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Tag: editorial tips

B2B Publishing News: Editorial Advice, Mergers & Acquisitions, Digital-Only Decisions

The latest in B2B publishing includes Penton’s purchase of MRO Network; Informa’s bet on events; and CIO’s big change
B2B publishing represents the best of niche strategy; audience development depends largely on the quality of your content and whether you can earn the trust of executives in your target trade. In addition, B2B publishing lends itself

How to Write a White Paper with the Aid of Story Telling

7 editorial tips for writing a white paper

Knowing how to write a white paper is one step in building your audience. We often talk about optimizing landing pages to get new users to your website. It is typically free white papers that these visitors are seeking. However, if you provide poor quality white papers, the audience member may opt out of your email list and never have interaction with your brand again.

Knowing how to write a white paper will allow you to introduce new audience members to your brand and the information you provide. Take a look at the following seven steps on how to write a white paper that utilizes the art of storytelling. These specific examples help you take your editorial content and develop it into a more reader-friendly white paper.

How Repurposed Content is Like Fenway Park

Rewrite history with these editorial tips for bringing content back to life

Imagine that you’re Tom Werner, owner of the Boston Red Sox back in 2002. Fenway park, home to the Boston RedSox, is on your “to do” list and you have the constant pressure of knocking down and rebuilding the oldest professional baseball stadium with a field that’s still being played on.

America’s Test Kitchen Media Network Case Study

Boston Common Press, the Publishing Company that Produces PBS TV Show America’s Test Kitchen, Uses the Show’s Viewership to Drive Traffic to its Free Website, Building a Large Database in Which They Market Their Various Print and Online Products

America’s Test Kitchen is a weekly television show on local PBS stations, but it is more than just a cooking show. The TV program and its companion website,, serve as the hub of a well-designed network for Boston Common Press, which produces the show. The program directs the show’s 2.9 million viewers to, where, by requiring registration, the company builds an enormous permission-driven database in to which they market their various products. This strategy makes America’s Test Kitchen one of the most successful practitioners of the Mequoda Network that we have found.

A General Manager to Drive Your Internet Marketing Strategy

What both types of CEOs have in common is the need for someone to execute their Internet marketing strategy on a day-to-day basis. Enter the Internet Marketing System General Manager and Publisher of your Mequoda Internet Hub.