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Tag: arianna huffington

Digital Publishing News: MSLO, Real Simple, PMC, Fortune Mag, and More

We’re starting the week off with a healthy dose of digital publishing news from both sides of the Atlantic: mergers & acquisitions, platform considerations, and personnel moves. We monitor industry trends from the best sources so that you can track them in your periphery and inform your approach while focusing on the most important thing: your product.

Wall Street Journal Media Pyramid Case Study

Does this legacy publisher translate from print to online?
With so many newspapers going out of business, how has the Wall Street Journal not only survived but thrived?

Notes and Quotes from the American Magazine Conference

Branding, Convergence and Digital Growth, Dubbed “The MagaBrand Revolution,” were the Big Themes at this Year’s American Magazine Conference in Boca Raton

New Media Trends – Ok, so maybe not every editor attending the 2007 American Magazine Conference is now willing to call what they print each month a “MagaBrand,” but as AMC conference chair, Men’s Health editor-in-chief David Zinczenko points out, success in today’s media marketplace means reaching beyond the newsstands to TV, radio, the Web, email newsletters, podcasts, webcasts, and live events.