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Tag: creating a landing page

Turning a Passion into Profit with an Indian Cuisine Blog

Praveen Kumar shares his culture through food at

Praveen Kumar started out as a web designer in 2000 and then moved in to SEO in 2004. After which, he worked with some of the top dot-com companies in India. Kumar had always wanted to be a chef but since that didn’t happen, he turned her passion for good food into a website where he could share delicious Indian recipes with everyone at

Kumar also enjoys writing poetry, and began writing online at It doesn’t end there, as he also owns a dot-com company providing SEO services and design consulting while trying to be a full-time entrepreneur.

Mequoda Landing Page Headline Contest Call for Entries

Try your hand at creating a landing page headline that excels at the four Mequoda landing page guidelines for writing brilliant, clear, engaging and truthful headlines that increase landing page conversion rates, sell more stuff and will make you a happier person.