Articles by Bill Dugan

The Best Online Directory Software for Publishers

What to look for in online directory software, from Haven, to Wordpress, Joomla, and third-party products The directory website business model still has a lot of upside for multiplatform publishers. When  

18 Website Development Tools to Try

There's a never-ending stream of new tools that pop up every day to help us become better web developers. We have a dashboard of tools we look to for ideas,  

A 2017 Resolution for Subscription Website Publishers

Resolve to investigate the possibility of added revenue with a club-style business model in 2017 Every publisher and subscription marketer should recommit in 2017 to customer relationship building and asset leveraging—after  

The Best Email Management System for Publishers

What to look for in an email management system from Haven Nexus, to MailChimp to Constant Contact Managing email marketing has become an increasingly critical issue for every type of business. Publishers,  

How Amazon Is Helping Publishers Make Money with Video

How to make money with video on your own subscription website and beyond Many multiplatform publishers have turned to e-learning platforms to make money with video and help subscribers either increase their skills  
7 Ways Your Subscription Website Could Fail

7 Ways Your Subscription Website Could Fail

If you're thinking of launching a subscription website, don't skimp on preliminary research. So you've decided to start a subscription website. We get requests weekly from entrepreneurs, veterans and newbies, who  

The Best Marketing Automation System for Publishers

Publishers require a marketing automation system that works in tandem with a highly efficient content management system In the last decade, marketing automation has become a hot topic for niche publishers.  

The Best Web Analytics Tools for Publishers

What to look for in web analytics tools, from Haven Nexus, to Google Analytics, Kiss Metrics, Social Bro and True Social Metrics Data analytics are critical for the success of your  

Understanding the Freebie Content Business Model

The freebie content business model is one website we build for all of our Mequoda Gold Members Choosing your content focus is a business-critical decision, as the focus you choose pretty  
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