand new email newsletter and blog which consist not of all new content, but of repurposed versions of content you already have! You’ll see how you can create new products from this content, too, and learn the secret pricing strategy that drives more orders than any other.

This is the same plan successful multiplatform publishers use to make efficient use of their editorial and marketing resources to attract, convert, engage, and monetize their audience, so you’ll want to start creating your own content plan as soon as you finish the Intensive.

We’ll also take you through a complete composite case study of a niche publisher who’s identified a host of new products to sell, so you can see the options available to you. Plus you’ll discover new ideas for marketing channels and website infrastructure that maximizes sales and revenues for anyone with content to sell. You’ll leave this session with the knowledge you need to turbocharge your existing operation or plan ahead for your new online business.

“We’ve used the Mequoda method to boost sales of our higher-priced products, and dramatically increased our multiplatform subscription revenues.”Susan Laden,
Biblical Archaeology Society


Mequoda Method Secret #2: The simple tool for picking the best keyword phrases to target

Quantifying Your Digital Audience: How to Use Google to Discover the True Size of Your Market

Effective keyword research represents the core of all organic marketing activities – and even drives the topics on which your editorial team will focus. It’s a fundamental skill every digital marketer and publisher must master in order to truly understand and capitalize on the search behaviors of their audience. Surprisingly, most publishers and their teams have no understanding of this skill whatsoever. We not only teach you how to perform effective keyword research, we’ll also reveal the one most common mistake publishers make in choosing keyword phrases.

Learn the tips and tricks of the Google Keyword Planner, and how it’s used to gauge your audience’s information needs. Understand how your existing content drives the navigational taxonomy of your website and even points you to exactly the right advertisers and sponsors. Don’t leave money lying on the table! Discover how to truly serve and build your audience, become a leader in your niche and generate more conversions through effective keyword research.

BONUS Hands-On Workshop:Topic opportunity analysis

You’ll be working in small groups in an entertaining composite case study to understand the data and criteria to identify topics and related keywords we should be including in the editorial calendar and keyword universe for our publishing company.


Mequoda Method Secret #3: The most effective native advertising platform

Maximizing Sponsorship Revenue: How to Build Multiplatform Sponsorship Packages to Drive Publishing Profits

Do you know the difference between sponsored content and native advertising? Or which publishing platform delivers the most effective, profitable opportunity you possess for either one? Are you aware of the new profits to be made thanks to the tablet? If not, this session is made for you! We’ve taken a deep dive into specific strategies starting with the interactive, personal email newsletter. We’ll also compare the profitability and cost effectiveness of Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Thousand (CPM) and other options.

You’ll take home innovative new ideas plus a specific, detailed case study for our favorite advertising model, which you can implement even if you never thought you’d sell advertising.

If you have a legacy print publication, you’ll find out how to enhance profits with a digital publication. If you host live events, we’ll show you how to maximize advertising revenues from that business. We even deliver some revenue channels you may never have heard of! Traditional advertising in the digital age may be on the decline, but sponsorship is about to take off, and you’ll be on that train after this session.

BONUS hands-on workshop:Native Sponsorship Roundtable

How do you create sponsored content that satisfies both editorial standards and advertiser needs? What kind of content is most effective for this format? You’ll have a chance to discuss and debate with your peers in detail the differences between native advertising and sponsored content, and experiment with content creation for our composite case study magazine.

“We used the Mequoda Method to dramatically increase website traffic and advertising revenue.”Stuart Hochwert
Prime Publishing


DAY 2:

Burning Questions Roundtable

There are so many exciting new insights, so much detailed information, coming at you during the Intensive, that many of you come up with new questions long after each individual session is over. If you’ve slept on it and have burning questions for your instructors, bring ‘em to this Q&A session on Wednesday morning! We’ll give you our best solutions and share our secrets.


Mequoda Method Secret #4: The personalities that succeed best for every member of your team

Organizing your Multiplatform Team: How to Redeploy your Current Staff Into a Lean, Mean Publishing Machine

What’s the one thing that terrifies a lot of publishers? Hiring. But successful multiplatform niche publishers depend on the strength of a core team, often a small and nimble team, who have the ability to accomplish multiple tasks including mulitplatform strategy, content development, consumer marketing, audience analytics, systems infrastructure, sponsorship revenue, partner development and financial management.

Have no fear: In this session, we’ll teach you what we’ve learned in building teams for dozens of clients, and you’ll learn the key attributes necessary for success. You’ll discover the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) types that correspond best for each position and how to compensate when key team members aren’t a perfect match. After this session, recruitment, hiring and retention will no longer be mysteries, but will become one of your strengths!

BONUS Hands-on Workshop: Mastering the Key Leadership Roles

Working in small groups, you’ll analyze random personalities in order to match exactly the right people to the positions you need to fill, gaining the experience and understanding you need to make the right staffing decisions, and the team you need to run a profitable business.

DOUBLE BONUS: As an attendee, you’ll get your own MBTI profile to take home – a $125 value.

“We’ve used the Mequoda Method to build the world’s largest Spanish-language health care website.”Carl Kravetz
Publisher & Exective Director
Vida y Salud


Mequoda Method Secret #5: The one website business model you must master

Leveraging Website Technology: How to Use Revenue Goals to Drive System Infrastructure

To grow and profit online, a multiplatform publisher must have a website that drives traffic, builds relationships, and sells subscription and information products. Achieving these goals is contingent on having a robust portal, an ecommerce store and a subscription website. In this session, you’ll learn how to develop an efficient website strategy—one that enables you to build a better website in less time, and for less money.

Building a website is about more than just design, of course, and this session digs into the ways in which your entire infrastructure enhances whatever business model you’ve chosen, including driving traffic, converting visitors and selling products in multitudes.

Using a proven framework as the backbone for your website’s architecture and the top content management functionality Mequoda has implemented for respected publishers in B2B and B2C sponsor-driven and user-driven businesses, you’ll take away tips for improving website usability and reducing time to market.

“Jam-packed with actionable results-based information that will enable us to acquire more customers and make more money selling our products. This event is a terrific value for the time and money spent.”Bob Kaslik,
Chief Marketing Officer,
Remonsy Investment Network


Mequoda Method Secret #6: The 4 digital metrics you must master

Measuring Digital Success: How to Use Key Metrics to Drive Website Traffic and Online Profits

Which four digital metrics are the keys to your success? Don’t be distracted by the wrong ones. We’ll review key metrics, learn the deeper meaning behind them, and examine how to use them to your advantage.

Our analytics expert will show you how to use key performance indicators (KPIs) to make better resource, staffing, and content performance decisions, and how to use Google Analytics as a way to monitor the performance of your web and email activity, ecommerce systems, and SEO and link-building efforts.

You’ll also take home a simple yet comprehensive way to forecast the future of your business. Our model takes advantage of our years of experience with many clients, delivering bulletproof assumptions that you’d pay thousands for from any consultant.

This session eliminates guessing as you forge ahead with your expansion into the digital space. At the end of it all, you’ll take home a complete master business model, including revenues, expenses and profits, which you can use to build a complete digital publishing organization.

BONUS hands-on workshop: Digital Modeling: Identifying the Assumptions that Matter

Now it’s your turn: Manipulate a business model to see how to double, even quadruple a company’s revenues. Of the many factors that go into your financial models, some have a great impact on the bottom line while others don’t. At the end of this workshop, you’ll know exactly how to translate our model into your company’s actual business activities and how to focus your efforts for maximum results.

“With more than 3.2 million monthly unique visitors, Mother Earth News has increased its revenues 39X over the past 10 years.”Bryan Welch
Publisher & Editorial Director
Ogden Publications


Mequoda Method Secret #7: The most important element of your strategic plan

Grand Finale: How to Use CAROTME to Plan for Multiplatform Success

We’ll share a time-tested business plan that has been used to successfully raise millions of dollars for niche publishers. You can use this business plan format to rally the troops, gain executive support, and even raise capital for your digital publishing business.

We’ll share our decades of data and assumptions so you can build your own concrete plan looking a full five years ahead, understand your risks, and even develop a profitable exit strategy. You’ll also find out how to map out your new empire so everyone’s on board, and ensure the profitable future of your company!

“We’ve rebuilt our entire online presence around the Mequoda Method.”Phil Ash
Investing Daily


“We use the Mequoda Method to sell out our executive education programs.”Gail Odeneal
Director of Marketing, Program on Negotiation
Harvard Law School


Join the best of the best

As you can see, we take you step by step through a complete multiplatform publishing system, just like the one used by past Intensive attendees such as …

  • Psychotherapy Networker
  • The American Ceramic Society
  • Black Belt Magazine
  • Business and Legal Resources
  • Mother Earth News
  • Investing Daily
  • Farm Progress
  • Revolution Golf
  • Natural Health Advisory Institute
  • Vida y Salud
  • Mr. Food
  • Biblical Archaeology Society

…to name just a few of the 110 brands we’ve helped, and the 50+ Mequoda Systems we’ve designed.

And unlike all those other conferences, the Intensive is an intimate event, with a strictly limited number of seats in order to allow maximum interaction with instructors and peers, and ensure all questions are answered. We even include a roundtable Q&A the morning after each full day, so you can follow up on any issues you’ve pondered overnight.

No other conference or instructional course offers this kind of one-to-one relationships with instructors!

In fact, I’ll even promise you this. If you attend the Digital Publishing & Marketing Intensive and decide at the end that you haven’t learned exactly what you need to dramatically increase your revenues, I’ll refund your registration cost immediately.

“If you want to make more money online — listen to Mequoda.”Chuck McCullagh
Former Senior Vice President
Magazine Publishers of America

Still need more convincing? If you’ve noticed the testimonials in this letter, you’ll be interested to know that the stories of these millionaire publishers are shared in detail at the Intensive. We never, ever teach you something that doesn’t work, or hasn’t been proven in the real world. And you’ll be fully convinced of the value of the Mequoda Method after you’ve attended the Intensive and heard the in-depth success stories we deliver!

Oh, and by the way: When you attend the Intensive, you also get 30 minutes of consultation time with me – a $300 value – that’s normally available only to clients. And you’ll also take home hundreds of dollars worth of free white papers, special reports, spreadsheets, slides and tools.

Don’t wait. Download the program guide and get a feel for the method. Read the testimonials from your fellow publishers. Check your calendar. When you’re through, I’m confident you’ll be ready to register, and to start learning this efficient, profitable method for becoming a millionaire publisher at the next Intensive

Yours for astonishing publishing success,

Don Nicholas
Chief Executive Officer & Lead Instructor
Mequoda Group

P.S.We limit the number Intensive attendees in order to provide an intimate, friendly environment that allows everyone to ask questions and network with their peers during breaks. We even host a networking reception the first night, where everyone relaxes and shares war stories. You won’t get that kind of value-added proposition at a mega-conference!

P.S.S. You probably noticed that I haven’t actually given away my secrets yet – just hints! I am an experienced marketer, after all. But it’s mostly because the secrets won’t be clear to you if you don’t attend the Intensive. The moving parts are complex, and I won’t be satisfied until I’ve made it all crystal clear to you at the Intensive – and hopefully launched the career of another millionaire.

Register Online

Master the metrics that ensure market domination

Attend the Mequoda Digital Publishing and Marketing Intensive and you will…

  • Create, curate, and publish high-quality, search-optimized content
  • Deploy profitable, SEO-driven social media marketing campaigns
  • Master the metrics that ensure market domination
  • Discover the business models that drive new revenues
  • Build a digital empire that delivers profits you’ve only dreamed of