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Tag: blog marketing

On Being Up Front With Your Readers

‘Times’ Is a Changin’ Towards Niche-Audience Approach

“All of a sudden we are doing something we have never been able to do at The New York Times. We are creating this highly interactive experience using our online platform.”
—Felice Nudelman, Times executive director of education

Thanks go to Matt Humphrey, CMO of BLR–Business & Legal Resources, for posting last week on the SIPA online marketing forum about a recent New York Times blog post concerning college admissions that “linked to a page inviting [readers] to pay $225 for an online course, ‘Introduction to College Admissions,’ taught by the blog author” for the Times.

Social Media for Publishers

Making Twitter and other Social Networks a successful part of your media mix…

Career Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur’s Blog

Jason Alba shares his entrepreneur journey through